Eyelash Extensions Curl Chart

Наращивание ресниц have gained popularity among women and everyone else in the beauty industry. They are convenient and can be customized to fit the user’s eye shape, face, and taste. Mastering lash extension thickness, length, and curls improve your expertise in the cosmetic world. Today we will major in different types of lash extension curls. The most popular curl types include J, B, C, CC, D, L, LD, and U. This article will guide you on how to choose a lash curl that is suitable for you or your clients.

1. J-Curl Lash Extensions

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They look more natural than the other types of lash extensions. As the name suggests, J-curl lash extensions are more of a J shape. They have a straight base and a slightly lifted tip. They appear longer than the other lash extensions because they lack curls.

J- curl lash extensions are perfect for individuals who have arrow-straight natural lashes. They should be fixed pointing upward. if they face downward, the client’s eyes will appear heavier and smaller. Many people don’t prefer them, they mostly go for lash extensions that are a little bit curlier.

2. B-Curl Lash Extensions

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Some clients prefer the barely-there natural extensions while others want a detailed and full lash extension look.  B-curl lash extensions are for those individuals who want something that is in between the two. They are considered the second most natural eyelash extensions after the J-curl lash extensions. They add a considerable length and volume but not curls.

B-curl lash extensions have basic curls that will give you or your client a naturally curled lash look. They have a base that is fairly straight just like in the case of J-curl lash extensions, the only difference is their tip which has a more natural lift. These types of lash extension curls are preferred by individuals who need a natural-looking lash with little vigor and attraction.

3. C-Curl Lash Extensions

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C-curl lash extensions are the most popular type of lash extension preferred by clients. They have a straight and short base with a natural curl at the tip of the lash extension. This type of lash extension matches the natural lash curls of a lot of people. They also compliment all eye shapes ranging from the hooded, round, almond, down-turned, and up-turned. 

Be sure to have a look similar to the one you get when your natural eyelashes are curled by an eyelash curler. C-curl lash extensions are mostly used by clients who would like to achieve a natural look. This type of lash extension is beautiful but it will not open up your eyes so much. They may not be the best alternative for individuals with small and closed eyes.

4. CC-Curl Lash Extensions

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As the name suggests, this type of lash extension is more of letter c shaped. Their base is similar to that of c-curl lash extension (short and straight) but they proceed with a more curled tip. They are less curled than the d-curl lash extensions.  cc-curl lashes are mainly used during volume application. 

If you or your client is looking for something to open up their eyes, then cc-curl lashes are the best choice. They will give you a more noticeable and glaring look. Consider using cc-curl lashes that face downward to give your client a fresh and relaxed look. Apply them to clients who would wish to turn up the volume of their lashes.

5. D-Curl Lash Extensions

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They are similar to the c-curl lash extensions, only that they are curlier at their tip. They are effective for individuals who have down-angled natural eyelashes and they need an attractive and noticeable look. This type of extension will widen and brighten your client’s eyes, they  create a dramatic effect on the user. Some people refer to this kind of lash extension as the cc-curl lashes, there is no big difference between the two.

D-curl lash extensions are ideal for clients with downward-pointing natural eyelashes because they will end up opening them. Avoid using this type of lash extension on eyes that are hooded, deep-set, and droopy because of how tight the curls are. The lash curls may end up brushing against the upper eyelid and cause irritation.

6. L-Curl Lash Extensions

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As their name suggests, these types of lash extensions are L-shaped. They are basically c or d curl lash extensions that have a flat base. The flat base provides a good attachment between the natural eyelash and the lash extensions, this creates a secure and lasting effect. The curled part of this type of lash extension lifts up the natural lashes that are facing down making the eyes open up naturally. 

L-curl lash extensions are mostly used by Asian clients and male clients who want to improve the thickness of their natural eyelashes without necessarily curling them. They are also perfect for older people and those whose eyelids are hooded and droopy. L-curl lash extensions are the best for providing visual satisfaction.

7. LC-curl Lash Extensions

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This type of lash extension has a straight base similar to l-curl lash extensions but they are curled like the c-curl at their tip. The flat base and special curve from the middle part of the lc curl lash extensions give clients a beautiful look, and at the same time opens up their eyes. 

They are perfect for clients with arrow straight and down-facing natural eyelashes. Lc curls are well known for creating a natural-looking length and dramatic effect. Opt for this type of lash curls if you aim at creating any volume look. They provide different volumes of lashes ranging from the barely-there lash look to mega volume lashes.

8. LD-Curl Lash Extensions

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The ld-curl lash extensions are also referred to as L+ curls. They have a base that is flat like in the case of L curls but with an extreme curl from the middle part to its tip. Individuals with lashes that are naturally flat look perfect in them. They also suit clients with down-growing natural lashes. Ld- curl lashes bring out an effect similar to the one eyelash curler creates. They make the eyes look wider and attractive.

9. U-Curl Lash Extensions

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They are also known as the dd curl lash extensions. U curl lash extensions derive their name practically from how they look. They have a curvature of 180°, which is basically a letter u shape. Be sure that this type of lash extension can never be mistaken for natural eyelashes. Your eyes will appear bright and doll-like when u curl lashes are attached to them. 

They are ideal for clients with straight and downward pointing natural eyelashes. You will look perfect on them, especially if you have monolid eyes. Avoid using u curl lash extensions if your eyes are deep-set, hooded, and droopy. The lash curls may rub your eyelids and cause irritation.

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    Eyelash extensions are meant to enhance your general look. If you apply lashes that don’t match your eyebrows shape, you may end up with a weird or unattractive look. Knowing the thickness, length, and type of curls in lash extensions will help you to choose the appropriate lash extensions that can give you a glamorous look. 

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