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Eyelash extensions are becoming a standard part of many women’s makeup procedures. As a result, the cosmetics industry has a long history of designing and mass-producing eyelashes that have dominated the market and shaped people’s notions of beauty. Eyelash extensions have become a must-have item in the world of cosmetics, with individual preferences varying.

The majority of today’s clients rely on online shopping sites like aliexpress for eyelash extension supplies. To make your search for reliable online eyelash suppliers easier, we have composed a list of the top 7 Mink lash vendors in Aliexpress.




  • Местонахождение: Район Хайчжу, Гуанчжоу, Китай
  • Тип компании: Производитель, поставщик и оптовики
  • Год основания: 2021
  • Ключевые продукты: Наращивание ресниц

The Starseed company, based in Guangzhou’s Haizhu District, has been in operation for ten years before its launch in 2021. They provide a high-quality, quick, and easy eyelash treatment that increases productivity while reducing costs. Because they are an eyelash manufacturer, supplier, and distributor, they have the production capacity to meet the needs of any company.

Starseed recognizes and meets the needs of its customers by stocking its facilities with the самые популярные ресницы. Whether it’s your first purchase or a frequent transaction, they can help you cut your onset in half in only a few days.

Their staff is composed of trained, creative package designers and highly informed, committed eyelash specialists who collaborate to provide their customers with any information and advice they require to create a packaging experience that they will never forget.

Sexysheep Cosmetic Store


  • Местонахождение: Циндао, Шаньдун, Китай
  • Тип компании: Поставщики и оптовики
  • Год основания: 2018
  • Основные продукты: Наращивание ресниц

Founded in 2018, Sexysheep cosmetic store has grown to be among the most reputable real mink lash extension vendors in Aliexpress. They are located in Qingdao in China and are very efficient for the supply of высококачественное наращивание ресниц. This company prioritizes granting its esteemed customers the easiest online shopping experience. With their up-to-date inventory management and dedicated team of experts on supply chain management, they guarantee swift processing and shipping of orders in the shortest time possible.

Lashia Mega Store



  • Location: Gold Coast, Brisbane, Australia
  • Тип компании: Поставщики и оптовики
  • Год основания: 2007
  • Основные продукты: Наращивание ресниц

With over fourteen years of experience in eyelash extension manufacturing and distribution, Lashia is located in Gold coast, Australia. They have invested a great amount of money in purchasing the latest infrastructure to aid in the manufacture of high-quality eyelash extensions and aftercare products

They have put together a team of mentors and professional lash technicians who over fourteen years have mastered the Lashia curriculum of eyelash extension manufacturing and are generous enough to offer mentorship and training to new to business lash artists.

Their goal is to make the lashes megastore a one-stop shop for all beauty products. They offer a wide range of products from eyelash extensions, to before and aftercare products, to volume lashes, classic lashes, Pre-made lashes, to eyelash extension adhesives and removers.

Beautier works International



  • Location: Bucheon, South Korea
  • Тип компании: Поставщики и оптовики
  • Год основания: 2013
  • Основные продукты: Наращивание ресниц

Founded in 2013 Beautier works international is located in Bucheon in South Korea. Over the past nine years, the company’s team of experts has acquired experience and knowledge in the beauty industry.  They provide trendy solutions to customers in all aspects of fashion and life.

The company’s dedicated workers work hand in hand to support their customer’s needs, give prompt service and high quality with strict quality control. This brand has specialized in наращивание ресниц from start to finish and offers high-quality luxury-end products.

Yelix Official Store



  • Location: Shanghai, china
  • Тип компании: Поставщики и оптовики
  • Год основания: 2015
  • Основные продукты: Наращивание ресниц

Yelix’s official store is based in Shangai, China. It was founded in 2015 and has expanded the market globally by supplying eyelash extension-related products at the industry’s lowest factory pricing. Instead of going via local retail dealers, they may offer their items online and reach stylists all over the world at the best possible price.

In addition to providing best-in-class eyelash operations, they offer a novel product line to improve extensions while retaining natural lashes. The portfolio includes a conditioning serum, oil-free makeup remover, heated curler, protective coating, and retractable ink eyeliner, all of which were created by cosmetics chemists to work with extensions and extend their life.

Gladgirl Lashes



  • Location: Shanghai, china
  • Тип компании: Поставщики и оптовики
  • Year Founded: 1981
  • Основные продукты: Наращивание ресниц

Glad Lash was founded in 1981 by Esther Bolkin and was at the forefront of the business, delivering products and services to lash experts, MUAs, aestheticians, cosmetologists, and spa and salon owners. Glad Lash has evolved into GladGirl, which now offers a variety of aftercare, makeup specifically created for eyelash extensions, application tools, and skincare products. 

They continue to offer a complete array of items while giving the absolute in excellence and pricing as the beauty business advances and new technologies arise. GladGirl looks ahead, inspired by their consumers and committed to their fundamental objective, with this enthusiasm and attitude, continuing to create a bold beauty trail.

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