How Much Do Lash Extensions Cost?

The best decision that anyone in the beauty industry can make is investing in eyelash extensions. They are very affordable and time-saving. Like any other investment, you have to spend a good amount of cash on them. 

The cost of lash extensions will vary depending on factors like where you are located, the lash extensions brand that you will decide to use, the lash technician that will work on you, the type of material used to make the lash extensions, and how you will maintain them. 

Any good investment has to be well maintained for better services and to avoid frequent repairs which can be costly. This article will focus on the factors to consider before lash extension application and how to avoid overspending on them.

Factors That Will Determine The Cost Of Lash Extensions

These factors will guide you before deciding on which kind of lash extensions to go for and where and who to do it. You will also be able to judge whether the amount you are about to spend on them is worth it and even budget well.

Where You Are Located

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The eyelash extensions price will vary depending on where you buy them and have them applied. It is a bit costly in urban centers where you will find high-end spas and resorts. Purchasing and installing lash extensions in rural areas will be a bit cheaper. You can check out lash studios around you and compare the prices for rough estimates.

Don’t be tempted to settle on lash extensions that are cheaper, they might be of poor quality and obviously not durable. It is important to research and settle on the best lash extensions available however costly they may be. You can consult your lash technician for advice and suggestions for good lash extensions. Generally, lash extensions costs will range between 80-150$.

The Location Of Lash Extension Application


Some people prefer home-based services, where the lash technician has to visit you at the comfort of your home and do the application. Others prefer going to lash studios or salons for the application process. Whatever place you decide on, make sure you get quality services. Home-based services and visiting salons that are large and cozy are more likely to cost you an extra penny compared to small salon services. Whichever place you choose, booking an appointment is crucial for the lash technician to prepare effectively. 

Carry out thorough research about the place you will settle for. You can do it through their website or social media platforms. The place should be:

  • Comfortable. There should be appropriate beds, pillows, and armchairs to be used during the lash extension application.
  • Clean. There should be a dust bin to dispose of the wastes, the whole place should be free from dust and germs. Regular disinfection of the lash application area is also crucial.
  • Well equipped with appropriate lash application tools. They include things like eyelash tweezer stands, magnifying lenses, lash tweezer sterilizer, lash glue, and mirrors.
  • Well lit. This will give the lash technicians ample time to work on their clients. There won’t be mistakes like unevenness in lash application because of poor vision.
  • Secure. The security of the place where your lash extensions will be applied should be good. interruptions that may occur due to insecurities will result in poor lash application.

Lash Technician


Lash technicians that are more experienced and creative in the industry are likely to attract more charges for their services than the upcoming lash technicians who don’t have much to show. But having experience of many years is not enough, the lash technician should be able to showcase their work as evidence of their good work. A lash technician might have a few years of experience but still, do a better job than the one with more years of experience. 

Look at the reviews from his previous work before settling on a specific technician. Consider a lash technician that keeps up with the trends in the industry and participates in events like lash application competitions. Don’t go for a lash technician who charges less cash but does a poor quality job. It is better to spend extra cash for better services.

Lash Extension Material


Eyelash extensions are made of different materials whose quality varies. Lash extensions made of materials that are of high quality like mink are a bit costly than the other materials. Volume lashes are also more expensive than classic lashes since they need more material and longer periods of application. 

Lash extensions of high quality are tested by EU standards, meaning all the ingredients used in manufacturing them are safe for users. They are better than poor-quality lash extensions which are cheaper but end up causing eye irritation and they only last for shorter periods. Reputable lash technicians prefer high-quality lash extensions not regardless of their price.

How You Maintain Your Eyelashes


Well-maintained eyelash extensions will reduce the chances of getting eye infections which are expensive to treat. They also reduce the number of visits one would make to a lash technician for refills. Generally, proper maintenance of lash extensions will result in less cash being spent on regular refills. The following maintenance practices are important for your lash extensions.

  • Clean your lash extensions regularly. It is recommended that you use a soft brush and lash extension foam to clean your lash extensions. This should happen after every 2-3 days. Cleaning your lash extensions will remove dust, and traces of makeup and oil. Such substances would cause build-ups that could otherwise put pressure on your lash extensions. The pressure will break the bond between the lash glue and lash extensions causing premature falling of lash extensions.
  • Keep your lash extensions away from water for the first 48 hours after application. The water may react with the lash extensions adhesive weakening the bond between the lash glue and the lash extensions. The lash extensions will end up breaking or shedding off prematurely. You can comfortably swim or shower after 48 hours.
  • Avoid using mascara and eyeliners on your lash extensions. Some people prefer to use eyeliners and mascara to increase the volume of their lash extensions. That is not a good idea because the mascara or eyeliner will stick on the lash extensions and cause build-up that will weaken the bond between lash glue and eyelash extensions. The result will be premature shedding of lash extensions or even permanent loss of natural eyelashes.
  • Avoid sleeping on your stomach. This sleeping position may lead to situations where your eyes get in contact with your beddings. It is advisable to always sleep on your back if you have eyelash extensions applied to your natural lashes. This will prevent your lash extensions from being pulled off by your sheets or a blanket when you are deep asleep. Sleeping on your sides is still not considered safe, the lash extensions can still be pulled by your bed sheets or covers. Silk pillowcases are preferred over cotton ones if you cannot avoid sleeping on your sides.
  • Avoid excessive rubbing of your eyes. This may result in premature falling of lash extensions. Rubbing your eyes may also make them swell and redden. Who wants to walk around with red and swollen eyes? Of course no one. Excessive rubbing of the eyes may also lead to serious eye infections. Some become so bad to an extent where you are forced to remove the lash extensions.
  • Brush through your lash extensions on a daily basis. This will prevent them from entangling. Leaving your lash extensions for long without detangling will make them heavy and later result in their premature fall or shading off. This may also lead to permanent loss of your natural eyelashes.
  • Avoid using oil-based products. Oil dissolves lash glue breaking the bond between the lash extensions and the adhesive. The result will be lash extensions falling off or becoming loose. Loose lash extensions don’t bring out the intended beautiful and perfect look.
  • Fill in your lash extensions after 2-3 weeks. This will make them fresh throughout the period they are attached to your natural eyelashes. Refilling lash extensions cost about half of the new application cost. That ranges between $50 to $150.
  • Using mechanical lash curlers on your eyelash extensions should be avoided. Lash curlers work so well on natural lashes but when used on lash extensions, they might end up with a permanent bend. The mechanical lash curlers will damage your eyelash extensions prematurely. Lash extensions have their specific curls, but In case anyone wants to achieve extreme and different curls on them, it is advised that they use heated lash curlers.
  • Avoid using waterproof eye products. Anything that is waterproof cannot come out with a mere face wash. You have to use oil-based cleansers for the products to come out. Oil-based cleansers are not good for your lash extensions. They dissolve the lash glue which is very important in holding the lash extensions. Always go for non-waterproof makeup products for your eyes, since they will be easier to remove.

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    The Bottom Line

    Lash extensions are meant to make your natural eyelashes longer and thicker, and in the long run, enhance your overall look. For better service, lash extensions should be well maintained. That will save you from spending extra cash on lash issues that could have been avoided. Always consider quality lash extensions over cheap ones that will only last for a shorter period.

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