Best Lashes For Small Eyes

Eyes are essential to any face since they are articulative and they are usually the ones to attract the most attention. Most of us desire to have big, beautiful, and sparkling eyes but not everyone was born with such eyes. It does not mean we cannot beautify them, the simplest way to do it is by fixing lash extensions!

Picking an eyelash extension for your small eyes is a task but coming up with the best lashes is a whole headache altogether. There are a good number of extensiones de pestañas de la mejor calidad but it all depends on the eye shape. You might be having very pretty eyes but when it comes to getting the best lashes to fit in becomes challenging.

Although, most eyelash extensions seem to fit in big eyes, and are usually not a good blend for small eyes. It can take you quite a long time to come up with the best fit for your small eyes. This article will pump in ideas on what to consider when looking for the ideal lashes for your small eyes.

What Are Small Eyes?


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It is not a surprise that some cannot even tell that their eyes are small. The easiest way to know if your eyes are small is by comparing them with the rest of your facial features like your nose, mouth, or even eyebrows. You will have to look in a mirror and check the size of your nose and mouth then compare them to your eyes. If you notice that your eyes are significantly smaller than the other facial features then definitely you do have small eyes.

It can be challenging when applying your makeup to small eyes since there is not much space to apply makeup on. Worry less, there are a good number of makeup ideas to help you make your smaller eyes appear larger. You should also avoid certain methods that will even make your eyes look smaller. You should go for eyelashes that do not engulf your small eyes. There are different types of eyelash extensions. Read on.

Type Of Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are of different types. You can pick any type according to your taste and preference. Know your size and type of eye before deciding on the type of lash extension to go for. Below is detailed information about different types of eyelashes. Read on.

Extensiones de pestañas sintéticas


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Synthetic eyelash extensions are made from a glossy, dyed material and are the strongest of all materials used to make lashes. In appearance, synthetic eyelash extensions are shinier than the mink or silk lashes, and when they are applied dimly, they appear more impressive. They have a wide range of thicknesses and curls and can be applied to give a natural look. 

Due to their firmness, they hold their curl well. They are more durable than mink and silk but are not considered natural-looking. They are mostly preferred by users with dense natural lashes and are popular especially in younger clients. They are not a great option for the majority since they are considered weightier than silk or mink lash extensions.

Extensiones de pestañas de seda


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Silk Eyelash Extensions are medium in weight compared to the other type of lash extensions. They have a fine texture and are more flexible than synthetic lash extensions. Due to their softness, they always hold on a bit longer than synthetic lash extensions. You can easily make them look very glamorous and natural, in the process quite look denser just like the synthetic lashes. This type is ideal if your eyes are weak since they are featherweight to the user than the synthetic ones.

Extensiones de pestañas de seda are said to last longer than synthetic lashes and they are made to look more natural amongst the actual lashes. Just like synthetic lashes, silk lashes also have a good number of curls and lengths, but they turn out to be a better option for users who desire to look more natural since the curl is not as artificial as synthetic lashes. This type of lash extension is one of the most popular choices for most brides, who need lashes that are full and long but still have a natural appearance.

Extensiones de pestañas Mink


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Most of us are seriously against animal cruelty, that’s the reason why we will never promote real mink fur for lash extensions. Faux-mink lashes are designed to copy real mink fur but they are synthetic fibers. They are very soft and tender just like real fur. They are very unique since they are created to prevent loss of curl just in case they get direct contact with water. When they get wet, real mink fur lashes become straight, this will force you to curl them back using a curler.

Faux-mink lashes are currently on the rise since they are so light and fine, they feel exactly just like your own natural lashes. They are also more smooth in fabric than the silk lashes, making them have a glossy look. They are durable when well taken care of and they are ideal also if your natural lashes are fine and delicate. They don’t tend to drop or twist because they are so light, even after many weeks of putting them on. 

What Are The Best Lashes For Small Eyes?


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Anyone with small eyes knows the puzzle that comes with applying makeup and eyelash extension. You should not worry, this article is here to assist you to come up with the best ideas and products to fit in well in your eye shape. We will also suggest you the best lash to go for that will be ideal for your small eyes to open up and brighten them and still avoid the appearance of heavy lids. 

Today our main focus is to make our smaller eyes look brighter and open. The best extension to go for when you have small eyes is the B curl Lash extensions. Below is a detailed look at the B curl lash extension. Read on.

B Curl Eyelash Extensions


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B-curl lash extension is a simple curl that provides a little more lift compared to the J curl lash extension.  For lash extension lovers who don’t want to feel the lashes rubbing in the inner corner of the eye, the B curl lash extension is the ideal choice for that specific area. They are so soft and also come with superb retentiveness. 

B curl lash extensions softly lift those straight lashes at an almost 45-degree angle making your small eyes look more open. This type of curl is not ideal for lashes that point downwards since they have a curling factor more than the j curls all that is meant to open up your eyes. The main reason why B curl lash extensions are ideal for small eyes is their ability to curl upwards.

How To Maintain Your Lash Extension

Maintain High Hygiene


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The best way to maintain eyelash extensions is by concentrating on high hygiene. It is not all about washing your face but using a lash cleanser is just the ideal tool for the task. It is not just about any lash cleanser, you need a special cleanser manufactured just for the lash extensions.

This product will help to gently and thoroughly dissolve makeup and any buildup oil, this leaves the skin smooth and hydrated. That is ideal to retain your lash extensions. During this process of cleaning your eye area to remove makeup and any eyeshadow, it is advised to apply the cleanser to your eyelash brush and not any other brush. 

After you have applied the cleanser, wash gently in a downward sweeping motion over the lash line and the eyelids. Then rinse your eyes with fresh water until all product is removed, and make sure the water is clean. Lastly, clean your lashes and let them air dry don’t rub off the lashes. When you are done with the whole process of cleaning, use your lash wand to gently brush them back into their shape.

Avoid Lash Friction


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There is no need to cause any extra rub on your lash extensions when you don’t need to.  Avoid as much as possible not pulling or rubbing on your lash area. It is even advised to get silk pillowcases to avoid that constant contact. Having your extensiones de pestañas on doesn’t make you limited to activities swimming. You can grab a pair of swimming goggles to protect your lashes and you are good to go.

Observe Lash Extension Refills


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Am sure after your appointment with the lash expert you were advised to have refills after every 2 weeks. We have mentioned a few tips to maintain your eyelash extension but this one is a must-tip to forever keep in mind when you engage in lash extension. When you see your lashes are shading off, know it is time for a refill. 

Following up your refill appointments after every two weeks as recommended by your technician will help you maintain a full, distinctive lash line that everyone would wish to have! As you keep on waiting for a refill the more your lashes shed off. This means you will notice more gaps in your lash line and lashes have overgrown in other parts of the lashline.

    Inicie su negocio de pestañas


    Having small eyes should not be classified as a disadvantage. We have seen how easily you can make them look wider and brighter. Just get a extensión de pestañas de calidad with a B curl feature and you are good to go. It will open up your eyes and even add more beauty to your face. When using eyelash extensions remember to take note of the few precautions and maintenance for them to last longer.

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