How To Get Eyelash Extensions Out Of Eyes

Many women have ditched mascara for extensiones de pestañas because they are long-lasting. Applying eyelash extensions brightens your eyes and enhances your general look. Everything good comes with its own risks and responsibilities. There are certain safety rules that should be adhered to during and after lash extensions application. 

There comes a time when the applied set of eyelash extensions are better off than on. We will look at some of those situations and how you can get the eyelash extensions out of your eyes safely.

What Can Lead To Urgent Eyelash Extensions Removal?

There are different manufacturers and Suppliers of eyelash extensions in the beauty industry. At times it might be hard to differentiate the quality lash extensions manufacturers from the counterfeit ones. However, all lash extensions should be well maintained for better services. Here are some of the reasons that may force an individual to remove their lash extensions.

  • Poor application of eyelash extensions. Some stylists may not have the best training and experience to apply lash extensions, when they do it, the lash extensions are not likely to last for longer periods. 
  • Applying lash extensions of incorrect length, curl and thickness may lead to irritation around the eye area. Such conditions may force premature lash extension removal.
  • Using an eyelash curler on the applied eyelash extensions.
  • Exposing your eyelash extensions to excess heat.
  • In case there are plans to apply permanent cosmetics to their eyes
  • In case there is a need to change eyelash extension design may be from mink to synthetic.
  • If the lash extensions were only applied for special occasions and the client wants to go back to their natural look.
  • If the individual who eyelash extensions were applied on cannot be able to maintain the lash extensions for the required period.
  • In case of an adverse reaction on the eye area of the user. It might be caused by an allergic reaction to eyelash extensions.
  • In case the lash extensions start falling out before time, you may be forced to remove the whole set.

Reasons why lash extensions may fall out before time

  • Putting on mascara on top of extensiones de pestañas. Mascara will break down the bond between the adhesive and the lash extension. If you insist on using mascara on lash extensions, apply it from the middle part to the tip.
  • Natural shedding off. Eyelash Extensions naturally shed off after some time. In case that there is no need for an alarm, just look for a lash expert to replace them.
  • Lash Technician error. Some lash extensions experts may not fix them appropriately. This may lead to the lash extensions shading off prematurely.
  • Excessive rubbing of your lash extensions may also make them shed off prematurely, forcing you to remove the whole set.
  • Inappropriate sleeping style. Sleeping on your stomach or any other position that may cause beddings to get in contact with the eyelashes will lead to premature shedding.
  • Poor maintenance of lash extensions. If you fail to remove oil, dirt, or any other foreign objects on your lash extensions you may end up losing them.
  • Using the wrong beauty products. Oily skin care products will break down the adhesive of the lash extensions making them fall off.
  • Using eye medications. Some medications may change the lash area environment and make the natural eyelashes very dry or oily. Some vitamins also stimulate faster hair growth including your eyelashes, which will lead to premature fall-offs.
  • Failure to use lash extension at-home care remedies. Lash experts recommend the use of sealants that coat the lash extensions, special glue to repel oil and other foreign objects that may break the adhesive glue holding your lash extensions. In case you fail to stick to these remedies, your lash extensions may start falling off.
  • Wetting your new lash extensions sooner than required. Lash extensions are supposed to be free from water for the first 24-48 hours after application. Wetting them will crystalize them and cause eye irritation. Rubbing your eyes as a result of irritation may lead to premature fall off.

Ways To Remove Lash Extensions

1. Use Hot Water Or Shower

When a new pair of lash extensions are applied, I am sure one of the precautions made by your expert lash fixer is about Hot water. We all know most of our lashes are fixed using adhesive glue, one of the biggest enemies of glue is heat that is why all lash fixers will caution you about hot water or moisture contact. 

Now that you want to remove your lash extensions, steaming your face or using a hot shower will be ideal since they help to loosen the lashes and they will start falling off slowly. Moisture and heat can soften cyanoacrylate when used in large enough and intense enough quantities. It is not a one-time thing, using hot water will not get all your lashes off when you start using it for the first time, it should be a continuous process. 

Your lash expert might have used a good quality adhesive, it will have to take a lot of hot water usage to be able to get them loose. During this process, remember not to use a lot of force when rubbing your eyes since it may lead to your natural lashes falling off. incase you encounter a complication, call your lash expert for more assistance.

2. Use steam

Steam is generally the hotness or vapor that comes out from a boiling point of fluids. Again, another precaution from your lash fixer was about exposing your lashes in extremely hot conditions. This is the time to break the rule! Using steam is a shortened technique of taking a hot shower discussed above. When you use this method, you first make sure all your makeup is removed, including your eye makeup, but don’t touch near the eyelashes. 

After all your makeup is removed, pour hot water into a large bowl or basin and then lean your face directly towards the bowl so that the steam vaporizes to your eyes. Since the lash extensions are fixed with glue, and glue cannot collaborate with hot conditions like steam, they will start softening and getting loose. 

The steam is advantageous not only will it help to soften the lash extensions but it will also help to eliminate any stubborn dirt particles or bacteria that were not eliminated during your makeup removal process. During the steaming process, make sure your eyes are closed for around 5 to 10 minutes. Closing your eyes will help protect your eyes from direct getting in contact with the softened glue.

3. Use an Oil-Based Cleanser

All professional lash extensions will advise you not to use any oil-based cleanser after having your lashes fixed from day one. It is generally a common rule for all lash extension users. The use of any oil-based cleanser will always shorten the lifespan of the extensions and cause them to fall out sooner than expected due to failure in the adhesive. Surprisingly, it is the failure that you need most now. You can now make it in your makeup list to fill your makeup kit. 

During this period of using an oil-based cleanser, the user will have a double benefit. you will be cleansing your face, at the same time you move it in circular motions on your lashes to dissolve and soften the glue. You might be planning to reuse the lash extensions at a later date so make sure to shell off the remaining glue that is found near the base of the eyelashes. 

Examples of oils that can be used for cleansing include olive and coconut oils. Anything safe to eat will never be harmful to your skin. Here is a step by step guide on how to use oil-based cleansers:

  • Wash your face thoroughly to remove makeup in case you had it on.
  • Prepare a steam birth which should be used on your face for about 10-15 minutes. The steam is meant to break down and soften the lash glue used to attach lash extensions.
  • Using a cotton pad, gently apply small amounts of your oil-based cleanser on the glue. The oil will dissolve the glue and remove your eyelash extensions safely and effectively.
  • Repeat the process of wiping the oil-based cleanser until all the lash glue is removed.
  • Rinse your face with clean water to remove the excess oil and also to moisturize it
  • Finish by patting a clean and dry towel on your face.

After removing the lashes, make sure you clean the lash line properly to remove all oil-based cleansers. Failure to clean the area will make your next lashes difficult to stick together again.

4. Use A Lash Glue Dissolver

A lash glue dissolver is a substance that helps to break down and dissolve any glue on surfaces. Glue dissolves are nowadays very popular since removing glues on surfaces has currently been a nuisance. These extensiones de pestañas are fixed with adhesive which makes natural lashes stick with the lash extensions. 

Wanting to remove your lashes might be an urgent action and booking an appointment would take much time, you can remove them by yourself. We have discussed the above methods to help you remove the lashes and some will take a long time in order to get all of them out. If you can’t wait for longer, a glue dissolver will be the ideal solution. 

These glue dissolver products are manufactured in the right manner that takes good care of your eyelash sensitivity as well as your delicate eyes. This will guarantee you safety of your natural lashes from damage. just soak a cotton bud in a glue dissolver then apply gently on the lash extensions to help dissolve the adhesive and all your lash extensions will fall off slowly.

Types Of Lash Glue Removers

There are two types of professional lash glue removers; the gel remover and the cream remover. The gel remover is a type of gel that has no scent and is very safe and effective for the partial removal of eyelash extensions. Shake the gel remover bottle thoroughly before using it then let the gel sit on the eyelashes for about 2-5 minutes before combing out the lash extensions.

The cream lash remover is a yellow cream that is thick and equally has no scent. It is effective and safe for removing the whole set of eyelash extensions. Its thickness helps in ensuring the gel stays on the lashes without running into your eyes.

Steps On How to Use Gel or Cream Lash Glue Remover

  • Set the eyelash glue remover ready for use.
  • Place under-eye tapes or cotton pads under your eyes. This will protect the skin around your eye from the lash glue remover which is very strong and not safe for skin. 
  • Squeeze out a drop of lash glue remover on a clean and flat surface. For example on a flat plate that is no longer used in the kitchen.
  • Apply the lash glue remover on your lash extensions by using a clean micro swab.
  • Let the lash glue remover sit for about three minutes.
  • Using a tweezer or a swab, remove the lash extensions gently and effectively.
  • Use a water-soaked cotton pad or swab to thoroughly rinse your natural eyelashes.
  • Dry the wet natural eyelashes using a mini fan then gently brush them to look neat.

How To Remove Eyelash Glue From Your Natural Lashes

After removing eyelash extensions out of your eyes, you may remain with some traces of stubborn lash adhesive that have to be removed. You can use baby oils or steam and baby wipes. Anything safe for babies is definitely safe for your eyes. 

Apply some baby oil on a piece of cotton then swab and apply it on your lashes. Just use a small amount of oil to avoid getting the excess oil into your eyes. You can use your old mascara wand to roll on your eyes and remove glue from your natural eyelashes. Make sure the mascara wand is clean. Use an eyebrow comb to comb out the lash glue from your natural eyelashes.

If you still have some stubborn glue on your natural lashes even after using baby oils, try out a combination of steam and baby wipes. Prepare a steam birth and let it work on your natural lashes for about 15 minutes. That is enough time to break down the stubborn glue. Use a baby wipe to gently wipe away the glue from your natural eyelashes. 

Repeat the process of wiping until when all the glue will be removed. The chemicals present in the baby wipes will gently lift the debris from your natural eyelashes. Each eye should be cleaned with a different and clean baby wipe.

5. Using Saline Solution And A Dropper

Buy eye drops in any pharmacy around you then use them to flush extensiones de pestañas from your eyes. Tilt your head in the backward position and put 2-3 drops of eye drops in the eyes. Blink your eyes severally for the lash extensions to fall off.

What To Take Into Account When Removing Your Own Lash Extensions

It has always been recommended that you get yourself an eyelash extension professional when you want to fix the lashes or remove them. They are trained and have the best skills to handle any type of lash extension. You might not find time to book an appointment and decide to use normal methods of removing them by yourself. Let us just have a few precautions to have in mind while removing your eyelash extensions. Keep on reading.

Don’t Use Tweezers

Tweezers are small tools used to hold tiny objects, they are held using your index finger and your thumb, then pressed gently to have a firm grip on the tiny objects. When removing your lashes try other methods like using an oil-based cleanser, steaming, hot shower, and glue dissolver. Don’t try using tweezers by yourself.

Using a tweezer requires the assistance of an expert. Using it by yourself will end up damaging your natural lashes in the process. I can imagine the feeling of losing your natural lashes when you intend to remove the fake lashes. So take that as a precaution always when trying to remove your lash extensions without the assistance of an expert.

Be Gentle

Always try to be gentle anytime you are in the process of removing your lashes. When using different methods to remove your lashes it is important to be gentle to avoid damaging your lashes. When removing your makeup before applying an oil-based cleanser make sure you hand your lashes gently since they may come out with your natural lashes.

When taking a hot shower avoid a direct splash of water around your eyes. Yes, you want to get rid of the lash extension but splashing water on your face directly might force a few lashes into your eyes and cause even more damage to your delicate eyes. You will now have to see an optician get the problem fixed. So learn to be gentle when removing your lashes.

    Inicie su negocio de pestañas


    Eyelash extensions make women look beautiful but you may get fed up with putting the lashes on. You might want to take them off in order to change brands or lash type. Some remove the lash extension in order to retain the look of their natural lashes. You should consider the quality of your lash extensions before fixing them on your natural lashes since other lashes of low quality might damage your own lashes. Starseed will sort you with good-quality lashes.

    When you decide to remove your lashes may be due to lack of time for appointment booking make sure you also follow the precautions we have discussed. By following the simple precautions you will have your natural lashes from damage. If you get a second thought of fixing back your lashes, get new ones from Starseed. Talk to us.

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