Fan Eyelash Extensions: What is it?

Even with the pandemic in our midst, you want to dress up and look glamorous for a party or a gala attended by various celebrities from time to time. After being under lockdown, curfews, and other restrictions for a while now, you may be confused about which outfit suits you best. Additionally, you will need makeup to take your whole look to another level. For eye makeup, you can also include lashes.

Extensions de cils pré-pannées are a great choice for you since they come in varieties giving you options. You can get them from the right eyelash extension manufacturer who will deliver quality goods. Let’s discuss what fan eyelash extensions are so you can have a choice on that big day.

What are Fan Eyelash Extensions?

Fan Eyelash Extensions

Fan eyelash extensions are volume lashes that can be handmade or come as premade from a lash supplier. They are individual lash extensions put together with one base and applied on one individual natural lash. A lash technician creates premade lash fans with help from a machine. The process begins by laying strands on a surface, then using adhesive or heat to bond the bases of the strands. 

Common material applicable in making premade fan lash is usually PBT. After bonding, you design the lashes into curls of different designs, then use heat to preserve the curls. Finally, the attachment of the fans is done on a strip with other pre-made fans. Then you transport the fans to your clients for use in their salons or stores.

Handmade fans, also known as pro-made fans, are fan lash extensions that the stylist makes when the client is on set. The client comes and orders fan lashes, and then the stylists start making them. There is no use for machines in this process. You use adhesive to hold the strands together and then fanning according to what you prefer. There are two ways of bonding fans; glue bonded and heat bonded.

Although glue bonded fan extensions work just fine, the glue on the lash can cause allergies or become too heavy for the client’s natural lashes. Also, the chunk of glue that will be at the lash base may not be as appealing to the client. Heat bonded fan extensions are usually the popular choice. Heat bonded fans offer a great look without the bulkiness of glue. It is also easier for a stylist to use heat bonded premade fans regardless of their level of techniques. 

Moreover, it is simple to make curls and retain them with heat compared to glue. They have great retention of shape, adherence, and curls.

Differences between Handmade and Premade

Handmade vs. Premade Fans

There are differences between handmade and premade fan eyelash extensions; they are as follows;


Features Handmade lashes Glue-bonded premade lashes Heat-bonded premade lashes
Ease of application  difficult easy easy
Natural lashes damage No damage There is damage to natural lashes There is no damage or very little damage
Installation time About three hours Approximately two hours Approximately two hours
Material cost low Higher than handmade lashes Higher than handmade lashes
Lash quality Good quality depending on the stylist Good quality Very high quality 
Retention  Best retention Good retention Best retention

How to Choose Premade Lash Fans

Choosing Premade Eyelash Extensions

Making decisions about your appearance is always tricky since you want the best among so many options. With the different types d'extensions de cils, making a decision might become challenging. Choosing premade volumes lashes can also be challenging, but below is a simple guide to help you.

  • Natural style: when you want to use natural volume lashes, go for short stem lashes with 2D or 3D volume lashes. This option will seem natural since the lashes will not look bulky.
  • Fluffy look: for a fluffy look, go bigger with short stem lashes with 4D, 5D, or 6D lashes. The volume of these styles will create that fluffy look you want.
  • Dramatic look: if you are one for dramatic looks that stand out in a crowd, then 10D and 20D are the choices for you. These two lashes create a mega volume that will be thick, making them more noticeable.
  • Having an eyeliner effect: when you want an eyeliner effect, go for long stem 3D or 5D fan lashes. The long stem produces an eyeliner effect.
  • Feathery look: a feathery look is created by mixing short and long stem lashes with 5D volume. Blending different lengths brings out a more natural look.

Using Fan Lash Extensions:
Pros and Cons

Using Fan Eyelash Extensions

Premade fan eyelash extensions have several benefits and drawbacks. If you are not sure whether fan lash extensions are suitable for you or not, then read on as we discuss all their benefits and the challenges you will face when using them. They include;


  • Premade fan lashes are easy and fast to apply, meaning you will be saving a lot of time applying these lashes than other types of lash extensions. 
  • No formal training is needed since the premade lash is straightforward to apply.
  • Varieties in style: fan lash extensions offer a wide variety of styling options from a natural look, fluffy look, feathery look to a dramatic look. Depending on what you require, the lashes will offer that.
  • More booking for you: since the lashes require less application time, you can book more clients in a day and make more money.
  • ROI: your return on investments will be higher than expected due to factors like more bookings of clients, easy to make or order, offers a range of styles, and you avoid training expenses.

These lashes promote your business in general by building trust between you and your clients, leading to long-term relationships that might come in handy in the future.


When comparing premade lashes with handmade fan lashes, there are some disadvantages of using the premade lashes. They are;

  • The premade fan lashes are not versatile enough compared to handmade lashes.
  • It costs more to buy than to make fan lashes.
  • Premade fan lashes have a shorter retention rate compared to handmade ones.

Quick Tips for Using Fan Extensions

  • You should never apply one volume lash on several natural lashes; it should be in a ratio of one to one.
  • Avoid too much glue when using handmade fan extensions as it makes the lash too heavy and untidy.
  • Select the fans that suit your client in thickness and length. 

Reasons For Choosing Starseed
Fan Eyelash Extensions

Logo de Starseed

Starseed is a trusted and known eyelash extensions manufacturer dealing with several lash types. One of these lashes is the fan lash extensions. There are many suppliers of lashes globally, but before deciding who to settle for, inspect top brands and guarantee their products are updated. The reasons to choose Starseed as your pre-fanned lash supplier are:

  1. Customization: the company dedicates its time to work on products while putting the client in mind. Whichever design you are looking for, they’ve got you. We involve our clients in every procedure to ensure the product is what the clients requested.
  2. Ordering in bulk: we permit orders in bulk at very affordable prices. We also give discounts and other offers.
  3. High-quality products: our eyelash extensions have one of the best quality you can ever get having features like durability, proper curliness, length, and diameter are all optimum, giving consumers a gorgeous look when they put them on. We achieve this by using long-lasting premium materials and of great quality.
  4. Private label pre-fanned extensions: our services reach other businesses and retailers who want to operate under their lash brand. We come in and provide all the manufacturing techniques plus advanced skills in lash manufacturing. The only work remaining for you is the marketing which will not be as tough as expected because our products are known to be on-demand in the market.

Questions fréquemment posées

Are fan eyelash extensions safe for natural lashes?

Yes, fan lashes are completely safe for your natural lashes. The only time there will be damage on the lashes is when handling the lashes was not proper. Ensure you go to an experienced artist to fix the lashes for you to avoid issues like skin allergies due to too much glue or pulling of your natural lashes.

Why does my fan eyelash extension fall out?

Falling out of fan lash extensions is because of too much glue on the lashes, making them heavy and unable to attach well to the lashes. Use the appropriate amount of glue on your lashes to prevent this from happening.

Which type of lashes can you use for fan lashes?

You can use several types of lashes from fan lashes; however, mink lashes are usually the best due to their durable premium material.

Which is better between premade fan lashes and handmade?

Premade lashes are the better option since they are made by highly skilled personnel who also get help from the latest technology making the lashes very precise and durable.

Are premade eyelash extensions expensive?

Premade eyelashes are quite affordable depending on the volume of lashes you need; also, it is wise to go for an experienced company that will offer value for your money with their high-quality premade eyelash extensions.

    Créez votre entreprise de fabrication de cils


    Extensions de cils offer women a solution, especially those that have few brittle lashes. False eyelashes make the eyes pop, making them the center of attraction. It is essential to invest in the best products for your eyes. Fan eyelash extensions are one of the most helpful inventions in the beauty industry. The lashes offer different volumes depending on your preferences and occasion, from 2D to 20D, making your eyes look natural or dramatic.

    Partner with the most trusted eyelash suppliers like Starseed to get the latest products for your clients and continue boosting your business. Get in touch with us for more information.

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