Best Professional Eyelash
Extension Supplies 2021

Isn’t it true that we all desire to work with the best eyelash extension supplies? How can we be the best lash specialist or lash technician if our eyelash extension supplies aren’t up to par? We can’t do it! We literally can’t do it! As a result, we enlisted the help of our all-star lash team to create the definitive guide, which will save you time and frustration. Thank you, Deities of Lash! Check out the analysis if you’re putting together a professional eyelash extension kit; we’ve got you covered.

We are going to look at the best professional eyelash supplies 2021 that will help you up your game. Let’s get to it!

1.Eyelash Extension Fans (Prefabricated)

Extension de cils Starseed

Source : Starseedmakeup

Eyelash extensions are often packaged in a platter with a strip of single eyelash extensions. Every solitary eyelash extension will be picked up by the Lash Artist, who will then attach the single eyelash extension to a unique eyelash. A Lash Stylist may construct an eyelash extension fan by merging two or several eyelash extensions. Extension de cils en volume is the term used in the eyelash extension community to describe this method. 

When a Lash Stylist installs Volume Eyelash Extensions, the eyelashes take on a larger, more glamorous appearance that is both attractive and obvious.

Volume eyelash extensions are amazing and look amazing, but the major disadvantage for Lash Stylists is that creating and applying Volume Eyelash Extensions takes a while. Purchasing Prefabricated Eyelash Extensions Fans is one approach to reduce the duration it takes to install Volume Eyelash Extensions. Individual eyelash extensions are put together to form an eyelash extension fan in prefabricated eyelash extension fans.

To use these Prefabricated Eyelash Extension Fans, simply grab the fan and apply it to the native eyelash as you would a regular volume eyelash extension fan. Using Prefabricated Eyelash Extension Fans will shorten the time it takes to apply volume in half. This will make your customers satisfied and quite happy because they will not have to lie in bed as long, and the Lash Stylist will be able to complete the service faster.

2.Flat Lash Ellipse Eyelash Extension

Extension de cils Starseed

Source : Starseedmakeup

Eyelash extensions are traditionally circular all the way around the lash. When a lash technician applies for regular eyelash extensions, they are essentially adding a round cylinder item to a round cylinder item. As you can see, due to the fact that both objects are circular, this is not a simple task. Flat Lash Ellipse Eyelash Extensions are flat, with a little spherical depression in the base of the eyelash extension. 

By inserting the round native eyelash in the spherical divot in the Flat Lash Ellipse Eyelash Extension, it is easier to install eyelash extensions.

It’s similar to putting home 2 puzzle pieces. The Lash Therapist can install the eyelash extension faster since the two eyelashes fit together like an interconnecting component, and the eyelash extension will stay on the native eyelash for longer, enhancing retention. Clients are pleased when they have a higher retention rate.

3.Eyelash Extensions Mink Perfect Volume

Natural Buzz Mink Eyelash

Source : Starseedmakeup

We’ve already discussed how putting volume eyelash extensions is a time-consuming process. Here’s another eyelash extension tool that will make applying Volume Eyelash Extensions easier for Lash Beauticians. Mink Perfect Volume Eyelash Extensions are similar to Prefabricated Volume Eyelash Extensions in that they come as a strip of cross-size eyelash extensions that can be lifted up and made into a fan.

The Lash Technician only needs to grab a small number of eyelash extensions with a tweezer and fan them out. The volume fan will appear full and fluffy due to the different stretches. This method will assist the Lash Stylist in applying volume eyelash extensions more quickly.

4.Expendable Eyelash Extension Adhesive Stickers


Lash stylists spend a lot of time putting eyelash extensions, but what most people don’t realize is that they also spend a lot of time cleaning up afterwards. A Lash Specialist will sprinkle small quantities of eyelash extension adhesive on quartz or a jade pebble as part of the eyelash extension installation process. After adding eyelash extensions, the Lash Stylist must clear the glue drips from the surface. Washing these areas can be difficult and time-consuming.

An expendable Eyelash Extension Adhesive Sticker is one technique to make cleansing these surfaces simpler. Simply peel the backside of the expendable eyelash extension Adhesive Sticker and place it to the spot where you will be applying eyelash extension adhesive. When you’re through applying for eyelash extensions, gently peel off the sticker and discard it. It’s that straightforward!

5.Lash Wrap


Source : Pinterest

When Lash professionals apply eyelash extensions, every second matters, therefore proactive stance done over and over can add up to a significant amount of time throughout the duration of the application. Reaching down to remove eyelash extensions from a lash tile or similar object is a common motion used by Lash professionals. The Lash Wrap aids in preventing this motion from being duplicated repeatedly.

When a Lash Stylist puts on the Lash Wrap, the Lash Wrap is placed on their wrist first, followed by the eyelash extension strip. All the Lash artist has to do now is pick up the eyelash extensions from the wrist, which is a lot simpler and faster. This assists the Lash technician’s task by reducing the duration it takes to install eyelash extensions.

6. Eyelash Extensions Curls


Source : Pinterest

Do you know what a J curl eyelash extension is? J curl lashes aren’t as popular as they once were, but if you consider giving them a go, you’ll be glad you did! This curl is designed for those who have stuck straight lashes and like a hyper-original appearance. Hey, some of us are still on the hunt for that natural appearance! Perhaps J is a little too original for your client.

Then attempt a B curl with your lash extension designs. This curl has a little more curl than a J curl, but it’s still a good choice for clients who have trouble with straight lashes and want an original appearance. Oh, the possibilities!

So you and your clientele don’t like natural curls? C, CC, and D are the curls for you! These distinct eyelash extensions are most likely the ones you’ll use the most. What are we to say? Drama is popular among the public. C curl lashes are designed for consumers who have a slight curl in their native lashes and will aid to produce a more expansive impression.

D curl lashes are extremely similar to D curl lashes, however, they are curlier! They’re for a clientele with a slightly intense native curl who wants to amp up the drama! And, as you might expect, CC is smack dab in between those curls. All three curls will give your customers a noticeable curled appearance. There’s a portion for everybody, right?


So, how do you select the appropriate diameter? How do you determine which diameter is best for your customer? One simple method is to equate the diameter to the customer’s original lash and go significantly voluminous if they want something a little more striking. We don’t want to ponder too much since we want your clients’ original eyelashes to be healthy. Because? So, duh, they’ll keep returning to you!


When it comes to eyelash extensions, the trick is to go no more than 2-3 mm longer than the customer’s original lash. Eyelash extensions are available in sizes up to 17mm, but if your client’s natural lashes are 8mm long and you apply 17mm lashes, they will not stay. That long extension will put a lot of strain on the natural lash, and the poor infant won’t be able to keep it up for long.

If that tenacious little natural lash manages to keep the extension in place for a long time, it will drop completely. Make wise decisions, lash artists! Your customers will enjoy it, and you will profit more in the long term.



Source : Starseedmakeup

When looking for lash tweezers, one thing to keep in mind is that you get quality for what you pay for. Isn’t it the case with everything in life? Do not take the low-cost option. Tweezers are an important part of your eyelash extension toolkit and may be found for a reasonable price. 

When it comes to eyelash extension tweezers, the most crucial thing to check for is quality. Among the most critical items in your eyelash extension kit is lash tweezers, please select cautiously!

Types of Tweezers


Source : Pinterest

Tweezers for Isolation


Source : Pinterest

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Straight Tweezers


Source : Pinterest

The most common tool used by painters is straight tweezers. They’re completely straight. They’re lengthy and slender, with an attenuated point at the end, so the technicians can pick up and install individual extensions, from reputable manufacturers, on each individual natural lash with ease. We prefer a simple pick-up!

Volume Tweezers


Source : Pinterest

These babes will make an eyelash expert the most money, so pay attention! Tweezers for volume lash extensions come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but they always feature a concavity at the tip that narrows to a point! The curved spike allows the artists to pick up and handle many lash extensions at once. Choose one with a firm grip and a sturdy closure so you can crank out those high-volume fans. Aren’t they just gorgeous?!

8.Tape and Eye Pads


Source : Pinterest

The bottom lashes can be covered with one of these eyelash extension materials. What are our motivations for doing so? For those who don’t know, we know which lashes to use and don’t use glue , to avoid consequentially shutting the customer’s eyes. That would be a total mess!

Eyelash Extension Pads


Source : Pinterest

The lower lashes are held in place by eyelash gel pads, allowing for a unstained and quick installation. That sounded really respectable! But that is exactly what they do. They also make the client feel great, so think lovely and cool, darling! Customers are softies when it comes to these. You’ll see why once you try them!

Eye Extension Tape


Source : Pinterest

If gel pads aren’t your style, bind the lower lashes with a couple carefully positioned strips of medical tape. This isn’t the most pleasant experience for the customer, but it is the most cost-effective alternative for you. Basically, everything comes down to choices!

9.Primers and Removers


Source : Pinterest

These two items are required in each and every lash professional’s eyelash extension kit. They’re eyelash extension instruments for survival. Don’t leave home without these!



Source : Pinterest

This tiny baby will clean any debris or oils from your natural lashes before you apply mascara. This must-have item has a significant impact on customer retention. We can’t regulate every facet of retention, but we can employ priming to help. Are you, such as us, a regulating freak? Life is difficult, to say the least! To manage your behaviour, try Tlp’s Lash Extension Primer!

Eyelash Extension Adhesive Remover


Source : Pinterest

What do you do if a customer comes in with poor lash work? Get rid of them! What should you do if a customer develops an allergic reaction? Get rid of them! You rarely know what can happen, so be cautious and keep a gentle remover in your lash collection. Prepare yourself! You’ll be able to thank us later! Get this mild Lash Extension Remover to keep yourself safe.

10.Lash Adhesive


Source : Pinterest

Lash glue is a type of lash adhesive. It’s exactly the same, bummer!. People simply want to be more formal and use a larger term. People such as ourselves and, well, everyone else in our field! It doesn’t make a difference whether you name it adhesive or glue; what matters is that you use a decent one. We have  deconstructed adhesive, commonly known as glue, so you can better familiarize yourself with it and select the best option for you and your customers.

Types of Eyelash Extension Adhesive

Black Eyelash Extension Adhesive


Source : Pinterest

This is the most prevalent lash glue. Carbon black, which turns the glue black, is found in nearly every lash adhesive component list. What’s the deal with the majority of them being black? Because the preponderance of your customers will be getting black eyelash extensions, a black adhesive will work superbly. Basically, match glue and lashes!

Clear Eyelash Extension Adhesive


Source : Pinterest

Though several lash technicians or professionals don’t use clear lash glue as often as black lash glue, having clear adhesive in your eyelash extensions supplies is a good idea. Be ready with your lashes!

Clear eyelash adhesive is the way to go for individuals who desire brown or coloured eyelash extensions! A flawless adhesion connecting the extension and the native lash can be achieved with clear eyelash extension adhesive. It’s also possible that the carbon black is to blame if your customer has had an allergic response to the black lash glue. 

Because -fully-black lash adhesives contain carbon black, transparent eyelash adhesive may be the best alternative for them. In any case, it’s worthwhile to go!

Drying Duration for Drying of Lash Adhesive

Fast Drying Adhesive


Source : Unsplash

A quick-drying eyelash extension adhesive is a Lash Expert’s favourite! We’re fans of lash glue that dries in 2 seconds or less. We have the ability to work quickly. But never use it unless you’re a skilled lash master. Simply say no! You simply wouldn’t be able to glue the extension or extensions to the natural lash quickly enough. You’ll end up with poor retention, which indicates you’ll have a lot of unhappy customers.   

Moreover, bear in mind that if you’re lashing in a low-humidity environment, your fast-drying lash adhesive will dry incredibly quickly. Perhaps even too quickly. If that’s the case try a moderate drying time lash adhesive. We’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves!

Medium Drying adhesive


Source : Unsplash

We like medium-drying lash adhesive since our favourite fast-drying glue occasionally dries too quickly. Medium-drying lash glue is ideal for lash artists who are still perfecting their techniques.

Slow Drying Adhesive


Source : Unsplash

In our eyelash extension supplies, we all require a slow-drying adhesive. This because? Since slow-drying adhesive has less compounds that trigger allergic reactions. A sensitive glue is one that takes a long time to dry. And, believe it or not, we all have a couple sensitive customers, in more aspects than one, right?! We don’t pass judgment!

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    Eyelash Extension supplies are essential for every artist. At Starseed Makeup, we care about the quality of work you deliver to your customers. That’s why we deliver nothing short of quality extension suppliers to our customers.Contactez nous for more. Bets of luck!

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