Guide du débutant pour l'application de cils en bandes

Have you ever wanted to try on comfortable and fashionable lashes for a night out? Strip lashes are the right answer for that. Easy to use and providing a dramatic effect, strip lashes give quite an impression when on display.

Even when they are easy to put on, you might want to know how to best prepare yourself. If you want to glam up with your choice of strip lashes, learn how strip lashes can work perfectly for you.

Qu'est-ce qu'un cil en bande ?

Strip lashes are pre-made and kept together on a lash band that easily sticks to your skin. Made with synthetic or mink hairs and a comfortable lash band, strip lashes do no harm to your skin. They can be reapplied any time and are easy to wear due to how smoothly you can remove them. 

Along with being easy to modify and use, strip lashes are also affordable options. As they are made to last multiple uses, strip lashes can save you much money that is better served elsewhere. You can pick them up in drug and grocery stores, making them easy to access and purchase on the go.

4 Easy Steps on How to Apply Strip Lashes Properly

There are many ways to put on strip lashes. You can trim the strips and place them on specific lash areas, such as through a “lash by lash” method. Here, we want to look at a simple, efficient way to bring out the most beauty from your strip lashes. Strip lashes are handy to bring around for any occasion. Putting them on is quite easy as it takes only a few minutes. 

With that being said, there are a few steps to take to give you a more complete experience with strip lashes. 

Step1: Matching Your Lashes With Your Eye Type

Before putting on your lashes, make sure your fake lashes are the right fit for your eyes. Every eye comes with a unique shape and this is a serious consideration for choosing a type of eyelash. 

What makes strip lashes great is that they can be modified to suit your particular eye shape. Whether you have round, almond, hooded or monolid eyes, you can select how you want your strip lashes to look. This way, your lashes can highlight your eyes and make them stand out anywhere.

Step 2: Preparation

You will need to bring out some tools for the job at hand. First, you need to prepare your pair of lashes and mascara, as well as tweezers to remove your lashes. Then, find a place with good lighting and a small, handheld mirror to help you with preparations. Bring out a pair of clean scissors in case you need to trim excess lashes. Make sure your tools are clean so as to prevent bacteria from coming in.

Once you have your tools, measure the strip lash to your eyelid to see if it fits your eye shape. If it can match with your natural lash line, then you are all set. When you find that the lash is longer than your lash line, trim across the strip until they are within the right size. Once your lash is matched, wrap it around your finger to soften and shape the strip. If you have worn the lash before, clean out any old adhesive so that new glue can be applied.

Step 3: Securing and Applying Lashes

Before putting on your lashes, you can apply some eye makeup if you want to spice up your look. We recommend applying some mascara or eye shadow on top of your natural lashes to make it easier to attach your fake lashes.

Next, put on a dot of eyelash glue on the strip and distribute evenly, preferably with a toothpick or cotton swab for ease. Wait for 30 seconds for it to get tacky. Do not blow on the lash strip, as it might bring in bacteria and make the glue dry too fast.

Once that is done, position the strip along your lash line and make sure your eyes are wide open when you do this. With one hand, hold down your lid as the other hand presses the strip to the base of your natural lashes. Repeat this process with the other strip and check on the mirror to see if the positioning of both strips is symmetrically aligned.

Step 4: Taking Care of Your Strip Lashes

When you have finished using your lashes, you can remove them carefully and store them in a container for future use. To keep the curved shape of the strips intact, place them around the curved forms in the box. Close the lid and keep the box somewhere cool and free from dust or moisture. With proper care, your lashes can be used up to 20 more times. If they are beginning to deteriorate or lose shape, throw them out and replace them with a new pair of fake lashes.

For easier use in the future, you will also have to clean out any residue left on your lash band. This will prevent any further bacteria from building up. Use a gentle and safe eye makeup remover, which you can pour on a cotton bud tip. Swipe the lash band gently to ensure they are free of any adhesive, makeup, and other residues. Let the solution dry for a while. The procedure also helps prolong the lifespan of your strip lashes.

How to Remove Strip Lashes The Right Way

When you are done for the day, you will need to remove your strip lashes carefully. Here are the steps:

  1. First, dab a cotton swab with a solution, preferably coconut or almond oil, to loosen the adhesive on the strip. This will help make lash removal more gentle while keeping your skin safe. 
  2. Wait for a minute to let the solution run its course and get rid of the sticky adhesive.
  3. With a pair of tweezers, grasp your strip lashes carefully and pull gently. Do not rip each lash out quickly or they might break. 
  4. You can dab more solution or some water if removing the strip becomes difficult or irritating.

Safety Tips

At every step of the process, always clean your hands properly. You will thank yourself for this as you can actively prevent the buildup of bacteria and other harmful pathogens. 

Always make sure that your hands are washed thoroughly before and after handling false eyelashes. It is important not to get any bacteria in or around the eyes. The same rule should apply to any tools before and after lash application.

Other Precautions

Keep in mind that there will still be some dried adhesive residue once you have removed and cleaned your lashes. Check them before you store them and wipe out any excess glue with a clean finger or cotton swab.

For smaller, hard-to-reach spots, you will need some thin tweezers and a steady eye. Hold the lash carefully with an applicator. With your free hand, take the tweezers to carefully pick out the dried adhesive. Take your time with this until no residue is left on the lash band. Once the strips are clean, you can put them in your box for safekeeping. 

Give StarSeed’s Strips a Try

To be the life of the party, you would need the right strip lashes that are easy to wear anywhere. Grab a pair of StarSeed’s natural-looking strip lashes. Coming with a strip band made of cotton, these luscious lashes are beginner and skin-friendly all at once. They can be attached quickly and stay put on your lash line without irritating your skin. Through careful design, they are conveniently curved and shaped, ready for use.

Makeup artists like StarSeed’s line of strip lashes due to their diverse styles and easy custom options. Yes, with StarSeed, you can have fun with your fake lashes, choosing different volumes, lengths, and curls to make your eyes stand out. Find out more about how you can redefine your eye makeup style by trying out their latest selections.

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