Lash Fill Vs. Full Set: What’s Their Difference

Eyelashes have been known to have the ability to transform one’s face drastically. They are used to create an illusion of big, beautiful gazing eyes. We have seen characters in films use them to define their personalities and for some even change their personalities completely. Apart from being a beauty thing, eyelashes also play a significant role in protecting our eyes from things like dust.  Perfect eyelashes can improve one’s self-esteem mostly because of the attraction and compliments they draw.

Different Lash styles


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Just like any other make up procedure, there are also different styles for doing your lashes. Some clients like to go all out while others just want a simple procedure, maybe for an occasion or just to last a few days. Some just use mascara on their natural lashes to make them darker and create an illusion of longer lashes. There are those clients who go in for a full set of new lashes.

There are different reasons for different styles, all depend on the client, and at times the technicians advise the client on what’s best for them. 

  • Lash lift: This involves boosting each lash to its full length then curling it to give a nice beautiful, eye-opening curl. A lash lift is a simple procedure that allows your lashes to stand out without having to deal with the upkeeps involved with extensions.
  • Lash tinting: This is a procedure that is aimed at making the eyelashes look darker in color. A safe,semi-permanent dye is used to achieve this look. An eyelash tint can last up to four weeks. Clients are allowed to choose a color that suits them. Lash tinting has reduced the use of mascara and will soon be the way to go.
  • Lash extensions: This involves placing faux lashes on natural ones to make them longer and fuller. A client usually starts with a full set of lash extensions then will follow up with different sessions of lash refills when the extensions fall off. Refills are done to maintain a refined look for the lashes.

What is a Full set


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A full set procedure involves getting a full set of eyelash extensions. Lash extensions are placed on natural lashes to make them full, long, and very lovely. You have to thoroughly do your research on the best lash experts in your city in order to get the best services and value for your money. Because for sure it’s gonna cost you some coins.

Apart from technique, the best lash experts know where to get the best lash tools that will not harm your eyes and cause infections. A client is usually guided on the different types of extensions they can choose from. This is done using a lash chart that is available at the premises. 

A full set procedure usually takes about two to three hours, depending on the client’s natural lashes. If a client already has well-defined lashes, then it takes a short time compared to a client who has weak and very few natural lashes. The technician uses a pair of the best tweezers and a recommended adhesive to place a lash on top of a natural one. This is repeated until desired coverage is achieved then a pair of lash scissors is used to cut to the desired length.

There are different features of lashes and there are charts for each. Different products are also used to make extensiones de pestañas including silk, mink, synthetic and faux mink. The lash technicians ensure that a client understands all these aspects, as some clients have preferences and requests for custom-made lashes.

  • Mink extensions: Usually used clients going for a more natural look. With these extensions, you get a light, fluffy natural look. These extensions do not come curled and therefore have to be curled, and the client has to keep curling them at home. They are also very expensive.
  • Faux mink: They are the most popular in the market today. They come in different lengths and curls. They can look natural depending on the length you use.
  • Silk: These lashes are very light and are used on clients with weaker natural lashes. They are thicker compared to other lashes and are also very dark in color, and are best for special events.


  • Enhances beauty and gives a natural look
  • Cut down the makeup time
  • Lashes can be customized for you
  • They boost your confidence


  • It is quite costly
  • Require regular maintenance
  • It can be uncomfortable if not done correctly
  • Affect natural lashes and can cause them to all fall out eventually.
  • It can lead to eye infections if the wrong type of material is used

What is Lash fill


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This involves applying extensions on areas that lashes extensions have fallen off. This is basically a touch-up procedure to give your lashes a fresh and refined look. A technician will start by removing long overgrown lash extensions and replacing them with new ones. An average of 25-45 new extensions are applied per eye in order to achieve desired fullness.

A lash artist will basically use this session to correct anything that is wrong with your lashes like cleaning them up and removing any extensions that may be hanging out. It is advisable to use the same technician from your previous full set session as they understand your lashes more and also get your preferences. If you were satisfied with the first procedure, then they will definitely do a good job again.

This procedure is carried out every two to four weeks, depending on how the client prefers their lashes to look. Some always want to have long and full lashes at all times, while others don’t mind staying a few days with not-so-perfect lashes, especially those who don’t go out much. If a client waits a long time to come for fills then their session will take longer as more lashes will have fallen off. There are different factors that determine how often a client comes in for lash fills.

  • The kinds of products the lashes are exposed to: If a client exposes their lashes to damaging components like heat, touch-ups then they are bound to need touch ups more often. Also, avoid cleansers that contain oil to oil being clogged on the lashes.
  • Rubbing of eyes: If a client has a habit of rubbing their eyes every now and then, they risk damaging their lashes.
  • Makeup used on lashes: Lash extensions come already curled and dark in color, so it’s not really necessary to put makeup on them and risk spoiling them.
  • Lash extensions care: This includes keeping your lashes clean and checking the kind of mascara you use on them. Avoid putting a lot of products on them. 
  • How you sleep: If you are a stomach sleeper with your face against your pillow, you risk your extensions coming out faster.
  • Technique: The expertise of the lash artist who carried out the initial procedure has to be top notch. Otherwise they will do a shady job and give the client a hard task of coming in too frequently.


  • It gives a new and fresh look to your lashes
  • Confidence boost
  • Price-friendly
  • Takes shorter time
  • Enhances beauty


  • Constant damage to natural lashes
  • Requires frequent maintenance
  • It can cause bruising of the eyelids and lead to infections

Reasons for a Lash procedure


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There are different reasons each individual might feel like they need a boost to their lashes. Each and every reason is justified as it is a free world, and everyone is entitled to their happiness. Some of these reasons include;

  • Hair loss: Some people have hereditary hair loss, while some have terminal illnesses like cancer that lead to loss of hair. Wigs come in handy for hair on the head and lash extensions help a great deal with eyelashes.
  • Confidence boost: Everyone needs a confidence boost every now and then. For some, this is achieved through outfits, face makeup, and for some, it’s through the eyes. No judgment, you do you. As long as you are happy.
  • Frail-looking lashes: Some natural lashes look generally unhealthy and can barely be seen. It is okay to go ahead and boost them to your liking. Lashes play a very big role in a facial look.
  • Lack of color on lashes: Some individuals have white or blonde lashes, naturally or due to old age and change of hair color. An eyelash tint can help you achieve your desired color. 
  • Beauty trends: Some people like to go with the new trends. Trying out new things in order to have the experience and get the bliss of it.
  • Age factor: Lashes tend to look less appealing as we age. They tend to also fall out more and appear very scarce. Procedures such as a full set lash application can enhance how eyelashes look. 
  • Occasions and events: If you are not one for a full on lash procedure and you only need a quick process for an occasion then you can do quick false lashes and touch up with mascara and you are good to go. However, you have to ensure that you use safe and quality false lashes in the market.

    Inicie su negocio de pestañas


    We have clearly seen that these procedures depend on each other. A full set process requires frequent fills in order for the lashes to maintain the look. Having a full lash extension and failing to touch them up every now and then will just lead to them looking like a mess. You as a client need to inquire as much as possible before undergoing this procedure as it is a permanent thing. You have to know the best suppliers of the best eyelash tools worldwide and you can even order your own lashes online just to make sure.

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