Best Eye Makeup For Downturned Eyes

You always try to dress according to your body shade, so it is only right that you apply eye makeup based on the type of eyes you have. Downturned eyes are characterized in such a way that they give your eyes a droopy look. Mastering a couple of makeup techniques can help make a significant difference to your downturned eye shape.

Some of the easiest techniques include using toned eyeshadow, applying false eyelashes to lift the eyes, and using different eyeliner shapes to enhance your eye shape.

How To Know If You Have Downturned Eyes?


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It is important to determine that you have downturned eyes before you go onto the next part of this post. Take a look in the mirror and observe your eyes closely to identify if you have downturned eyes. Do you see a crease? If yes, then you’re looking towards the right path. 

Now, imagine a straight line across your lid. Would your outer corner dip below the straight line? If the answer is yes, then you definitely have downturned eyes. If you need a practical solution, then you can use a micro cotton swab as the baseline to determine your eye shape.

Now that you have confirmed your eye shape, have a look at the following tips and tricks to enhance your downturned eyes in a beautiful way.

Best Eye Makeup For Downturned Eyes

1. Primer For Downturned Eyes


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Always start your eye makeup by applying an eye makeup primer to your downturned eyes. It will create a smooth canvas for applying the rest of your makeup. In case you don’t own a primer, you can always look up to a tiny dab of foundation or concealer.

2. Eyeshadow Application for Downturned Eyes


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For applying eyeshadow, make sure that you make the makeup if at a sharp upward angle at the outward corner. For precision, you can use scotch tape. If you want to make your eyes look bigger and brighter, then you can highlight the inner corners of your eyes with a shimmery silver color.

If you are the experimental type, then you can try a white liner on the waterline for giving it an intense and radiant look. You can use a micro brush to add details to your eye makeup and enhance your look.

A. Three-toned EyeShadow Look


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It would help if you added dimension and depth to your downturned eyes. Pick up your eye shadow palette and start out by applying a nude shade over your eyelid. Stretch up the nude shade up to your brow to give your eyes a lifted look. If you’re still learning to apply eye makeup, then use an eye pad below your eyes to avoid getting the eyeshadow on your upper cheeks

Next, take a medium shade and buff it over the nude shade up to your crease line. Lastly, blend it off with your darkest eye shadow color directly into your crease before you buff it out to mimic a lifted outer corner.

To avoid any harsh lines of demarcation on your lids between the different shades, use a fluffy eyeshadow brush.

B. Matte Eyeshadow


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Simply draw a line from your lower lash line to the point where your eyelid droops and fill in the area with a matte color. This gives an illusion of a shadow. It is your choice how round or pointy you want to make this shape. Use some bright-colored eyeshadow to lift your eyes up. 

To get the perfect shape of your eyelid, you can take the help of your eyelash curler. Just place it on your eyelid and color the portion above the curler for the base shade.

Don’t be shy about using bright colors. Just make sure that you either make your eyes pop out or the rest of your makeup.

3. EyeLiner For Downturned Eyes


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The right eyeliner application can make your eyes look more beautiful and nothing makes your day better than the perfect winged eyeliner. Flicks and wings are best to give a lifted look to downturned eyes. 

If you have наращивание ресниц, then do not use an oil-based eyeliner for your makeup because oils can make your extensions lose their effectiveness.

If you want a perfect winged eyeliner, then follow the given steps to achieve perfection.

  • Take a scotch tape and place it at an approximately 45-degree angle at the outer corner of your eyes
  • You can increase or decrease the angle as per your preference of the wing
  • Use a liquid liner and begin drawing at the inner corner of your eye
  • Start with a thin line and make it thick later if needed
  • Use the tape as a guide and draw until it is in line with your eyebrow’s end
  • For downturned eyes, start out with a thin line and make it thick towards the end of the eyelid 
  • Gradually end the line with a sharp point at the tip of the wing and voila, you have the perfect winged eyeliner
  • For an extra wing, you can try double wing

Distinctive Eyeliner Looks for Downturned Eyes

There are plenty of different eyeliner looks for downturned eyes apart from the classic wing and double wing eyeliner.

A. Kitten Eye

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Kitten eye is a lighter version of cat eyeliner. It has a shorter flick and is a great option to give a lift to your eyes but not in a prominent way. This look goes great with Classic Eyelash Extensions and Mink Eyelash Extensions.

B. Arabic Eyeliner

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The Arabic eyeliner is another cat eye look with a twist. In this style, the eyeliner dips at the inner corners while outlining the entire eye. It is the perfect glam eye makeup for downturned eyes.

C. Fish Eyeliner

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This eyeliner style resembles the tail of a fish and is suitable for people with downturned eyes. It has two flicks one above and one below the upper lid. Make the lower part of the fishtail shorter than the upper flick to give your eyes a flattering look.

D. Graphic Cat Eye

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The graphic cat-eye look was quite popular on the runways. Try a geometric eyeliner in different colors for downturned eyes.

4. Rim The Lower Lid In White


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Another way to flatter your downturned eyes is to make your eyes look open with the help of a little white eyeliner. Mark the downward slope of your lower lid with the white eyeliner to blur the line between your skin and the white part of your eyes. This will redefine the shape of your eyes and make your eyes look more open.

You can also use another light-colored eyeliner for a similar effect. Choose the color based on the color of the eyeshadow that you are going to apply. If you have eyelash extensions, then just apply the liner in the outer and inner corners of the lower lid to keep the lashes clean.

5. EyeLashes For Downturned Eyes


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You should consider the type of eyelashes that best work out for your downturned eyes and make them accentuated. After applying the eyelashes, never forget to apply a coat of mascara to give your eyes a bold and dramatic look. 

You should always try to use the private label lashes that flare out and give an elongated look. To narrow down your hunt, here are some of the best eyelashes for downturned eyes.

A. Classic Eyelash Extension


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Сайт Classic Eyelash Extension is the most suitable for downturned eyes. It helps add volume to your eyes in a subtle and minimalist way. If you are going for a natural look, then the Classic Eyelash Extension is the best choice because only one extension is attached to one natural lash for natural enhancement.

Classic eyelashes make your eyelashes look curled and dark but not so much that they look fake. These eyelashes are meant to give your lashes a natural look and for that reason, people opt to use classic eyelash extensions for daily use. They are ideal for people who already have full lashes but want to add extra length to them.

It is best to get your false eyelashes from private label lash suppliers so that you can get customized orders to suit your requirements. Certain eyelash manufacturing companies also offer free samples to try out and choose the one that best suits your eyes.

B. Hybrid Eyelash Extension


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Hybrid eyelash extension is a mix of both volume eyelash extension and classic eyelash extension. Hybrid lashes offer a fuller lash line with a perfect texture. They give your eyes the perfect lift without making them small with heaviness. 

The best part of using hybrid eyelashes is that you get the perfect balance between volume and texture.

Many celebs and influencers look up to hybrid eyelashes for a textured and volumized eyelash look with a unique finish. Hybrid eyelashes fill up the empty gaps between your natural eyelashes without making them look droopy or heavy.

If you want to try out free best quality eyelash extensions, then you can approach a renowned lash manufacturer and order free samples.

C. Magnetic Eyelashes For Downturned Eyes


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Magnetic eyelashes extensions are best suited for people who do not want the hassle of applying lash glue for sticking the lashes to the eyes. If you are a first-time user of fake lashes, then it is better to start with magnetic eyelashes so that you don’t hurt your eyes while applying the lash glue.

You just have to latch the magnetic eyelashes to both the sides of your natural lashes and they will stick together on your eyelids. The best part about using magnetic lashes is that it only takes a couple of minutes to apply and can be used several times after removing.

Make sure that you get your magnetic eyelash extensions from popular private label lash extension suppliers so that you can get customized lashes according to your requirements. If you are unsure about which eyelashes will be perfect for you, you can order free samples as well.

D. Faux Mink Eyelash For Downturned Eyes


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Faux Mink Eyelash is a vegan eyelash and an alternative for actual mink eyelashes. There are exceptionally good-quality faux mink eyelashes available in the market now. They are light in weight and add just the right amount of volume to your eyelashes. The zero-animal cruelty is just another reason to get the faux mink eyelashes.

The faux mink eyelashes don’t lose their curl even if they get wet, unlike the real mink lashes that need to be curled after getting wet. Eyelash manufacturing companies claim that these eyelashes have been sanitized to a level that they don’t even pose any risk for allergies.

Again, try out the free samples from a well-established eyelash design company before you finalize the pair of eyelashes that you buy. You can even get them customized according to your preference to perfectly fit your eyes.

E. Individual Eyelashes For Downturned Eyes


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Not everyone requires much volume for their eyelashes. If your eyelashes don’t require too much heaviness or you want a bit of a natural look, then you can opt for individual lashes that can be glued to your natural lashes. 

Heavy lashes can make downturned eyes look even more droopy, so individual eyelashes form a suitable option for those looking for natural-looking lashes. They offer a perfect balance of volume without making the lashes look too thick.

Don’t forget to put your trust in good private label lash extension suppliers to get the best-quality eyelashes customized as per your requirement. Try on the free samples before you decide to buy your eyelashes.

6. Mascara For Downturned Eyes


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Get a voluminous mascara for your eyelashes and swipe a few coats of it on the outer edges of your fake eyelashes. Multiple coats of mascara will help enhance the appearance of your eyes and give them a fuller look.

You should use two colors of mascara to achieve the most impact for downturned eyes. Brown mascara looks just as beautiful and offers a better impact on the rest of your face makeup. It does not pull all the attention on the lashes and allows you to feature a good lip color. 

You can choose another light-colored mascara as well for a similar impact.

Since you are prone to touch your brows or your eyelids with your eyelashes, you would want to invest in a waterproof and smudge-proof mascara to avoid any mess. Let the mascara dry completely before you wide-open your eyes.

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    For downturned eyes, the main aim of eye makeup is to lift the eyes or to create an illusion of a lifted eye. For the best results, make sure that you start off with a nude shade and end up with a darker shade to make your eyes pop out. Curl your eyelashes at the end for a wide-eyed effect.

    Get your eyelashes from a leading false eyelash extension supplier to get assured good quality and you can dress up your eyes without worrying about any allergies.

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