¿Las pestañas magnéticas pueden dañar las pestañas reales?

Are you looking for the right look to match well with your dress? You can try out magnetic lashes and see how they bring your eyes more life. Magnetic lashes look quite natural and can certainly make your eyes glimmer when you go out. They are also less disruptive to everyday routines and gentle on the eyes than eyelashes with adhesives.

However, you might be wondering how safe magnetic lashes could be. Might there any risks to wearing these extensions for long periods? All your burning questions will be answered as we find out how magnetic lashes might help protect your eyes.

What are Magnetic Lashes?

Reusable and convenient, magnetic lashes do not have any adhesives, and use tiny magnets to attach below your upper lashes. Due to the lack of adhesives, they can be peeled off with ease. As they do not have any glue, magnetic lashes do not need to be cleaned off after every use. For these reasons, they are popular and you can buy them from online retailers and reliable wholesalers.

Requiring no abrasive glue, magnetic lashes may not trigger any allergies and are great if you have sensitive skin. They are also a safer way to lengthen your lashes. Unlike other eye cosmetics, they do not have any chemicals that change eye pigmentation permanently.

Magnetic lashes also come in different styles, whether in full strips for a glam effect or accented lashes. Diversity in designs makes this lash type easier to modify to suit any occasion.  

With enough care and regular cleaning, magnetic lash extensions last indefinitely, making them an eco-friendly option. This also helps you save on money and time, as you no longer have to keep buying more lash pairs.

How Safe are Magnetic Lashes?

To cut to the chase, yes, they are safe to be used for your eyes. 

Leading oculoplastic surgeon Dr. Raymond Douglas points out that magnetic lashes only emit a minimal electromagnetic frequency, which also lowers any risks related to them. The FDA also has an Eye Cosmetic Safety category that regulates the supply of eyelashes with strict health requirements. Ingredients for eyelash extensions and other eye cosmetics have gone through much testing to determine their safety.

Another advantage magnetic lashes have is how their lack of adhesive prevents the buildup of contaminants. The adhesive on glue-on lashes traps moisture or bacteria within the sealing, which triggers allergic reactions. This problem is particularly concerning for those with sensitive skin or certain allergies. Furthermore, BeautyStat chemist Ron Robinson notes that glue from eyelashes could seep into the eye area and cause harm. Adhesive-free magnetic eyelash extensions avoid the problem, making them much safer to use than regular fake lashes.

However, there are some risks, according to both Dr. Douglas and Dr. Ilyse Haberman from NYU Langone Health. For example, magnetic lashes can sandwich natural lashes and cause traction alopecia or hair loss due to extensions being pulled. To remedy this, you must remove them gently. This is no issue as magnetic lashes can be easily removed when properly following the instructions left on the extensions’ packaging. 

Tips for Safe Use

Now that we have vouched for the safety of magnetic lashes, you can start applying them at home. You will find magnetic lash sets coming with two and bottom lashes. Make sure the lash extensions can match with your natural lash line. Be gentle in placing them. With enough patience and practice, you can master the art of applying magnetic lashes without worry. 

There are minimal risks in applying magnetic lashes. Nonetheless, follow these tips for safely placing them on your lash line: 

  • Prior to using them, test magnetic lashes to see if they can be safely attached to your natural lashes. Check their properties for any allergens. Make sure they only use high-quality human or synthetic hairs to guarantee safe use.
  • When you want to apply your lashes, wash your hands ahead of time before touching your eyelids. You will need dry and clean hands to avoid the possibility of infection from any pathogens.
  • Avoid putting on your lashes in a moving vehicle as that can cause injury.
  • Even if you mess up, just pull the magnetic strips apart and adjust. Always use a mirror to ensure an easy time.
  • Avoid sharing lashes. 
  • Keep your lashes inside a clean box or container.
  • Avoid using them when you have an eye infection or are sick in general. Contaminants can spread easily through the lashes. Throw away the lashes you used when you got the infection.
  • If you have any allergic reaction to the lashes or preexisting eye conditions, then you should not wear any kind of lashes at all. Seek medical help right away if any serious symptoms appear. 
  • As per FDA regulations, avoid storing eyelashes and other cosmetic products within high temperatures.
  • For prolonged use, sanitize lashes with alcohol and water solution every time they are removed. When unsanitized, any synthetic product could cause lid swelling.

Here’s a quick video on how to apply magnetic eyelashes properly:

Final Verdict

Magnetic lashes are a safe, affordable, and healthy alternative to easily disposed lash extensions that last for a shorter time. As long as you know what products you are getting, you will not need to constantly check for their safety. Wearing magnetic lash extensions for long periods is quite comfortable. You can readily apply them because of their quick magnetic bonding. 

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