5 Pairs Magnetic Lashes

Certified Magnetic Eyelashes Supplier

Magnetic eyelashes are a particular type of false eyelashes that are immensely popular nowadays. They consist of an upper lash and a lower lash that you place above and below your real lashes.

Essentially, they sandwich your natural lash while magnifying its volume and length. The base of these magnetic lashes contains minuscule magnets that snap together and keep them in place for as long as 10 hours or even longer, given the perfect weather conditions.

Wisely Buying Magnetic Eyelashes in Bulk

A lot of women buy their magnetic eyelashes in single packs since they do not expect to use them too frequently. But did you know that buying a box of 5 pairs magnetic eyelashes comes with a lot of perks?

For starters, you get to save a considerable amount on a bulk purchase. You will also have the assurance that you always have a spare set on hand in case of emergencies. Many magnetic eyelashes manufacturers also include several different styles of lashes in a box of 5 pairs. This will give you the chance to experiment with different styles, lengths and looks, with just a single purchase.

Private Label 5 Pairs Magnetic Eyelashes

If you own a cosmetics company or perhaps a salon, you know that it is much better to sell products under your own brand name. So instead of just reselling branded eyelashes, it would be preferable to find a reputable private label magnetic eyelashes manufacturer who can supply you with top quality lashes under your own brand and in your own packaging.

The good news is that it is quite easy to find a magnetic eyelashes manufacturer because of the high global demand for these products. Unfortunately, not all of these private label suppliers provide high quality goods. You have to be very careful in making your choice of manufacturer.

Starseed, Your 5 Pairs Magnetic Eyelashes Manufacturer

There are actually just a few very simple steps you need to take to ensure that you find the right magnetic eyelashes manufacturer for your company. First is to do your research in order to narrow down your choices. Once you have a few potential manufacturers in mind, you can go through your shortlist and do the following.

1. Read our catalogs

The catalog has valuable information that can let you know the manufacturer’s capability to create the product that you are looking for. It should contain a list of all the different styles, colors, lengths, colors, packaging options and all other pertinent details that have to do with the production of magnetic eyelashes.

2. Check reviews from past clients

Find out which brands the manufacturer had supplied to in the past and approach these companies to ask for a review of the manufacturer’s service and products. Such reviews would probably give you the most honest feedback you can get about any supplier.

3. Check the factory

If you have the opportunity to visit the factory in person, by all means go for it. This would show you the standards that the manufacturer actually adheres to during the production process. It will also show you the level of attention that they give to the tiniest details, which is very important in the manufacturing of magnetic eyelashes.

For the best quality magnetic eyelashes made from either natural or synthetic materials, do check out our line of products at Starseed. We would be happy to provide you with world-class products for your cosmetics business.