Flawless Silk Eyelashes

Starseed is a leading eyelash manufacturer providing quality solutions to different
businesses. We supply quality silk lashes wholesale that are meant to help boost
your business and offer great value to your customers.

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Your Flawless Silk Eyelashes Vendor

Silk eyelashes come with a mid-weight feel to them that allows for easier use on eyelashes. They are designed to come in handy especially for people with fine or weak natural lashes. They are also designed to be longer-lasting compared to synthetic lashes. As one of the most reliable wholesale silk lashes vendors, we offer amazing perks that you should take advantage of. We feature amazing prices designed to cater to both established and startup brands with a MOQ bajo of up to 50pcs. Additionally, our delivery is quite fast with a guarantee of 3 days and incredible after-sale services for any guidance.

Why Source Flawless Silk Eyelashes from Starseed


We offer flawless silk lashes that come in different curl patterns to cater to your specific desires. These curls come with different effects which is why we offer a curl chart for you to check out and get familiar with


Our lashes come in different diameters ranging from 0.03mm to 0.30mm. These measurements are essential especially for users seeing as the more the diameter the more the weight and the fuller the lash is.


We offer lashes that come on lengths from 15mm to 30mm to ensure that all users get one that works for them. These different lengths offer varied looks with the longer one being more pronounced.

Vida útil

When working on our flawless silk eyelashes, we feature the use of quality materiales de primera calidad. These materials translate to more durable lashes designed to offer incredible service.

We Bring Full Flawless Silk Eyelashes
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Private Label Flawless Silk Eyelashes

Nuestra private label lashes come in handy when working with businesses looking to offer eyelashes under their brand. We offer already manufactured eyelashes and packages designed to cater to your specific needs. We also feature muestras gratuitas de pestañas that are designed to give you a feel of what our products are about to ensure the best lashes. Relying on our private label service allows you to build a brand without stressing about the manufacturing. If you’re ready to launch your lash line, reach out to us and let’s get started.

Custom Flawless Silk Eyelashes

We offer custom flawless silk eyelashes designed by you to ensure that we cater to your specific desires. If you have unique designs you want us to work on we will. We offer this service to businesses looking to bring something different to the market. This applies to eyelashes and eyelash packages giving you the flexibility to create what works best for you. Our custom solutions allow you to realize your ideas and bring them to life with ease.

Order Flawless Silk Eyelashes in Bulk

We are one of the best wholesale silk lash vendors featuring budget-friendly prices for all our customers. Our buy-in-bulk offers, apply to lash wholesalers, suppliers, and salons looking to invest in large quantities of lashes. We feature a wholesale program that is designed to feature additional discounts on bulk purchases made. If you’re looking to invest in a significant amount of lashes and packages, reach out to us and we’ll get you sorted.