Cils en faux vison 6D

Best Source of 6D Faux Mink Eyelashes

Starseed is a major manufacturer of many kinds of natural and synthetic eyelashes. If you are looking for a 6D faux mink eyelashes vendor that can give you the highest quality lashes for your brand, Starseed is by far the best choice you can make.

Our faux mink eyelashes are the recommended choice of dozens of beauty experts, salon owners and cosmetic influencers from all over the world. We actually supply the top cosmetics brands today with our world-class lashes. In fact, our 6D faux mink eyelashes have often been worn by some of the most famous Hollywood celebrities on the red carpet and while filming movies.

6D Faux Mink Eyelashes Knowhow

The number in the lash style indicates the volume or density of the individual lashes in a strip. We make faux mink eyelashes from 3D to 6D, with the 6D lashes being the thickest and fluffiest. Basically, the 6D lashes have six times more volume than regular eyelashes. You can just imagine the amount of drama that you can add to your look with these amazing pieces.

Most of the time, people use 6D faux mink eyelashes for special events like proms or photo shoots, where you want to have an edgier and more intense look than in a regular night out. These eyelashes are also perfect for the stage or theater.

How to Choose a 6D Faux Mink Eyelashes Vendor

When looking for a 6D faux mink eyelashes vendor, you must not be carried away by their marketing spiels. You have to actually see the product and judge for yourself if it will meet your customers’ standards.

The first step is to take a look at the company catalog. This will reveal the range of their production and the level of customization they can provide.

Step two is to check for client reviews. Find out what brands source their eyelashes from your potential supplier and ask them about the products and also about the manufacturer.

Finally, try to get a look at how the manufacturer actually makes the eyelashes. The most reputable vendors would have no problems showing you live footage of their factory during production. This way, you can see not only their production methods but also their practices in safety and sanitation.

Finding a Qualified 6D Faux Mink Eyelashes Vendor is No Challenge

There are many companies out there that make good quality faux mink eyelashes, or so they say. The truth of the matter is that only a small fraction of these manufacturers are actually being completely honest in their advertisements. Everyone says their quality is excellent. However, some of them have lashes that are too heavy, crooked, or not as fluffy as 6D lashes are supposed to be.

At Starseed, we will not only tell you that our eyelashes are great, but we will also show you. We will give you open access to our catalogs and also show you videos of how we produce the lashes in our factories. If you are interested in our eyelashes, feel free to browse through our online display and pick the ones you like. We will be very happy to ship you free samples of our products so you can see and feel for yourself just how luxurious our 6D faux mink eyelashes are.