Cils en vison extra-gras de 25 mm
Cils en vison extra-gras de 25 mm
Cils en vison extra-gras de 25 mm
Cils en vison extra-gras de 25 mm
Cils en vison extra-gras de 25 mm

Cils en vison extra-gras de 25 mm

Item No.: X24

Reach the height of fashion that celebrities, models, and other personalities share. By wearing our 3D Mink lash, you can create an eye-catching frame around your eyes to make everyone speechless. We utilize high-grade cotton bands onto our lashes to make them comfortable to wear throughout the day as well as allowing you to reuse them up to 25 times.

We are committed to your safety at all times by incorporating hypoallergenic mink and cotton materials into our lashes. The material ensures that it does not cause any skin irritation when worn.

The versatile design of our lashes allows it to blend with your makeup and jewelry, letting you create different styles. The bold fluttering effect and medium volume of our lash can also enhance your eyes and other facial features.

Points forts du produit :

Reusable up to 25 times

Hypoallergenic for nearly all users

Lightweight design

Versatile application

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    All Starseed Eyelashes are 100% Customizable in Styles and Packaging

    Not only do we manufacture the lashes to meet your needs, but we can also offer customized packaging, too. This means that you can choose the kinds of lashes you want, then personalize the packaging with your logo or other graphics.

    This is perfect for promotional items or to create your own branding. Whether you have an established business or you are just getting started, we’re ready to work hard to provide the lashes you want. If you need assistance adapting your logo to our packaging, we are ready to help with our team of professional design services.

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