Stunning Mega Volume
Extensions de cils

Starseed is a company based in China that specializes in the manufacture of high-quality eyelash extensions and
packages. We work with different clients offering the best quality options designed to fit their desired needs.

Beaucoup de nouveaux styles mis à jour😆...Please contactez-nous pour un catalogue pour y jeter un coup d'œil !

Your Stunning Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions Manufacturer

We offer the best quality and stunning mega volume eyelash extensions designed to give users the best service. Our mega volume eyelash extensions are designed to offer a fuller look on the lashes. These options come in handy when users are looking for an over-the-top look and want their eyes to be the center of attraction. We feature the best manufacturing systems that allow us to feature such eyelash extensions and give you the best quality. Working with us allows you to enjoy our reduced prices that are designed to be the perfect fit according to your budget. Additionally, we feature a faible MOQ of up to 50 pcs.

Why Order Stunning Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions
from Starseed


Our mega volume eyelash extensions are designed to feature different curls that are suitable for the style. If you are looking to invest in the different options we have available, check out our curl chart for a more comprehensive look.


The diameter featured on or eyelashes is designed to differ giving the users a variety of options to choose from. We feature diameters ranging from 0.03mm to 0.30mm offering the best variation for comfort and flexibility while in use.


The lengths featured on our mega volume lash extensions are designed to range from 15mm to 30mm. These lengths differ to give users different options seeing as shorter lashes are more ideal and wearable every day.

Durée de vie

Our mega volume eyelash extensions are designed to offer the best performance and last for a while before they wear out. This allows the users to get in a couple of wears before they have to replace them.

We Bring Full  Stunning Mega Volume Eyelash Extension

Private Label Stunning Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions

Our private label stunning mega volume eyelash extensions appeal to companies looking to brand the eyelashes and sell them under their name. We come in to offer already manufactured eyelashes that feature great quality. We offer échantillons de cils gratuits to ensure that you have a feel of the quality you’ll be getting. If you’d like to jump on this opportunity and invest in our private label mega volume lashes, please reach out.

Custom Stunning Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions

At Starseed, we believe in helping our clients realize their designs and create eyelashes and packages that speak to their brand. This is where our custom options come in. If you have a design you’d like to introduce to the market and bring a unique perspective, we are here to help with that. Our custom options are here to help scale your business reach out to us and let’s get to work.

Order Stunning Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions in Bulk

Buying in bulk allows you to enjoy reduced prices and additional discounts the more you buy in bulk. We offer these deals to lash wholesalers and suppliers looking to replenish their stock and cater to their customers. Investing in our wholesale program will give you the best options for your business and help you scale. Get in touch with us and let’s work on your bulk order.