Cils en vison 6D

Best 6D Mink Eyelashes Vendor in China

Starseed is one of the top long-term manufacturing partners of many hot-sell false eyelashes brands. As a 6D mink eyelashes vendor, we work with brands to ensure that their eyelashes meet all their requirements.

To have a look at our eyelashes styles, take a look at the page below. Alternatively, contact us for a catalog of all our eyelash styles. Starseed prides itself on manufacturing the best quality lashes. There’s no better 6D mink eyelashes vendor out there today.

6D Mink Eyelashes 101 – What & How

These days, there are so many brands of eyelashes out there that it is quite difficult to know which eyelashes will be the best in quality. It seems everyone is jumping on the eyelashes bandwagon and the market is saturated with poor-quality lashes.

Starseed values quality over everything else. It is important that your eyelashes manufacturer is open and honest about their quality and manufacturing processes. Let us take a look at what you should be looking for in high-quality 6D lashes.

What are 6D Mink Eyelashes?

6D mink lashes are false eyelashes that give a bolder and more extreme look. They have a 6D effect created in the manufacturing process, giving them an altogether more fluffy appearance than 3D lashes. Their dimensions means that they really make a statement. They tend to be the most curled lashes on the market too, giving the most dramatic of effects.

Many women love the effect that these lashes give. The 6D effect means that the lashes have a messier effect, with individual hair strands crossing over each other in a more generous fashion.

These are not your neat, tidy, and subtle eyelashes, so do not be confused! They are certainly an upgrade from 3D lashes, giving you that true ‘wow’ factor and making you stand out from the regular, 3D eyelash crowd. 6D mink eyelash vendors use feathering and layering techniques to make these lashes super bold!

Make Us Your 6D Mink Lash Manufacturer

Finding the highest quality in mink lashes is essential. You must choose a manufacturer carefully if you want your brand to be a success. Starseed prides itself on our approachable and caring manner in working with our clients to meet their 6D mink lashes needs. We have certain principles that we adhere to and are happy to share these openly so that potential clients know what they should be looking for in a 6D mink eyelashes vendor.

1. Request our catalog

Checking a manufacturer’s catalog should be one of the first things you check out when you are looking at working with an eyelashes manufacturer. Look at the range of styles of eyelashes, their packaging choices, how the lashes are made, any explanations of processes, as well as the introduction the company uses at the front of its catalog. Take a look at any photos too!

2. See what our clients say

Finding a competitor brand that has worked with your potential manufacturers is a sensible idea. What does the brand make of the manufacturer?

Are they pleased with the manufacturing and processes? In this way, you can have a peer review of the quality of the lashes, which is essential if you want to work with the manufacturer yourself.

3. Take a factory tour

Manufacturers should not be working behind closed doors and should be open, honest, and without anything to hide. Photos alone are not always proof of a safe and quality-controlled manufacturing process.

If at all possible, as the manufacturer for a live video tour of their manufacturing facilities. In this way, you are able to see for yourself just where your eyelashes are going to be made. You will be able to build up trust in your 6D eyelashes vendor in this way.