How long do henna brows last

How long do henna brows last

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Eyebrows play a very huge role in our bodies, specifically on our faces. They are very critical in expressing our emotions and through them, our eyes are protected from moisture and light. Eyebrows can either break or make your general look. Eyebrows that are not well kept make you look confused, too thin eyebrows will make you appear older than you really are. Well-shaped and fuller eyebrows make individuals look attractive and youthful. 

Just like in the case of extensiones de pestañas, different eyebrows shapes will suit different shapes of eyes and faces. It is very crucial to know the shape of your face before shaping your brows. Eyebrows can be shaped in different ways like plucking, sugaring, waxing, threading, microblading, and tinting. Tinting can be done using several methods, this article is going to focus on eyebrows tinted by henna.

What Are Henna Brows?

Henna brows are slowly climbing the chart in the beauty industry. Henna is a natural dye that is made from a plant referred to as the henna tree. This plant has been in existence for a long period of time and the henna that comes from it was and is still being used in dyeing different fabrics, hair, and even body arts.

Henna brows are a form of eyebrow tinting used to dye the skin that is beneath the eyebrow hairs. This is done so as to cast a shadow fullness and depth in that specific area. Anyone who will look at the tinted eyebrows will not be able to see any spaces where there is no hair present.

Henna brows are a fantastic way to try shaping your eyebrows before resolving to semi-permanent makeup. It is also the best way to make your eyebrows shaped and filled temporarily for special occasions. Henna can be formulated to give a cool tone of color that will best suit your eyebrows.

What Does Henna Brow Process Entail?

The following steps will guide you on how to tint your eyebrows using henna.

  • Choose the color of henna that you prefer. There are different henna eyebrow tint colors. They include grey, blonde, dark brown, nut brown, chocolate, sweet dark brown, and deep dark brown. Pick the color that suits you best, if you are unsure of the tint color to use, go through the henna color sheet. You also have the option of mixing different eyebrow tint colors to achieve your favorite color.
  • Cleanse your eyebrows thoroughly. This will remove any makeup or skin oil around it. Use an oil-free cleanser or makeup remover to do the cleaning. You can also use a cotton swab or pad dipped in alcohol. Remove the dead skin around the eyebrows by using a scrub.
  • Protect the skin around the eyebrows. Apply skin protection cream of your choice around the parts you want to tint. This will reduce the chance of staining the skin around the eyebrow. Make sure you don’t apply the cream on your eyebrows, the dye will not stick on the eyebrow skin.
  • Put on a pair of plastic gloves to prevent the henna from staining your hands.
  • Mix the henna powder with a few drops of water to make a thick paste. Use a glass or plastic to do the mixing, avoid using metallic dishes. One packet of henna powder is enough. Make sure you cover your working area with a piece of rag to avoid staining the whole place.
  • Apply the henna paste on your brows in accordance with the desired shape. Use the correct makeup tools to achieve the best result. An angled brow brush and eyebrow stencils will work best in this case. Use a cotton bud to wipe out any excess paste around the eyebrows. Let the henna paste sit on your eyebrows for about 10-15 minutes. The longer you leave it the darker the tint becomes.
  • Remove the henna paste from the eyebrows. Start by wiping the paste with a dry cotton bud, then wipe for the second time, this time around with a wet cotton bud. Currently, there is no specific remover for henna eyebrow tint. Wipe any stains around the eyebrow area using a tint remover.

How Long Do Henna Brow Last

Henna brows will generally last for a period between two to four weeks. Your skin type will determine how long you are likely to stay with henna brows. Henna brows tend to last longer on people with dry complexions. Individuals with oily skin may not enjoy the service of their henna brows. If you want them to last for longer periods, avoid over-washing your face.

Applying henna paste on freshly exfoliated skin may not bring out the best result. People with healthy skin are most likely to enjoy longer service periods of henna brows compared to those with skin conditions like eczema. It is important to note that henna is a semi-permanent dye. As your skin cells will continuously be renewed as the old cells shade off. As this happens, the henna applied to your eyebrows will also shed off. So don’t expect them to last for so long, they are not a permanent brows solution.

How To Maintain Henna Brows

These eye-catching henna brows have to be maintained well to continue providing that magnificent look. Today, we will provide a few guidelines on how to keep henna brows look fresh every day. These are very easy steps that will make your brows attract the most attention from their gorgeous and popping look. 

Try to avoid as much as possible any moisture, steam, or heat from going near your brows for the next 24 to 48 hours. Similar to extensiones de pestañas, what moisture, steam, and heat will do, is cause the henna to come off earlier than it should, and we all don’t want such scenarios with those gorgeous brows. 

You have to be attentive with any creams or moisturizers that you apply near your brows. In case these creams are anti-aging ones, the skin will absorb them at the same level as the Henna product. The anti-aging products are arranged to increase the skin cell turnover and since the Henna is in the same cell level, this will cause the Henna to start fading out slowly. The effect will be realized within 2 days of application.

From research, it is found that when using this particular henna product, the more frequently you get it done, the longer the skin staining will last. It is recommended to do your henna brows after every 3 weeks to keep them on point, look fleek, and stain the skin. This will help the skin staining last for a longer period. 

Fox Cosmetics Longevity Serum is recommended to use if you want to better result from your henna brows. It will provide a waterproof cover over your henna brows and this will help them last longer. It also has some growth serum in there too to help some of these brow hairs grow back.

Precautions To Take In Account After Applying Henna Brows

You are now done with the application, you should now take note of the following precautions.

  • For the first 24 to 48 hours, you have to keep your newly applied Henna Brows dry and avoid any water, sweating, steam, or swimming.
  • The Longer you do not touch your henna brows the longer they will last
  • Avoid the use of any cleansers directly over your brows.
  • Do not use makeup wipes or removers on the brow this will fade them off easily
  • Avoid long hot showers. Hot showers tend to steam up the room and henna brows cannot accommodate the steam.
  • Avoid pools with chlorine treat, spas, and saunas that have the presence of excess heat and excessive workouts as this will speed up the fading process.

How To Achieve Best Results From Henna Brow

After spending your money to have henna applied on your brow, you need to also experience the best out of it. Here are a few guidelines to help you achieve the best results from the henna brow.

  • Keep your skin hydrated by taking plenty of water on a daily basis.
  • Avoid using any product directly over the brows while having applied your Henna.
  • If the Henna is too dark do not brush it off, it will become uneven.
  • Make an appointment for your brows after every 3 weeks. This will start to enhance the stain on your skin and it will be durable.

Advantages Of Henna Brows

Henna brows are on the rise since they are encountered with a good number of merits. Let us go throw them. Read on.

Natural Method Used

Eyebrow henna is a vegan dye, with its products coming from the henna tree and no chemicals are required in the process of application making it as natural as possible. This gives henna an added advantage over other products since it is perfect for skin sensitivity.


Nowadays, brow pencils are old school. Most people go for eyebrow henna since they can serve you for longer, normally up to six weeks. That is twice as much as a brow pencil can serve you. Go for henna brow anytime.

There Are Different Types Of Shades

Most of us have come across henna on the skin, especially on the hands or legs. They are always reddish in color and you start wondering how ugly will your brows look when applied with red henna. These henna have a large variety of colors to pick from and you will get any color of your preference.

You Can Try Different Shape Brows

Henna brows give you the best platform to try out different brow shapes. you have a shape then a few days you decide you no longer want it, you can rub them off and have a new shape you prefer.

Easy To Apply

A therapist will cast the brow into the preferred shape using wax and pinzas. They will pick the best henna shade and have a mixture of henna powder and demineralized water. Then apply the paste to the brows. Very few steps and you are good to go.

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    The henna brow is ideal for most people currently. Their durability and good looks being the driving factor for their preference. Every henna user would love to look good in them and taking note of a few precautions and maintaining them well will help keep your beauty last. 

    Using the right tools like tweezers from Starseed company will be a big boost. For better henna brow work, get yourself a professional in the henna field to have the work done perfectly. Try out henna brows and a pair of quality eyelash extensions to make your eyes dazzling. We all know that beautiful eyes contribute largely to one’s overall look. Work on yours!!