Lash technician: How to become
a certified lash technician

The beauty industry is growing stronger and stronger as the years go by. Different beauty trends are coming up, and there’s no telling what will be trending in about five years to come. All we know is that it will be even fancier than the trends we have now. There are different beauty brands that contribute to economic growth and create many opportunities for different people who want to venture into the sector.

One aspect of beauty which has been in trend and will never go out of trend entails the eyes. Anyone who is a makeup lover knows that your eyes have to pop before anything else. This is why there are experts who have actually specialized in only eye makeup and can work magic for your eyes.

Eye Beauty Trends


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The first thing that anyone will ever notice on your face is your eyes. Even in times like this, where everyone is wearing masks, the eyes are still visible, so we have to make them stand out. There are different ways we can achieve this, including eyebrow makeup, wearing mascara, eye shadow, and eyelash extensions.

  • Eyebrow makeup: Different styles have been in existence, including using eye pencils to fill your brows to the latest trends which include microblading to have permanent perfect eyebrows.
  • Mascara and eye shadow: Different brands have different types of eye shadow, from mild and calm colors to colors that scream. Depending on a client’s personality.
  • Eyelashes: Eyelashes have been known to stand out in ways no other parts of the eyes do. They emphasize and frame one’s eyes therefore enhancing your beauty. Longer and fuller lashes have also been known to make you look younger and full of life. Eye lash makeup has to be carried out by the best professionals who are trained since it requires a lot of care and expertise.Without proper care, there are risks that include damage to the eyes, which can cause adverse effects such as blindness. When it’s done wrong, it can damage a client’s facial features, leading to low self-esteem. Nobody wants to walk around with uneven lashes or even severely damaged eyelashes due to lack of technique.Because of this, there are professionals who are trained to carry out these procedures. Some of them are purely specialized in lash makeup, while some have expertise in other makeup areas too. They are known as lash technicians, and below are some techniques that make the best ones.

Who is a Lash Technician


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This is a specialist who has mastered any form of art involving eyelash makeup. Most of them are required to have a license to perform their practice, but this is not always the case. There are different styles for eyelash makeup which include, lash extension, lash tinting and lash lift. A lash technician has to have a great passion for beauty and should also be very patient and eager to learn. Above all they have to have a very steady hand in order to achieve perfect results. There are classes where they are able to perfect their skills which include;

  • Lash health and safety: Who doesn’t want healthy and beautiful eyelashes? Apart from just knowing how to enhance eyelashes, a good lash technician should also be able to maintain a client’s natural eyelashes and advise the client on how to do the same at home. This includes simple practices like cleansing one’s eyelashes and protecting them from harmful products that can affect them.
  • Lash refill process: This is a very important step and requires a lot of expertise. It involves filling gaps on the eyelash area and a technician has to be extra careful as the use of tweezers is involved. A good lash technician has to be able to achieve this without harming the client’s eyes in any way. They should also be able to source for the best eyelash tweezers for this procedure.
  • Eyelash Prep: Before any procedure is done, there always has to be prepping. This applies to eyelashes too. These prepping steps include removing eye contacts if you have them, wearing comfortable clothing since the procedure takes quite a while, and one should be as comfortable as possible. A lash technician should also be able to advise their client not to wear any makeup or mascara prior to their appointment.
  • Lash Removal: Just like eyelash refill, eyelash removal is also a very delicate procedure. Any procedure involving the eyes has to be done very carefully in order to avoid damaging the eyes. A professional lash technician should know the right kind of products to use for this step.
  • False lashes: Some clients prefer using false lashes and most of the time these lashes can be applied by the client at home. But you have to be careful to use good quality false lashes that will not affect your eyes. A lash technician should advise the client accordingly as they have more information regarding this.
  • Aftercare: After any procedure, there has to be aftercare. Even after surgery, a wound has to be carefully cared for in order to avoid infections. A lash technician should advise the client to avoid picking at their eyelashes after the procedure to avoid bruising. Also, the lashes should be kept away from any form of liquids during the healing period.
  • Hospitality: Every client wants to feel special and be treated nicely.  A good lash technician should be able to do this for their client. A client should be made as comfortable as possible in order for them to trust you. This helps you get future business and referrals.

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    Makeup and beauty is here to stay with us. We can only sit back and wait for new trends that will surely come in the near future. However, eye makeup is the most delicate part of this industry, and it has to be carried out by the most qualified professionals. This include the best lash technicians in the market who know the  best eyelash product manufacturers  and where to find them.

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