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Different parts of the eye jointly help an individual see; eyelash is one of those essential parts. They protect the eyes by preventing foreign materials like dust from reaching the delicate eye tissues. Beautiful eyelashes brighten and widen one’s eyes. As a result, the whole face lights up and looks more attractive.

One of the ways an individual can make their eyes look attractive is by putting on eyelash extensions. What are eyelash extensions? These are temporary lashes that can be attached on top of natural lashes by using a particular type of glue. Every product in the market must have a challenge of people trying to produce a counterfeit. For that matter, individuals are advised to get products from trusted suppliers and manufacturers.

There are many eyelash extension manufacturers and suppliers globally, but very few have proven to produce high-quality lash extensions. In this article, we will look at the best manufacturers of lash extensions.



Источник: https://starseedmakeup.com/.

  • Регион: Район Хайчжу, Гуанчжоу, Китай
  • Классификация компании: Производитель, Поставщик и Оптовики
  • Год основания: 2021
  • Основные продукты: Наращивание ресниц

After being in operation for ten years, Starseed was founded in 2021. It is one of the biggest and well-known Guangzhou, China, for its quality lash extension. Starseed has a young team full of dedication and focus in the core business of the company. They follow and analyze new trends to develop better ideas to improve the appearance of their products.

Finding the лучшие производители of lash extensions is not easy since most manufacturers tend to use low-quality and cheap material in their work. This is the main reason we recommend Starseed products made of synthetic material made to imitate the look and feel of mink. Some clients will prefer a customized pair of the lash at Starseed that will be done to your specification.

When it comes to shipping, Starseed leads the race. They have a partnership with DHL and FedEx. They will have your order delivered safely and on time, typically 5 to 7 days. They also have experience dealing with custom and shipping rules in different countries, enabling them to control the shipment better and quicker than other manufacturers.

Lash Jungle

Lash Jungle Logo

Источник: https://lashjungle.com/

They are committed to providing only the best quality professional lash extension supplies for lash artists in Australia. All of their products are developed and tested by a group of experienced professional lash artists. They have all types of products, including pre-fanned volume lashes, eyelash extension glue, or lash accessories.

Lash jungle constantly innovates lash products through analysis of the latest technology without interfering with the quality. They also offer shipping services at a friendly price. Shipping is done by trusted company DHL which delivers on time between 3 to 8 business days.

Lash Fix

Lash Fix Logo

Источник: https://lashfix.com.au/

  • Регион: Австралия
  • Классификация компании: Производитель, Поставщик и Оптовики
  • Год основания: 2014
  • Основные продукты: Наращивание ресниц

Lash Fix creates a perfect environment for all women to feel embraced, pampered, and empowered. It is an Australian company dealing with quality eyelash extensions founded in 2014. Their goal is to be mentoring all women and that all women are unique and deserve this experience of lash fix.

Lash fix also offers courses where they mold students to be experts in this field. They supply their quality eyelashes to all parts of Australia, including Melbourne. Shipping is also done to all parts of the world at a reasonable price.

Lash Envy

Lash Envy Logo

Источник: https://lashenvymelbourne.com.au/

  • Region: Melbourne, Australia
  • Company classification: Manufacturer and Wholesalers
  • Основные продукты: Наращивание ресниц

 Lash Envy Melbourne, believed to be famed for being the number one eyelash company destination in Melbourne for over a decade. They are known to be manufacturing the best quality extensions and wholesaling them at a reasonable price. They believe that women who wear the best extensions are about to change their lives. That’s the reason they give their all in the production of the lashes to fit every woman’s desire.

They also believe to be the pioneers in Lashes. They provide damage-free, long-lasting, and  spectacular lashes. Lash Levy it as a privilege to lash their clients and make you feel more confident and beautiful. They deliver their quality products both domestically and internationally.

Play Brow And Lash Bar

Play Brow and Lash Bar Logo

Источник: https://playbrowbar.com.au/

  • Region: Melbourne, Australia
  • Классификация компании: Производитель, Поставщик и Оптовики
  • Год основания: 2011
  • Основные продукты: Наращивание ресниц

Play Brow Bar is the central area of beauty for stylish, beauty-conscious mavens. It was published in 2011 to make sure all women look gorgeous in the eyes of any viewer. Five years after its establishment, Play Brow Bar is already a giant in the beauty industry.

Apart from just manufacturing and supplying eyelash extensions, they specialize in shaping the eyebrows and threading them, lash and brow tinting, and waxing. They deliver their products on time locally and also ship globally. Price is considerate and very convenient to all customers around the world.

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    The eyes are susceptible organs. For that reason, anything done around them should be carried out cautiously. Interested persons should find someone who is certified to apply the lashes on them. Professional equipment should be in use during the process. Observing all that will ensure your natural eyelashes are not damaged either during the process of application and removal. It is good to consider all the above while looking out for the best eyelash extensions suppliers and manufacturers. Contact now!

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