Cils en vison 3D~5D

3D~5D Mink Eyelashes Professionals

Starseed works with the top brands in manufacturing top-quality mink eyelashes. These days, it is becoming tricky to find a 3D mink eyelashes vendor that is trustworthy, honest, and produces false eyelashes to the quality that brands want.

Starseed prides itself on working with brands to produce the eyelashes that their customers want and at the highest of qualities. If you wish to become one of our hot-sell brand partners, take a look at our 3D-5D mink eyelashes styles below or contact us for a catalog.

The Ultimate Guide of 3D~5D Mink Eyelashes

The false eyelashes market is becoming saturated and it is increasingly difficult to know whether you can trust manufacturers and brands.

At Starseed, we understand our clients’ and potential clients’ worries in this regard and pride ourselves on being an open and honest 3D mink eyelashes vendor.

We produce 3D-5D mink eyelashes as the highest quality in a range of styles to suit varying brands’ needs. Furthermore, we offer to create individual styles for private label clients so that their brand is truly unique.

What does 3D, 4D, and 5D mean when it comes to Eyelashes?

When it comes to false eyelashes and eyelash extensions, there are many varieties. 3D commonly stands for ‘three dimensions’ or ‘three dimensional’, but this is not an exact meaning when it comes to talking about eyelashes.

With eyelashes, 3D indicates that the lashes are three times the density and thickness of the average natural lashes, without the lashes being too exaggerated. Likewise, 4D simply means four times the thickness and density of natural lashes. As you can see, the number at the front indicates the multiplication or the ratio of the lashes compared with average, natural human eyelashes.

For 3D lashes, there are three lashes per fan that goes on each lash, for 4D there are four lashes per fan and so on. Depending on the look the wearer wants, choosing lashes with a higher number will mean a bolder, less subtle eyelashes look. If a customer wants statement lashes, choosing eyelashes with a higher number will give a much more dramatic effect to the wearer.

Make Starseed Your 3D~5D Mink Lash Manufacturer

In choosing a manufacturer, it is important to choose one that manufactures lashes to the highest possible quality.

We are a manufacturer that places great importance on being approachable and caring whilst also producing lashes to the most excellent of standards. We adhere to our principle and are an open and honest company with clients and potential clients. This is what we believe you should be looking for when choosing a mink lashes manufacturer.

1. Get our latest catalog

A manufacturer catalog is an important first step in deciding which manufacturer you want to work with. Observe their range of styles and choices for packaging. Look into how they make their lashes including process explanations and the way the company introduces itself. Photos are important to regard also.

2. Take a look at our reviews

One of the best ways of securing a quality manufacturer is in reading or looking at other brands’ reviews. In finding an eyelash brand that is of a similar standing to your brand and produces a similar quality in terms of marketing, asking for a review of their manufacturer is a good way of learning which ones produce the best in terms of quality.

If you want to have a successful working relationship with an eyelashes vendor, having a good review of their workmanship and approachability is essential.

Quality in All the Details

There are some important things to consider when you are checking the quality of mink lashes. Apply the following two tips to our products and you will see the quality.

Take a close look at the top of the lashes

If you want your lashes to last for your customers, it is important to look at them closely. Check carefully that the lashes have the expected number of lashes per fan for what you are paying for, 3D, 4D or 5D. You need to make sure that they are well manufactured so that they do not lose any fibers. What is the top band like too? It should be sharp and well defined. Trying the lashes on is a great way of assessing their quality.

Vérifier la symétrie

Check that the pair of lashes you are quality checking is symmetrical, both as a pair and as individual lashes. The good manufacturing process should mean that the lashes are consistent in terms of lash length and the curliness of the lash. You do not want to be associated with lashes that are inconsistent and uneven: trust us, it will not be good for business!