Best Eye Makeup For Protruding Eyes

Are you a little confused about how to enhance the beauty of your already protruding round eyes? This fear is common as doing it the wrong way can lead to your eyes looking a little scary. But do it the right way, your big beautiful eyes can end up looking prettier and it ill stand out to the crowd, giving your eyes the love it deserves. 

Everything from eyeshadow to false eyelash extensions, you need to get your products from reliable false eyelash extension manufacturers and makeup companies. You should also remember to get quality eyelash extension products. 

Check out the following tips and tricks to help adorn your beautiful eyes, the right way. It will help you to avoid common mistakes that can give the wrong effect on your eyes. You will soon be having your eyes shining bright!

1. Eyeshadow For Protruding Eyes

Let us start with some beautiful eyeshadow to help define your eyes. If you get your eyeshadow right, it can take your eyes to the next level.

A. A Bold Look!


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You might be scared to experiment with a bold look for round protruding eyes but don’t worry, bold looks with colorful makeup and dramatic false eyelashes can make your eyes pop! Some beautiful colors with the right technique can give your eyes the shine they need. 

First and foremost, do not forget to apply an eye primer to the eyelids. Applying an eye primer can help give your eyelids the smoothness that is required to give your makeup a no crease and vibrant look. 

After applying a primer, apply a light base eyeshadow to your eyelids or you can even choose a medium color base eyeshadow. Apply the eyeshadow evenly over your eyelid and always make sure the color is not too dark. 

Choose a second darker color to apply over the light eyeshadow. Apply them over the crease to the bottom lash and extend them over the outside of your eye. 

Now lies the trick. Blend the colors on the upper lid to give a beautiful gradient for your upper lid. This will give your eye a vibrant and beautiful look. This method of eyeshadow application along with the right false eyelashes can give your eyes a beautiful dimension. 

Also, apply the darker shade to the bottom lash line and give it a beautiful definition. Applying the eyeshadow to the bottom lash line will give a symmetry and definition to your eyes and make them look defined.

B. Matte Eyeshadow


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Always apply matte eyeshadows to your protruding eyes and never apply shimmer to your eyes. Shimmer can end up causing your eyes to look too big, so it is always advisable to apply matte eyeshadow to your eyes.  

You can use shimmer for the inner corner of your eyes and this can add a pop to your eyes!  This will help bring more symmetry to your eyes and make them look more almond-shaped. But avoid shimmery eyeshadow on your whole eyelid and choose matte or satin eyeshadow to help bring your eyelids the beauty it deserves.

2. Eyeliner For Protruding Eyes

It is very important to get your eyeliner right so that your eyes can get the right amount of symmetry. Always remember to use eyeliner that is brought from reliable companies so that you do not have to worry about the products that you bring near your eye. Paired with the best quality false eyelash extensions, you can get a fiery look for your eye!

A. Winged Eyeliner For Protruding Eyes


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You need to apply your eyeliner to the waterline of your upper lid and bring it around the eyes. Then you can elongate the eyeliner around the eyes to the outer corner of the eyes. Liquid eyeliner is a perfect way to help yourself have a perfect winged eye. 

You can also incorporate a winged eyeliner to the outside of your eye to give your eyes more almond eyes and also give your eyes a little symmetry and definition. The winged eyeliner can add a sense of length and elevation to your eyes. Paired with the right amount of false eyelashes, this look can do wonders!

B. Smokey Protruding Eyes


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Start by lining the eyes with a black liner, preferably with a black pencil. Use it on the lash line and waterline too. Then you can start smudging the liner slowly with a brush and give it the smokey effect. Apply dark eyeshadow to the upper lid and smudge it along the lash line to bring a beautiful smokey effect.

You can do this for both your upper as well as lower lash line to help create a smokey eye effect all around to elevate the lashes and eyelid to create a less protruding effect. The smokey eye effect is perfect for someone with round eyes to create a beautiful look and provide an illusion to almond eyes.

3. Mascara For Protruding Eyes


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Mascara can help alleviate your entire eyes and take your eye makeup to a whole new level. Applying mascara to the eyes in the correct way, along with the right false eyelash extensions, can help make your eyes look less bulgy and more beautiful.

With round protruding eyes, make sure you apply your mascara to the tips of your lashes only. You don’t have to apply mascara to the entire lash from the lash line. This will help your lashes to curl up in the tips only and reduce the illusion of your eyes looking too big.

Applying mascara to the tip of your false eyelash extensions will help curve your eyelashes and make your eyes look less round and protruding. Apply mascara to the tip of your lashes and see the magic happen! You can also use an eyelash extension curler to add to the effect.

4. Makeup For Inner Corner Of The Protruding Eyes


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Always make sure you apply only matte and satin eyeshadow to the full eyelids of your eyes and avoid shimmer on the complete eyelids. 

However, you can add a shimmer to the inner corner of the eyes to add an elevation to the entire eye and make it on one level of the eyes. This can add symmetry and elongation to the eyes to give your eyes a more almond-shaped look. 

5. Eyelashes For Protruding Eyes

The major tip you should take care of while applying the eyelashes is that you avoid very heavy and voluminous eyelashes as they can make your eyes look smaller and less round. So, go for something that is less heavy.

A. Classic Eyelash Extension


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Сайт Classic Eyelash Extension is the perfect choice for your round and protruding eyes. It is light and subtle and can add the volume you need to your eyelash but still maintain the natural look. 

The classic eyelash extension means you add individual false eyelashes to one of your actual individual eyelashes. This provides your eyelashes with enough volume and glam but still maintains the natural and subtle look. 

When you get your false eyelashes from a famous eyelashes extension supplier, you can get a customized order on your eyelashes so that you can wear your eyelashes your way. You can also get false eyelashes samples for free from a reliable false eyelashes manufacturer so that you can try and understand what your eyes need. 

Always make sure you get your false eyelash extension and extension tools from a reliable false eyelash extension supplier so that you don’t have to worry about anything that comes near your eyes. 

B. Hybrid Eyelash Extension


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Hybrid eyelash extension means you mix both volume eyelash extension and classic eyelash extension and you can customize these eyelashes to suit your eyes. You can order free samples from a reliable false eyelashes manufacturer so that you can check these lash samples on your eyes without any hassle.

These hybrid eyelash extensions are perfect for your round protruding eyes as it is subtle and light. They aren’t too voluminous and can provide your eyes with the perfect blend of subtlety and drama. 

These eyelash extensions won’t make your eyes too small with heaviness. They help your eyes to stay open as well as bold enough.

C. Magnetic Eyelashes For Protruding Eyes


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Magnetic eyelashes extensions are perfect for people who find it difficult to apply eyelash glue and go through the hassle of having to apply the lashes to the eyes. If you are too scared that you will hurt your eyes while applying the lash glue and false lashes, you can opt for magnetic eyelash extensions. 

You can latch the magnetic eyelashes to either side of your natural eyelashes to help your magnetic lashes stay on your eyelids. It takes a matter of minutes to apply and can be used multiple times. You can also customize these lashes according to your wish. 

You can order free lash samples so that you can decide what eyelash to order for your eyes and help decide what fake eyelash extension suits your eyes. 

D. Faux Mink Eyelash For Protruding Eyes


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Faux Mink Eyelash is perfect Vegan eyelashes that are manufactured in place of actual mink eyelashes. These are light and subtle and do not give your eyes too much volume or heaviness that can make your round eyes look small and droopy. 

These light lashes give your eyes a natural and refreshed look that also helps your eyes look woke and bright. You need to remember to get your fake eyelash extensions from a reliable false eyelash extension manufacturer so that you do not have to worry about quality. 

You can also order free samples and extension tools to help you figure out your eyelash type for your eyes. You can order these from reliable false eyelash extension manufacturers that provide only quality material and value customer satisfaction. 

E. Individual Eyelashes To Help Protruding Eyes


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Your eyes require eyelashes that do not add too much volume or heaviness. Your eyes might need individual lashes that can be glued to your natural lashes. You can customize your eyes as you want it and provide your eyes with the volume and subtlety that you need.

You can order your custom eyelash extensions from a reliable manufacturer to help decide which type of eyelash your eyes need and make your eyes look glam. You can order these individual lashes samples for free so that you experiment with your eyelash game and then order your eyelashes with minimum order quantity. 

Always make sure you keep your eyelash game minimal and subtle and add mascara to the tip of the eyelash to help create a curl towards the tips of the eyelash and create a woke and bold look yet maintain a subtle overall look. Too many heavy lashes can cause your eyes to droop down and make them look small.

6. Give Your Eyes The Spotlight!


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Always make sure you wear nude or light make-up to the rest of your face to give the highlight to your eyes. Heavy makeup with bold lipstick or colorful blush can take the spotlight away from your eyes. This, along with your custom false eyelash extensions will make sure your eyes go pop and noticeable yet subtle and not too round. 

You can add more drama to the bottom lash line to help accentuate the part. The bold bottom lash line can be highlighted to help bring it on par with your upper eyelid to help bring your eyes a more symmetrical shape, sort of an almond shape. 

Feel free to add drama to your eyes as you like it to help highlight your eyes and help your eyes be as bold as possible. Make sure you follow this tip so that your eyes do not look bigger. These tips will help your eyes look defined and on par with the rest of your face

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    Never step back from highlighting your eyes your way and give them the glam they deserve! Always remember to follow the above tricks that can help highlight your round eyes the right way so that they always stay beautiful! Always keep the rest of your makeup light so that your eyes can stand out and shine.

    Make sure you get your beauty products and tools from reliable companies. Also, get your false eyelash extensions and eyelash extension tools from a leading false eyelash extension supplier so that you can adorn your eyes without worry!

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