Eyelash Extension Style

Beautiful eyes will contribute largely to your overall look. There are various ways you can define your eyes using makeup. For instance using eyeliner, mascara, and a primer. Most women are shifting to long-lasting options of making up their eyes like microblading and using eyelash extensions. 

Eyelash extensions are of different types, thicknesses, types, styles, curl, and lengths. Different lash extensions will suit different eye shapes. Knowing the right lash extensions for your eyes can be a bit challenging. This article will guide you on how to choose the correct lashes for yourself or your clients.

Eyelash Extensions Style Chart


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This is a chart that is used to guide people on which extensions de cils are suitable for them. The chart focuses on lash extension curls, thickness, length, and type. This chart is usually shown to clients for them to choose the lash extensions specifications that are available. The eyelash extension chart takes care of all kinds of clients whether they have short, thin, long, or even what is considered as excess natural eyelashes. A proper eyelash style chart should be simple but effective.

Eyelash Extension Size Guide


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The size of your lash extensions will be determined by their thickness, length, and weight. Let us go through those three aspects one after the other.

Lash Thickness


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Eyelash extensions are manufactured with different diameters to serve different purposes. Lash extensions that have a thickness of above 0.20mm are considered too much for anyone’s natural eyelashes to handle. The thickness of 0.15mm and below is safe for most people’s natural eyelashes. 0.15mm is common for classic eyelashes, 0.10mm on fine lashes, 0.07mm, 0.06mm, and 0.05mm thickness in the case of volume lashes.

 The number of lash extensions that should be used in clients will vary depending on the thickness of their natural eyelashes. In case you are not sure about the thickness of your natural eyelashes, compare them to the thickness of your eyelash extensions which are always labeled. That information will give you a rough diameter of your natural eyelashes. Always consider the design and condition of your natural eyelashes before deciding on the appropriate thickness of the lash extensions to use. 

Knowing the diameter of your natural eyelashes will help you to know the weight of lash extensions that your natural eyelashes can handle. Also note that, as you age your natural eyelashes grow thinner and thinner. Individuals who are 50 years old and above have thinner lashes than those younger than them. Asia’s natural eyelashes are also thinner than other ethnicities. Such individuals are advised to use eyelash extensions of diameter 0.10 to 0.15mm while those with strong natural eyelashes can use lash extensions of diameter 0.15 to 0.20mm.

How Lash Thickness Creates Specific Looks.
  • 0.25mm classic look. Classic eyelash extensions of this thickness create a look that is alluring even though it might be too heavy for a lot of people’s natural eyelashes.
  • 0.20 mm classic look. Classic eyelash extensions of this thickness are perfect for individuals with natural eyelashes that are healthy and thick. They are the second most common thickness for classic extensions.
  • 0.18mm classic look. Extensions de cils classiques of this thickness create a look that is a little bit bolder than the lash extensions of 0.15mm thick.
  • 0.15mm classic look. Classic eyelash extensions of this thickness are the commonest. They create a naturally thick look.
  • 0.12mm classic look. Classic eyelash extensions of this thickness are used on individuals with natural lashes that are thinner. They create a softer look than the 0.15mm thickness classic eyelashes.
  • 0.10mm Russian volume and classic look. Lash extensions of this thickness are used on volume 2D to 3D or as classic 1D on natural eyelashes that are very fine.
  • 0.07mm Russian volume look. Lash extensions of this thickness are used for 5D.
  • 0.06mm Russian volume look. Lash extensions of this thickness are used for 5D.
  • 0.05mm mega volume look. Lash extensions of this thickness are used for 6D.
  • 0.03mm mega volume look. Lash extensions of this thickness are used for up to 20D.

The Volume Of Lash Extensions


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Classic lash means that one eyelash extension is to be fixed on one natural eyelash, in other words, one to one ratio. 2D on the other hand means that two lash extensions are to be fixed on one natural eyelash, 3D means that their lash extensions are to be fixed on one natural eyelash, the list goes on. From 3D onwards they will fall under the category of Russian volume. Letter D in this case stands for dimensions.

Classic lashes are the most natural lash extensions, from 2D onwards more depth is added to the eyes and the eyelashes stop looking natural.  More than 3D should not be used on first-timers and more than 5D should not be recommended for people from the Asian ethnicity. They have thin natural eyelashes which will easily fall off when the lash extensions applied on them are heavier than expected.

The Weight Of Lash Extensions


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Trying to weigh an eyelash is next to impossible. They are very tiny parts of the body. This makes it difficult to choose the correct eyelash extensions for yourself or your client based on their weight. Volume lash extensions should be created with the correct measurements in mind for them to fit the user perfectly. Let us examine in detail how the lash extension diameter can create cils volumineux effectively. We will also look at how the same diameter will help in figuring out whether you are eligible for volume lash application or not.

 The higher the diameter of the lash extension, the heavier and thicker an extension is. There are fan conversion calculators that can help when calculating the weight of volume lashes. The calculator will show if your volume fan is equal to the weight of a certain classic width of a lash extension.

Importance Of Eyelash Extension Weight
  • Applying too heavy or thick lash extensions is not healthy for natural eyelashes. In cases where the eyelash extension has a greater diameter than the natural eyelashes, there won’t be enough attachment area for the lash extensions. This means that the lash extensions may hang and the result will be the natural eyelashes not being able to withstand the weight. They will end up falling off.
  • Lash Extensions that weigh more than expected will end up hanging instead of curling. This will create an ugly look rather than the intended attractive appearance.
  • Lash Extensions that are too heavy for the natural eyelashes may lead to downward growth of the natural eyelashes.
  • Application of lash extensions that are heavier than the natural eyelashes may make the lash extensions tangle continuously. That creates an extra task of detangling them on a daily basis.
  • Very thick lash extensions will weaken the natural eyelashes and that may lead to permanent hair loss.

Generally, understanding how to calculate the weight of lash extensions is important when trying to rule out the best lash extension for specific natural eyelashes. That will save you from damaging your natural eyelashes and give you a glamorous look. Graine d'étoile offers the best lash tools that will help you to achieve that look you have been desiring.

How To Calculate The Volume And Weight Of Lash Extensions.

The D that is used in describing lash extensions stands for dimensions. The letter describes the number of eyelash extensions strands that were used for one volume fan (the number of eyelash extension strands that should be fixed on one natural eyelash). In order to calculate the correct volume fan size, you need to understand the thickness by weight relation of lash extensions. For instance, if 0.15mm is the strand thickness to be applied on one natural eyelash, lash extensions that are 0.03 mm can be used safely as a 20D volume fan. 

You may be tempted to assume that two lash extensions of 0.10mm are equal to one lash of 0.20mm. That is not right. Placing two lash extensions of 0.10mm next to each other leaves a lot of spaces between them compared to placing one 0.20mm lash extension. The air between the two 0.10mm lash extensions weighs nothing. That makes two lash extensions of 0.10mm lighter than one 0.20mm lash extension. 

For instance in the case where 0.10mm of lash mink weighs 0.09g, while 0.20mm of the same mink lash weighs 0.34g. It is better to use up to four pieces of 0.10mm mink lashes as opposed to one 0.20mm mink lash.

Lash Extension Length


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There are more than enough lash lengths one can choose from. They range from 8-15mm. The volume of such lengths will vary, depending on where you buy them. But generally lash extension length is standard everywhere. The length of lash extensions offers different ways to experiment with lash extension styles. Lash extension lengths can either be short, medium, long, or very long.

  • Short lash extensions. They range between 8-9mm. This length of lashes is very natural and mostly applied in the inner corner of the eyes.
  • Medium lash extensions. This type of lashes range between 10-12mm. They create a natural mascara look.
  • Long lash extensions. This type of lashes range between 13-14mm. They create an oomph! look.
  • Very long lash extensions. This type of lash extension ranges from 15mm and above. They create a dramatic look.

Depending on your eyes, the length discussed above will either look shorter or longer than they may look on others who have the same length of lash extensions applied on them. So don’t compare your look with others, everyone will have their own special look. Some people prefer mixing longer lash extension lengths from 14mm or even longer than that to create a volume lash. Always choose a length that is not more than 2-3mm longer than your natural eyelashes.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Your Lash Extension Length
  • Your taste and preference. Do you prefer a natural, flirty, professional, or dramatic lash extension length? The length of lash extensions that you apply reflects a lot about you. Your preference may also be influenced by the kind of occasions you are going to.
  • The length of your natural eyelashes. How long your natural eyelashes are will determine the length of lash extensions that is safe for you. Anyone with a natural lash length that is long may go for lash extensions of 12 or even 13mm if they want a natural look. Those with shorter natural eyelashes may opt for lash extensions of 10 or 11mm if they want a natural look. Always consider the length of your natural eyelashes before choosing the appropriate lash extensions for your eyes.
  • The amount of weight your natural eyelashes can handle. Long and dramatic lash extensions are very beautiful, but can your natural eyelashes sustain their weight? The well-being of your natural eyelashes should always come first. Very long eyelash extensions are definitely heavier than medium and short lash extensions. If your natural eyelashes carry more weight than they can handle, they will end up falling off or even causing permanent hair loss.
  • The shape of your eyes. People have different shapes and sizes of eyes. Different lengths of lash extensions will look differently on every eye shape. For instance, individuals with deep-set eyes should go for longer lash extensions than people with prominent eyes. This is because the lash extensions of people with deep-set eyes need to go a little bit deeper from the surface of their roots in order to be seen. The same applies to people with monolid and hooded eyes. Those individuals with prominent eyes can go for shorter and flattened lash extensions because their eyes are protruding.

In case you are not sure about your natural eye shape or length, you can always consult a lash technician around you. Lash professionals can suggest a flattening length of lash extensions that you can comfortably use.

Eyelash Extension Types

Classic Eyelash Extension


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Classic lash extensions are the original style that has been prioritized recently by most lash extension users who want more natural, but noticeable lashes. These types of lash extensions provide the user with length, curl, and darkness. Classic lash extensions are recommended for users who have a full natural lash line and are lacking length, curl, and darkness. 

Another added advantage with classic lash extensions is the fact that they are effortless and natural giving you an ultimate mascara look. The process involving classic lash extensions requires the application of one single extension to a natural eyelash without touching the skin. 

Clean natural lashes that are made up free is where it starts from before application of classic lash extension. the whole process will only take you 2 hours then you get out with an attractive look that everyone would wish to have.

Advantages Of Classic Eyelash Extensions
  • They are natural
  • They offer the best curl
  • They offer users a freshly applied mascara look
  • Timesavers. They save you time on the morning daily routine
  • They highlight and integrate your eye shape
  • They can be customized to your taste and preference.

Hybrid Eyelash Extension


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Hybrid lashes are a mixture of classic and Volume that gives it a slightly fuller look than the classic eyelash extension. This unique blend provides a great look for extension users who don’t prefer full Volume lash extensions but prefer to have fuller lashes than the classic one. 

The process is also so simple, a volume lashes being applied to a single natural lash but not as much as the volume lashes. coming for the appointment with makeup-free lashes is all you are required of. After 2 hours the process is done and you are now left to show off your eye-catching look.

Advantages Of Hybrid Eyelash Extensions
  • They add texture to your lashes
  • They are a mix of classic and Volume resulting in a perfect blend
  • They have a perfect Curl
  • They add light fullness and a darker lash line that brightens your look
  • They save you time on the morning routine since you always look ready to go
  • They are completely customizable, this will give you a chance to have lashes of your taste

Volume Eyelash Extension


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A set of volume lashes will get you a full look. These volume lashes have a feathery and full appearance. Depending on your taste, they fit in well for eyes with inadequate natural lashes or for users who desire to change up their appearance. Volume lashes can also be light and feathery or more dramatic. The process of applying volume lashes involves fitting multiple lashes to a single natural lash after you have makeup-free lashes.

Advantages Of Volume Eyelash Extensions
  • They have a full lash line
  • They are Soft and tender lashes
  • They can also be tailored to your preference.
  • They darken the lash line giving it a blending look with your lashes
  • They save time and you look ready from the moment you wake up

Mega Volume Eyelash Extension


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Mega Volume is the most dramatic and the thickest set of eyelashes available currently. This will give you the ultimate full lash line. This involves attaching multiple lashes than in volume extensions to a single natural lash without touching the skin of the user. All this can only be done when you are done cleaning your lashes to be makeup-free. applying this type of lash extension takes a little bit longer than others, normally 2.5 hours.

Advantages Of Volume Eyelash Extensions
  • They are extremely full, giving you the best look you would wish to have
  • They give the most darkness hence attracting the most attention
  • They are the thickest set available
  • They are completely tailored to your preference
  • They highlight and integrate your eye shape

Tableau de courbure des extensions de cils


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One of the driving factors that give eyelash extensions an upper hand is that they have various curls to pick from. At times, the number of eyelash extension curls can be a little bit complex and outlining the technical differences between each eyelash extension curl can take most of your appointment time. Today, you will have a vivid explanation about all types of curls and definitely, you will decide on the best curl to fit you.

C Curl Eyelash Extensions


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The C curl is the most popular and used eyelash extension curl with the broadest variety of uses. Also, the C curl is a great pick for a good number of eye shapes. C curl is also said to have a more magnified curl than a B curl with more of a ‘flick’ at the end of the lash, making the eyes look brighter and more alert. 

Depending on the length and thickness, C curls can as well be styled to give you that natural look or more dramatic depending on your specifications. You might be new in eyelash extension experience and you are not sure about the look you want, a C curl is the best choice for you to start from. The C curl is ideal for opening up your eyes and at the same time, you are keeping them natural.

D Curl Eyelash Extensions


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D curl is a very dramatic choice, the D curl relates to almost the shape of a half-moon. These types of curls are ideal for users who are looking for a Kardashian-Esque thick lash look since they make the eyes pop!  The drama part of D curl is that they are hard to retain because of their semi-circular shape, there is less extension for the natural lash to hold on to. 

These curl types are not recommended for users with naturally large eyes since they can make them look very shocked. users with hooded eyes are also not recommended to pick on D curls since most of them will regularly touch their eyelids and cause irritation. D curl is recommended for users who want their eyes to look open. This type of curl will not last as long as the C curl due to its extreme shape.

J Curl Eyelash Extensions


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Apart from I curl lashes which are generally preferred by most men that desire more added volume of lash without any curl, J curl lashes are also the straightest lash style in the chart. J curl mimics the slight bend in most people’s natural eyelashes, meaning they are preferred for creating a very natural appearance. 

They are not just much curl, they still add plenty of gorgeous length and volume to your lashes. J curl is recommended for users with naturally straight or upward-pointing lashes. Users with downward-pointing lashes are not advised to use J curl since they will make your eyelids look a little bit heavier and your eyes look smaller.

L Curl Eyelash Extensions


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L curl lashes are also referred to as Barbie curls. L curl takes a slightly different shape unlike all eyelash curl types discussed above. L curl lashes start with a horizontal shape and then curve sharply going upwards. They are like a small C or D curve with a horizontal base. They are definitely a better choice to provide you with the best look, wide-eyed look, unlike other lash curls that are too irritating for the user. 

L curl is ideal for monolid eyes, on hooded eyes they get that C or D curl look. Also, they work well with deep-set eyes but with less risk of the lashes jabbing into your eyelid. You should avoid using L curls if you have eyelashes pointing downwards.

B Curl Eyelash Extensions


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This is one of the most natural eyelash extension curls available at Starseed. B curl has a relatively straight base and the curl is continuous, lightly opening up the eye with a little lift. B curls are ideal for eyelash extension users searching for a very natural look. 

These types of curls are not recommended for users with straight or natural lashes that slope downwards since their gentle curl can end up dragging down the lashes. In case you like your curl to mimic your natural lashes the best option would be the B curl for any client.

U Curl Eyelash Extensions


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U curl lash extensions are also known as the dd curl. These types of lash extensions got their name as U curl lash from their general appearance. They have a 180° curve which gives them the letter U as their name suggests. Am sure you can not mistake these types of lashes with natural eyelashes. When you fix them on, your eyes will have a bright appearance and give you a doll-like look. Am sure you will fall in love with that look yourself.

U curl lash extensions are highly recommended for clients with straight and downward pointing natural eyelashes. They will also give you that magnificent look if your eyes are monolid. U curl lash extensions are not ideal for people with deep-set, hooded, and droopy eyes. These types of lash extensions might cause irritation since the lashes hit around the eyelid area. 

CC-Curl Eyelash Extensions


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After reading the name CC curl lash extension I am sure you already have a clue on how they are shaped. They are definitely taking the C shape as the name suggests. They have a base similar to that of a c-curl lash extension which is short and straight but has a more curved tip at the end. D curls lash extensions are more curled than these CC curl lash extensions. They are preferred mostly during volume applications.

You might be preferring lash extensions that open up your eyes. Definitely, the CC curl lash extension will be the ideal solution for your specification. These lashes will give you the best look and every lash user would want to have. Always go for cc-curl lashes that face downward to offer you a fresh and magnificent look. CC curl extensions are ideal for clients who would wish to have a volume of their lashes.

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LC-Curl Eyelash Extensions


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LC Curl Eyelash Extensions is a type of lash extension with a straight base almost similar to L-curl lash extensions but they have a slight curve just like the C-curl at their tip. They are somehow a combination of L-curl and C-curl lash extensions. Its features like the flat base and perfect curve from the middle provide the clients with an eye-catching look, and in the process, it also opens up their eyes. 

LC curl eyelash extensions are ideal for users with arrow-straight natural eyelashes that are facing downwards. LC curls are best known for providing a unique and natural look and a dramatic effect. Go for this type of lash curls if you desire to create any volume look. LC curl eyelash extensions provide a variety of lashes to give users a chance to pick from.

LD-Curl Eyelash Extensions


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The LD-curl lash extensions are also christened as L+ curls. Just like in the case of L curl eyelash extensions they also have a flat base with a curled tip from the middle part of the eyelash extension. Users who try out these types of lashes which are flat always look so perfect and attractive. 

They are also ideal and suit users with natural lashes that grow downwards. LD- curl lash extensions have a similar effect to the one eyelash curler gives out. They offer the eyes a good look and attract the most attention when fit on well since they make eyes look wider and attractive.

Eyelash Extension Styles


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Everyone has a unique taste in almost everything. Even in your wardrobe, you must have two or three outfits that you love the most since they bring out your beauty perfectly.  Eyelash extensions are also part of the deal. There are different styles of eyelash extensions that you can pick from and be part of your favorite attires in the wardrobe. 

You still cannot pick your right lash extension? That should not worry you, lash artists will help you pick one that fits you perfectly. Below are different types of Eyelash extensions styles. keep reading.

Cat Eyes


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Just like the name suggests, cat eyelash extensions are an eyelash with extensions towards the eyes’ outside edges. This style will give your eyes a naturally long look. Am sure you have seen them in magazines this shows how much they are in high demand. 

They also have a variety of styles that can suit any user, reach out to your expert and more assistants will be given. The cat-eye style is ideal for users with round and close-set eyes. They work best with classic lashes and are not recommended for users with wide-set eyes. The cat-eye style is also best for users with “lifting” downward turned eyes.

Doll Eyes


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Doll eye is an eyelash extension style that creates a wow appearance. They are not profound but they will still keep your eyes lighter and relaxed. The Doll Eyelash extension style gives the delusion that you have shorter and longer lashes throughout and naturally curled and upward. 

These types of lash extensions are recommended and ideal for a broad set or downturned eyes. Doll eyelash extension uses either volume or hybrid type of lash extension, with a bit longer lashes in the middle of the eyelash instead of the corners

Staggering Eyes


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Unlike the cat or doll extension styles, the staggered extension styles are just a combination of long and short eyelashes mixed throughout. This style is ideal for those users with plenty of natural lashes and is the best choice for a full appearance. This type of extension style does not work perfectly with classic or hybrid lashes.

Natural Eyes

natural eyes

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These types of eyelash extensions will have your great attention in the crowd yet looking natural. These extension styles go well with cils classiques since the hybrid and volume lashes are too thick. So as to maintain your natural eyelash pattern, most of the extensions are placed in the middle. Now that you desire a natural look, the natural eyelash extension style is ideal for any eye shape. This means whether blonde or wooded, this style will come out perfectly.

Colored Eye


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The colored look might be what you desire, no problem. You can still get any of the above styles with your preferred colored lash extensions. This style of eyelash extension will open up your eyes to a whole new world. you can as well go for a profound hint of color, you can also mix colored lashes with your natural eyelashes. 

Those who prefer a dramatic look,  go for a full set of colored extensions. You can as well go for a rainbow effect, mixing a multitude of colors will attract the most attention for sure.

    Créez votre entreprise de fabrication de cils


    After reading this article I am sure you have a clue about eyelash extensions. If you were planning to start fixing extensions you now have a starting point. But before you start all that make sure you do it with quality eyelash extensions. Go for accredited manufactures and suppliers of eyelash extensions, by doing that you are assured of quality. For more information concerning eyelash extensions style, types, curls, and sizes nous contacter.

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