Eyelash Shedding: How’s the
Eyelash Growth Cycle?

The human body undergoes different stages of development during a person’s life span. Different anatomies have different growth rates and each and everyone follows its own schedule. You will notice parents comparing their kids to others during their growth spurts and this should not be the case. These growth cycles include human hair too. 

Hair plays a vital role in our appearance and also aids in the transmission of sensory information. In the past hair was a major aspect used in gender identification but this is changing in the present times as the world is changing and we are experiencing more open-mindedness. It undergoes different stages from the beginning of growth to shedding out years later. Eyelashes undergo these stages too and we are going to look at the different phases of eyelash growth.

Eyelash Growth Cycle


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Eyelashes play a very important function in protecting our eyes. Without them, the eyes would be constantly exposed to harmful components such as dust, smoke. Eyelashes grow from hair follicles. Follicles are where hair grows from. Hair follicles are usually very painful especially when there is pulling and this is because they are fed by blood vessels underneath them. The blood vessels provide nourishment for the hair to grow. Hair follicles have to be properly cared for in order to achieve healthy hair growth. There are different phases of eyelash growth which include:

  • Anagen: This is the actual growth phase. This stage lasts 30-45 days and the lashes will only grow to a certain length. A single eyelash typically grows between 0.12-0.14mm a day.
  • Catagen phase: This is when the lashes stop growing and basically won’t start growing until the end of the stage. If you pull an eyelash at this stage you will have to live without it for around 2-3 weeks which is the duration of this phase.
  • Telogen stage: This is also known as the resting phase. It is the longest stage of the eyelash growth cycle and lasts up to 14 weeks or even more. The lash finally falls off at this stage and takes 4-8 weeks then a new one begins to grow.

Factors that affect Eyelash growth


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As much as eyelashes pretty much undergo the same growth cycle, you will notice that they don’t appear the same. Some lashes are long, others short. There are also curly and straight lashes. Apart from the size and shape, there is also the aspect of health in eyelashes. Some lashes appear frail while some look extremely healthy and strong. There are factors that lead to such differences in the appearance of eyelashes.

  • Age: This is a major reason for different changes in the human body. Eyelash growth cannot be excluded from these categories. As we age lashes get thinner and thinner and this should not be a major cause of alarm. You can always consult your beautician who will advise you on different ways to enhance your lashes which include the use of les extensions de cils.
  • Heredity: Some people are born with long eyelash genetics. Their lashes tend to grow to full-lengths and this is an advantage since they might need any enhancement even in old age. Others have shorter and scarce lashes and might also be a result of their genetics. Genetics can also cause one to have an extra row of lashes, known as double rows of lashes. These types of lashes can be very beautiful and can also irritate the eyes since the bottom row is usually on the waterline of the eye. However, this is not a common trait in most people.
  • Ethnicity: You will notice that different individuals from different races have different types of lashes. Straight lashes are more common in Asian people compared to other ethnic groups.
  • Medical conditions: Some conditions cause slow hair growth such as alopecia areata. This sudden loss of hair usually starts with one bald spot and eventually leads to complete baldness. It usually occurs when the immune system attacks hair follicles. A major cause of alopecia is extreme stress. Eyelashes are also affected by this and in such cases, it is advisable to go for eyelash extensions as there is no cure for this condition.
  • Sex: Studies have shown that male hair grows faster than female hair. Lashes also grow differently in males and females. You will notice that men hardly go for any kind of procedures relating to eyelashes and their lashes usually appear thicker. This can also be due to the fact that they hardly use any products that may affect the growth of their eyelashes. 
  • Nutrition: Just like any other growth, a healthy diet is required. Hair growth depends a lot on this factor too. Eating a balanced meal with lots of water is important for healthy hair including long and full eyelashes.
  • Treatments: There are some treatments like chemotherapy for cancer patients that cause hair loss. This hair loss include eyelashes too. The good news is hair growth will begin within one to three months after the treatment is over.
  • Season: Eyelash growth is affected by different environmental factors such as the different seasons in a year. Lashes tend to grow and shed faster during warm seasons. We have seasonal lash shedding which is a major concern for most individuals.

Seasonal Lash Shedding

An average person sheds about five lashes in a single day. As we have seen, shedding an eyelash doesn’t mean it’s gone forever. This is more of a repeat process that happens over and over again. Most clients however express a lot of worry and concern during such occurrences which should not be the case. During such times you can opt to use false lashes or even extensions.

Human hair will always grow back after either cutting, shedding or plucking, unless there are underlying medical conditions like alopecia. You will notice that frequent shaving or waxing activates hair follicles and therefore even faster hair growth. 

  • The Autumn Lash Shed: Due to the drop in temperatures, we tend to shed more lashes than usual. This lash shed lasts about six weeks before everything goes back to normal so no need to worry. You will eventually get back your lashes.
  • Winter Lash Shed: During very cold seasons, our skin pores tend to get blocked due to the clogging of substances such as oil. Hair follicles also tend to block and this restricts hair growth. We also shed a lot of hair during this season, lashes included.

How to Activate Eyelash Growth


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You can just let your eyelashes take their course of growth without intervening in any way, or you can adopt some practices that can help in the growth of long, full, thick, and healthy eyelashes. It doesn’t hurt to do so, especially if you have the means and time to do so. There are different ways in which you can achieve this.

  • Use of Lash Enhancing Serum: This serum helps the eyelashes grow faster and also look very rejuvenated at all times. It is advisable to use this serum at least two times a day. You will see results from using the serum after about four months. Be careful on which type of serum you use in order to avoid the risk of affecting your eyes.
  • Combing of Lashes: This helps to avoid entanglement and it actually enhances the growth of the lashes too.
  • Moisturizing: You can do this using virgin coconut oil which is safe for your eyes and also promotes strength of the lashes.
  • Use of Mascara: It is important to note that mascara does not only thicken your brows but there are those that actually promote eyelash growth over a period of time.

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    Eyelashes are an essential part of our look. We have seen that just like any other organ growth in the human body, lashes also have a strict schedule that they adhere to. It is also important to note the various factors that inhibit or help the growth of lashes so as not to get too carried away trying to compare how different lashes appear. Some factors are out of our control while others are actually caused by our everyday practices. Not to forget that there are solutions for each and every individual who feels the need to enhance their eyelashes. There are companies that manufacture the best products for eyelashes.

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