Russian Lashes

Eyelash extensions are a perfect addition to your everyday look. Similarly, Russian lashes have seen a rise in popularity in recent years because of their voluminous appearance despite their lightweight. 

These ultra-fine lashes can’t be found individually; they are found in a bunch of 3 to 8. Several Russian lashes can be added to a natural lash because of their thinness. Some of the strip lash suppliers offer free samples to try the lashes before making a final decision.

If you are considering getting Russian lashes but still haven’t decided yet, then this detailed post on Russian lashes will probably help you make up your mind. Have a look at all the important details of Russian lashes and how to take care of them after applying.

What Do Russian Lashes Look Like?


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Russian lashes are extension fans made out of 2 to 5 thin mink lashes. They create a voluminous look and add a dramatic effect to the lash line. This unique lashing technique originated in Russia and is known for its meticulous hand-craft artistry. 

Russian lashes look much thicker than Classic lashes and individual lashes. However, you can make them look thicker by adding more length and volume to them.

How Long Do Russian Lashes Last?


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Like all eyelash extensions, Russian lashes last for a long time if taken care of properly. They usually last somewhere between 4 to 6 weeks, similar to the natural lash cycle. You should get an infill after 2 to 3 weeks to avoid your lashes looking patchy when they grow out. It will help keep your lashes look full and uniform.

If you clean your Russian lashes regularly and don’t let dirt or makeup settle on them, then they may last for longer periods of time as well. They may start to fall off when your natural lashes grow, but you can get them attached again to your lashes.

You can get micro brushes from certified lash manufacturers to clean your false lashes regularly. They help get even minute dirt particles from the lashes.

How To Apply Russian Lashes?


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Russian lashes can be applied at home or a salon with the help of a professional. It takes around 2 to 3 hours for a complete Russian lash application.

Here are the common steps involved in the application of Russian lashes. The exact steps may differ from product to product, which you can read on the package of your product.

For the application of Russian lashes:

  1. Take a small amount of fast-setting adhesive and apply it to the lashes
  2. Place the lashes between pinzas
  3. Start placing them from the inner corner of the eye by applying a little pressure to make them stick
  4. Apply the fans to the lash line evenly
  5. Fluff the extensions lightly to achieve the best results

Russian lashes are often applied by a professional because it is a time-consuming and delicate process that may lead to complications if you do it at home. However, it is your choice whether you want to do it at home or at a salon with the help of a professional. Always do a patch test before you apply the lashes to ensure that you are not allergic to the glue.

How To Maintain Russian Lashes?


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The key factor to consider before getting your lashes done is to buy the lashes from private label lash suppliers to ensure the good quality and durability of the lashes.

Here are some ways to help you maintain your Russian lashes in the first 24 to 48 hours of the application.

  • Avoid touching or picking at the lashes immediately after the application. 
  • You can use a quick brush if the lashes appear to be out of place after the application
  • Stay away from the contact of water for 2 days
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes for a few days
  • Brush the lashes everyday lightly to keep them in shape
  • Try sleeping on your back if possible to avoid applying any pressure on the lashes
  • Avoid going swimming in chlorinated pools
  • Avoid heat treatments like saunas or steam rooms for 24 hours at least
  • Do not use oil-based products on your face because oil can break down the adhesive glue that keeps the lashes in place. You can use oil-free products
  • Do not apply mascara for 2 days after application

You can go for an infill after 2 to 3 weeks of the application to keep the lashes full-looking and voluminous. Infills will help fill in the gaps if any have appeared from the lashes falling out.

How to Remove Russian Lashes at Home?


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It is possible that you want to change the Russian lashes to a different lash after some time. You will require a tool kit with the required eyelash tools to remove Russian lashes at home. To remove the Russian lashes at home, follow these simple steps:

  1. Remove any makeup on your eyes if you have any using gentle micellar water and a cotton pad
  2. Take steam on your face in order to loosen the extensions
  3. Then, gently wipe an oil-dipped cotton ball on your eyelashes until they begin to fall off
  4. Rinse your eyes with cold water after the lashes come off to remove any residue

Removing Russian eyelash extensions is pretty straightforward, so you do not need to pay a professional to perform it for you. It is essential to take your time if you are removing the lashes at home so that you don’t pull at your natural lashes accidentally. If you are not sure about doing it at home, then you can take the help of a professional.

How Much Are Russian Lashes?


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Russian volume lashes need more skill and time for application and that’s why they are a bit expensive. The price usually depends on the type of look you are going for – natural or glam. Just make sure that you get your custom strip lashes from lash manufacturers.

For a natural look, you can get the Russian lashes at a comparatively low price than glam-looking Russian lashes.

You can get Russian lashes in various price ranges starting from $40 to $120. Make sure that you don’t compromise on the quality of the Russian volume lashes for a cheaper option.

What Are Russian Lashes Made Of?


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The lightweight and thin Russian lashes are made up of synthetic mink, just like faux mink eyelashes. While real mink lashes also exist, synthetic mink lashes are widely used nowadays. Many people prefer buying cruelty-free products and synthetic mink lashes are a good alternative.

Since the mink lashes are too thin, 4 to 5 lashes are bunched up together and are applied to a single natural lash.

Do Russian Lashes Damage Natural Lashes?


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Russian lashes do not damage natural lashes if applied properly according to the steps given on the package. Do not pluck or tug at your Russian lashes in an attempt to remove them because you will damage your natural lashes in that process. 

You can approach certified vegan eyelash vendors to get good quality lashes that are durable because of their synthetic material. If you take proper care of your lashes, then they won’t cause any damage to your real lashes at all and will last for a long time.

Can You Use Mascara On Russian Lashes?

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It is advisable not to use mascara on any kind of lash extensions because mascara contains oil which decreases the effect of lash glue and loosens your lash extensions. You can get oil-free mascara to apply on your Russian lashes, but with the kind of dramatic effect that they give, you won’t need mascara to enhance your lashes at all.

You can use cotton swabs to clean the extra mascara off from the lashes so that there are lumps on your perfectly curled eyelashes.

How To Use Russian Lashes For The Best Results?


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It is easy to use Russian eyelashes by applying them after carefully reading the instructions on its package. For the best results, follow these simple steps:

  • Russian lashes normally give a dramatic look but if you want a natural look, you can trim the eyelashes using makeup scissors to fit perfectly
  • To get a perfect lash line with a striking look, apply some oil-free mascara
  • Fill in the gaps after every 2 to 3 weeks by going to the salon for infills
  • Don’t forget to clean the lashes regularly to increase their durability

Benefits Of Getting Russian Lashes


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Russian Lashes are a more viable option than standard lash extensions because of the various benefits that they offer. Some of their benefits are listed below.

1. Helps Fill In The Gaps


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Not everyone has long and luscious eyelashes. Most people have thin lashes with gaps in between even if they are long. Using Russian lashes will solve this problem by creating a full and soft look on the lashes. They give a fuller look to your eyelashes without any gap in between. 

The Russian lashes are relatively thinner than standard false lashes, which is why multiple lashes can be applied to a single natural lash to give it a fuller look. If you need more volume after applying Russian lashes, then you attach cluster lashes to your extensions as well because Russian lashes are quite flexible.

2. Safe And Easy To Use


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Because of their lightweight, Russian lashes offer a safer option for your eyelashes and your eyes. Heavy lashes tend to make eyes droopy, but Russian lashes put very less pressure on your natural lashes and minimize any damage to them. Applying and removing the Russian lashes is also quite straightforward despite the long process.

3. Dark Radiance


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Russian lashes are thick and voluminous, which is why they add natural darkness to your eyelashes. They make your lashes look like they have mascara on all the time. You can simply curl your lashes using eyelash curlers to give them added flair.

You do not have to worry about enhancing the look of your lashes every morning while going to work or at night while going on a date. You are ever ready with the glamorous Russian lashes.

4. Convenient For Everyday Use


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Everyone is fed up with waking up every day and applying beauty products on their lashes to get the perfect look. Getting Russian lashes will be convenient for everyday use and will save a lot of the time that you usually put into prepping your lashes every morning. You can have effortless beauty every day with the Russian Volume Lashes.

5. Cost-Effective Option


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People generally spend an inordinate amount of money on beauty products every month. Even though the upfront cost of applying the Russian lashes may seem too much, they are worth spending on in the long run. 

With the application of Russian lashes, you are saving on months of buying mascara, liners, curlers, and curling gel. Applying Russian lashes is a one-time expense that saves you money in the long run. If you order the eyelashes in bulk, you will end up saving a lot more money than getting individual lashes.

6. Light In Weight


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The Russian lashes are light in weight despite the voluminous look that they give. They are specially designed to give a dramatic effect to your eyes, but they do not make your eyes droopy from heaviness. 

The lengthy extensions of Russian lashes remain curled even after getting wet because of their synthetic material. Even after getting wet in the shower or swimming pool, they don’t get heavy on the eyes or make your eyes look small. 

How Are The Russian Lashes Different From Classic Lashes?


Extensiones de pestañas clásicas use a single false lash to be applied on an individual natural lash. It provides length, depth, and curl to your natural lashes. Classic lashes give a natural look with thicker lashes than your normal eyelashes. They make your lashes look like you are always wearing mascara on long luscious lashes.

Russian lashes on the other hand are a fan of 4 to 5 fine lashes applied to individual natural lashes. This helps give your natural lashes a fuller look with curled lashes. Russian lashes give a thicker and fuller look, while Classic lashes give a more natural look. Classic lashes can give a dramatic effect when kept long but not as much as Russian lashes.

If you want a dramatic look with well-defined lashes, then the Russian lash extension is what you should go for. If you want a regular look for everyday wear, you can go with the Classic lash extension. However, you can choose the length of your Classic lashes to be longer to add a dramatic effect to your natural-looking lashes.

Various eyelash manufacturing companies offer a free sample to test first before finalizing which eyelash to buy. They also offer customization options so that you can get lashes tailor-made to suit your eyes.

    Inicie su negocio de pestañas


    Russian Lashes are ultra-fine synthetic lashes that give your natural eyelashes a dramatic effect with full volume. Now that you know everything about Russian lashes, don’t shy away from trying them. 

    You will be impressed by the impact of the application of Russian lashes on your natural lashes as they make your lashes look well-defined and accurate. So, what are your waiting for? Go and order your lashes with minimum MOQ services now!

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