How to Protect Eyelash Extensions
When Sleeping

Protecting Lashes While Sleeping


Getting your eyelash done is very exciting as it enhances your appearance making you look like a beauty queen. But are you ready for the responsibility of caring for them? Eyelash extensions need committed aftercare and maintenance to promote their health and durability. Even if you get high-quality lashes from the best eyelash manufacturer, they still need to be cared for even during sleep. 

Protecting your lashes while sleeping sounds so hectic but I assure you, it is possible to do this and still sleep soundly. Here are some tips on how to protect наращивание ресниц when sleeping

Why Protect Eyelash Extensions
When Sleeping?

Woman With Eyelash Extensions


In the lash business, eyelash extensions are made with strong material to be able to withstand a lot of. Nevertheless, lashes are still delicate hence need all the protection they can get. When you take care of your lashes when sleeping, you protect them from several issues that will cost you more. The reasons for doing this are;

  • Shedding of lashes: extensions are bonded with your natural lashes using an adhesive that ensures they last as long as your natural lashes. When you sleep carelessly, you apply pressure to your lashes, detaching them. Your lashes then fall off prematurely.
  • Protect them from contamination: Ensure that where you sleep is clean is fundamental to prevent any infections to your eyes. Lashes trap different kinds of dust that will accumulate, causing infections. To avoid this, clean both your lashes and beddings regularly.
  • Shape distortion: sleeping without any form distorts the curls and shape of your lashes. Although eyelash extensions are made with материалы премиум-класса, they are still not a match for the pressure exerted by your body or hands when sleeping. Adjust your sleeping style to facilitate long eyelash life.
  • Reduce expenses: if the above reasons are not good enough, saving money will do the trick. If you train yourself to sleep well, lashes will last longer, eliminating unnecessary salon visits.

Tips to Protect Your Lash Extensions When Sleeping

Protecting your eyelash extensions is mandatory to promote their durability. It may sound tiresome, but a better way is to include it in your normal routine. Below are some tips on how to protect your lashes.

Sleep on Your Back

Наращивание ресниц


It sounds tough to sleep on your back since many people are side-sleepers while others sleep on their abdomen, but if you want to protect your lashes from early damage, then sacrifices must be made. This position is usually referred to as the supine position. It is beneficial not just for the lashes but the whole body as it prevents too much pressure on neck muscles.

In terms of lashes, it protects them from contaminants, breakages, and twisting of shape since there is no contact with the pillow or your hands. Nevertheless, if sleeping in a supine position is impossible for you, don’t worry, as there are other ways of protecting your lashes even when side sleeping.

Use an Appropriate Pillow

U-Shaped Pillow


If sleeping on your back is hard, you can utilize using pillows to achieve the same results. There are different kinds of ways you can customize your pillows to fit in the plan, for example;

  • Use a silk pillowcase: silk is a smooth and gentle material for your face and lashes. When using a silk pillowcase, in case there is contact between the lashes and the pillow, it allows the lashes to glide rather than tangle or be pulled by fibers compared to other materials like cotton. Silk pillows are appropriate for every type of sleeper and every type of eyelash extension as they prevent bacteria from reaching your eyes. Moreover, they are anti-aging hence reduce wrinkles making you look younger.
  • A u-shaped pillow: these pillows are perfect for side sleepers. It helps your head to be firm when sleeping hence prevents any rubbing of the eyelashes. There is a hollow space in it that creates enough room for the lashes. To make it even better, use the one with a silk cover.
  • Barrier pillow: this pillow is best suited for tossers and turners. The barrier helps keep the head firm hence remaining in one position. It promotes lash protection by preventing tangling. Also, you can create a barrier pillow easily at home by putting two pillows on each side of your head.

Get a 3D Eye Mask

3D Eye Mask


A 3D eye mask is a sleeping mask made with contours as an allowance for the eyes and lashes. The gap allows you to blink and move around without causing any damage to your eyelash extensions. You can also sleep on your side if you have this mask without worrying whether your pillowcase is made from silk or not. Before buying your mask, ensure that it is the right one as the traditional eye mask will cause more damage since it presses against your eyes, leaving no space for the lashes. 

The 3D eye mask is recommended for frequent travelers and those who rub their eyes often.

Proper Use of Blankets

Covering Face With a Blanket


When sleeping, remember that your blanket can also break your lashes if you sleep while covering the face. Keep the blankets on your chest level and place your arms on top to prevent pulling them towards your face. Additionally, you can also use a blanket with a smooth surface so that there will be no tangling with the fabrics there will be no tangling with the fabric.

Stretch Before Sleeping

Stretching Before Sleeping


Tossing and turning in bed is due to discomfort and failure to find a good sleeping position. It is contributed by being unfit or too much exhaustion during the day. Incorporate night stretches on your bedtime routine to stretch the muscles to promote relaxation. In turn, helps you prevent damage to the lashes. A point to note, it might not be effective at the beginning of the stretches, but with time, your body gets used to it.

Avoid Rubbing Eyes After Waking Up

Avoid Rubbing Eyes


Most people are conditioned to rubbing eyes in the morning soon after they wake up. If you have this habit, then it is time to stop. Even if you know how to apply eyelash extensions properly, rubbing eyes frequently causes the lashes to loosen and fall off. Break this habit if you want long-lasting extensions.

Additional Helpful Tips

  • If you wear makeup, make sure you wipe it off carefully before sleeping to allow your skin and lashes to breath
  • If you’re new to supine position, place a pillow under your knee and arms to help with the transition
  • You can rinse, brush and style your lashes in the morning after waking up
  • Use oil-free cleanser and products on your face to prevent clogging in the eyelash
  • Avoid cotton pillowcase as its fibers tend to tangle with the eyelashes
  • Clean your lashes daily before bed
  • When drying, tap the face with a towel to avoid damage to the eyelashes
  • Choose a highly skilled stylist to install  your eyelash extensions

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    Sleeping is a biological process that cannot be avoided however much we try since it is the body’s way of catching some rest after a day full of activities. With eyelash extensions, sleep doesn’t have to be interfered with to protect the lashes; rather, you need to alter some things to get a good night’s rest as well as protecting your lashes from any issues. For quality eyelash extensions, Starseed makeup got you, contact us now to get the best lashes from the best поставщик услуг по наращиванию ресниц.

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