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About Bottom Lashes

Not many people think of enhancing the bottom lashes when we talk about false eyelash extensions. But contrary to the famous misconception, enhancing your bottom eyelashes does not necessarily make your eyes look unnatural. 

In fact, applying a bottom eyelash extension bought from reliable false eyelash extension suppliers can help your eyes look more wide open and shining! However, it is not very common to get your bottom eyelashes done, so help us help you understand how getting a false eyelash extension on your bottom lashes will give your eyes that extra drama. 

Since your bottom eyelashes are already thin, you don’t have to apply false eyelash extensions to each of your individual eyelashes. You can add about 50 lashes to the bottom lash line to give your eyes that extra special look. 

Read on, as we help you understand your whole bottom lash situation and how to enhance it. 

Why Do I Have No Bottom Eyelashes?


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First, you must know it is completely okay to have no bottom eyelashes and a lot of people have no lower lashes, to begin with. It is a natural part of many people’s body design or it could be genetics and there is nothing to be ashamed of. 

However, if you feel you want to improve the thickness of your lower lash, you can try home remedies that include coconut oil or castor oil. You can also use false eyelash extensions to help with increasing the thickness of your bottom lashes. 

If your upper and bottom eyelashes have suddenly started falling, you could be dealing with a disease and you have to get it checked by a doctor. Excessive eyelash loss, be it upper eyelashes or lower eyelashes can be an indication of any of the following diseases.

  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Alopecia Areata
  • Blepharitis

If you face extreme eyelash loss combined with other symptoms like hair loss, weight gain, weight gain, inflammation of the eyes, etc, you could be dealing with any of the above diseases. 

Always consult your doctor to help diagnose and treat any underlying health condition if you have an abnormal loss of eyelashes. However, if you have always had minimum to no bottom eyelashes, it could be your natural body design or genetics and you have nothing to worry about. 

Another reason you could be losing your eyelashes is that you use eye makeup products that could be poor in quality. It could also mean that you are allergic to them. Always get your eye makeup products, false eyelashes, false eyelash extension tools from reliable companies so you do no face issues due to poor quality. 

Sometimes, your eyelashes could be falling off due to a reaction towards an ingredient that could be present in any of your eye makeup. Always make sure that you use products that are either hypoallergenic or do not contain any ingredient you could be allergic to so that you do not face issues like loss of eyelashes.

Once you have solved the issue that was causing extreme eyelash loss, you can help boost the regrowth of your eyelashes by taking healthy diets, multivitamins, or treatments that can boost your eyelash growth. Also, remember not to do anything that could be aggravating your eyelash loss problem.

How Long Do Bottom Lash Extensions Last?


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Now, if you get bottom false eyelash extensions, you might be wondering about their lasting period. Compared to upper eyelashes, bottom eyelashes have a lesser lifespan because they face more. 

Your bottom eyelashes are the first ones to suffer when you cry or rub your eyes so they have a relatively shorter lifespan. They tend to go through much damage and hence they come out faster than upper eyelashes. 

Even still, with proper care and cleansing, your eyelashes can last up to 14 days, that is 2 weeks. Every now and then you might have to visit your lash expert to get your bottom eyelashes re-applied to your natural lashes. 

Always make sure you get your false eyelash extension from a reputed eyelash extension manufacturer. Some leading false eyelash extensions and eyelash extension tools suppliers also provide free samples of false eyelash extensions that you can experiment with.

This will also help you figure out what false eyelash suits you the best and how to care for them. You can also rely on the durability and strength of these false eyelash extensions since they come from a top eyelash extension manufacturer.

How To Grow Bottom Lashes?


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It is completely normal to have minimum to no bottom lashes depending on a person’s natural body behavior or genetics. However if one wants to grow thick eyelashes, there are a couple of tips and tricks up our sleeves that we would like to share. 

The quick fix is to get a bottom false eyelash extension that can give you a fuller bottom eyelash to rock away. You should remember to get your bottom eyelash extensions done by an expert since it is relatively hard compared to applying upper eyelash extensions. Also, keep a mental note to get the eyelash extension tools also from a reliable supplier.

However, there are also a few home remedies that you can try out. Since these are natural home remedies, always go for a patch test before you actually try them out and see whether you develop any allergic reactions to them. Do not proceed with the remedy if you develop an allergic reaction to the ingredients. 

Here are some of the most popular home remedies that you can apply to your bottom as well as upper eyelashes for lash growth.

1. Castor Oil


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Castor oil is one of the most popular home remedies that is used for eyelash growth. Mix a few drops of castor oil with a carrier oil like coconut oil and apply it to your eyelash overnight. Wash it away in the morning and do this process religiously to see significant positive change.

Always use quality eye makeup and herramientas de extensión de pestañas and products to ensure that your lashes do not fall off. Follow this castor oil treatment every day to ultimately stop the falling of your lashes and aid their regrowth.

2. Green Tea


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Drinking green tea and applying green tea bags to your eyelids can help soothe your eyes and detoxify your body, aiding in better eyelash growth. It can also calm your tired eyes, so, do this regularly to see your eyelashes growing better. Also, you deserve that extra relaxation time!

3. Vitamin E Oil


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Vitamin E oil is a powerful ingredient that can aid the growth of your eyelashes and it is a powerful home remedy. Simply break a vitamin E capsule and extract the oils from it. Apply this oil to your upper and bottom eyelash line and massage it for 5 to 10 minutes. Follow this strictly every day and you will definitely see your lashes growing miraculously!

4. Use Good Makeup Products


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One of the most important things that you need to take care of about your eyelashes is that you use quality eye makeup products and false eyelash extensions and false eyelash extension tools to avoid the loss of your eyelash due to allergies or infection caused by poor quality products.

Always keep a mental note of this as this will also ensure that your products will last long due to reliable quality. You also need not fear what is going near your eyes and eyelashes.

Where To Buy Bottom Lashes?


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One of the primary things you need to take care of while thinking of bottom eyelashes is to get them from manufacturers and suppliers who are committed to providing only quality products and materials. 

You can buy your false eyelashes from leading false eyelash extension manufacturers and false eyelash extension suppliers who get their products through ethical sourcing and always value customer satisfaction. Some leading false eyelash extension manufacturers also make provide custom-made false eyelash extensions.

Always make sure you get your eyelash extensions from a reliable and leading source so that you are not cheated by false companies or receive products that might be harmful to you. This also ensures you get durable items that last long as well as stay strong.

How To Curl Bottom Lashes?


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Curling your bottom false eyelash extension is a little harder compared to curling your upper false eyelash extensions. But with the right technique and tools, you can conquer and curl your beautiful bottom eyelashes to give your eyes that wide-open look. 

Always remember to use an eyelash curler that is superior in quality and has new pads, not old worn-out ones. This will ensure that your eyelashes curl properly and do not cause any damage to your bottom eyelashes and false eyelash extensions.

First, curl your upper eyelashes, as usual, using a quality eyelashes curler from a reliable and leading false eyelash extension tools manufacturer. Always be careful while you curl your eyelashes using an eyelash curler to avoid injuries. Once you have curled your upper lashes, you can turn your eyelash curler upside down to curl your bottom lashes. 

To under curl your bottom eyelash extensions, place your bottom eyelashes from the lash line in the eyelash curler and then curl your eyelashes little by little, just like how you would with your upper eyelashes. Always be cautious while you curl your lower eyelashes to avoid injuries by poking your eyes or yanking away the eyelashes. 

After you have applied your false eyelash extensions with a proper quality eyelash extension tweezer, you can follow this method to carefully curl your bottom eyelash. Remember to under curl your bottom eyelashes or they might curl the wrong way, causing the eyelash extensions to get into your eye and ending up with an injury. 

If you find it too scary to curl your eyelashes on your own, you can always consult an eyelash extension expert that can help you apply your bottom eyelash extensions as well as curl them properly to help you flaunt your beautiful eyes with extra drama!

How To Apply Bottom Lashes?


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Applying the bottom eyelash extensions is a lot harder than applying the upper false eyelash extensions. You can consult an expert in false eyelash extension application who can help apply the false eyelash extensions for you and also curl them to make your eyes pop!

To apply your bottom lashes, first, make sure you have a good pair of bottom false eyelash extensions and eyelash extension tools, like makeup scissors and eyelash extension tweezers so that you do not develop an allergy to these products. This will also ensure your job is a lot easier as the products never fail.

Next, pull up and tape your upper lashes to the eyelid so that they do not interfere in the entire process. Then you can place an eye pad under the eye to avoid injuries to the sensitive skin below your eyes. Now, you can prep the bottom eyelashes just as how you would do your upper eyelashes. 

With the help of a tweezer, you can pick up a bottom eyelash extension and apply it to your natural bottom eyelashes. Always make sure you use only quality products to apply your bottom lashes as it is a very sensitive process and requires extra care.

    Inicie su negocio de pestañas


    Applying bottom eyelash extension is a difficult task. But for people who want to wear mega volume eyelash extensions or for people who want to cry without making a raccoon face, applying bottom eyelash extension bought from a leading false eyelash extension supplier will always help provide a balance between your upper eyelash extensions and your lower lashes. 

    So, once you ensure you get your products from a reliable and ethical source, go ahead and get your bottom eyelashes done to give your eyes that extra glam!

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