Lavish Hybrid Eyelash

Starseed is among the best hybrid eyelash extension manufacturers in China working
to provide quality solutions to different customers. This company features different
eyelash and packaging options designed to give you an advantage in the market.

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Your Lavish Hybrid Lash Extensions Manufacturer

Hybrid lash extensions are designed to feature the characteristics of both classic lashes and volume eyelash extensions. They come in handy when looking to achieve a staggered look. At Starseed, we offer the best quality hybrid lash extensions to give you the best service for the lashes you invest in. We feature the use of quality craftsmen and designers who ensure that all eyelashes are manufactured to the best standards. We pride ourselves on being the best manufacturers with pocket-friendly prices and insanely fast delivery services. This allows us to cater to your needs on time to ensure that you can efficiently serve your clients.

Why Order Lavish Hybrid Eyelash Extensions from Starseed


Our lavish hybrid eyelash extensions come with a variety of curl patterns that give users a great advantage when switching up their looks. These curls range from the J curl to M curl with other different options in between. We offer an in-depth curl chart to give you a better look and understanding of the different options.


The diameters featured on the different eyelashes we offer are designed to give users more flexibility, especially with placement. The diameter ranges from 0.03mm to 0.30mm.


We feature hybrid eyelash extensions with varying lengths ranging from 15mm to 30mm. This gives the users great flexibility and options when looking to execute different styles.

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We feature the use of quality materials when manufacturing our hybrid eyelash extensions and other options we offer. We do this to ensure that they last the users long and offer the best quality service.

We Bring Full Lavish Hybrid Eyelash Extension
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Private Label Lavish Hybrid Eyelash Extensions

For our private label options, we cater to businesses that are looking to launch their own branded eyelashes and drive sales. We offer already manufactured quality eyelashes, packages and also offer to brand them with your logo and name. This allows you to focus more on the business and getting customers for your products. With the assurance of quality products, your confidence when marketing becomes unmatched. The best part is that we offer free sample lashes to help you gauge the quality. If you are ready to step up and launch, our private label lavish hybrid eyelash extensions are for you.

Custom Lavish Hybrid Eyelash Extensions

Our custom manufacturing options come in handy for businesses and individuals looking to invest in unique pieces and introduce them to the market. This could either be lashes or the packages. For this, you’ll need to share your designs with us to help ensure that we get your specifications right. Working with this option allows you to stand out in the market and bring in a new perspective. If you want to bring your unique designs to the market, reach out and send us your design ideas.

Order Lavish Hybrid Eyelash Extensions in Bulk

Ordering lavish hybrid eyelash extensions in bulk gives you the advantage of enjoying the best prices. We offer this service to salons, wholesalers, and suppliers looking to buy eyelashes in larger quantities. This also allows us to feature better prices with additional discounts. If you are ready to buy your lashes in bulk, reach out to us for more information.