How to Keep Eyelash Extensions

Extensions de cils

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Maintaining high hygiene standards is crucial for your well-being. Whether you are a beginner to eyelash extensions or not, make sure you are conversant with ways of keeping your extensions clean. When you are learning how to install eyelash extensions, know how to properly maintain them, as maintenance determines the longevity of your lashes by Including eyelash cleaning in your daily routine.

Furthermore, before buying eyelash extensions, do a background check on the fabricant de cils you wish to buy to guarantee that their products are per regulation bodies standards, especially in health.

Why Clean Your Eyelash Extensions?

Cleaning Eyelash Extensions

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Regardless of the type d'extension de cils you have, cleaning them has many benefits; they include;

For Longer Lasting Eyelash Extensions

Keeping your eyelash extensions clean helps make them more durable. Since eyelashes trap a lot of debris, they accumulate, making them heavy, weakening the glue. But if you maintain them well, this will not be a problem since cleaning clears away all this dirt. Moreover, when there is dirt on your extensions, the glue bonds with it, leaving the lashes with no adhesion to your natural lashes.

To Prevent Eye Infections

The build-up of debris on your eyes causes different kinds of infections, such as blepharitis. Blepharitis is the swelling of eyelids due to the clogging of oil glands. The oil gland is located on the eyes at the base where the eyelash is. The accumulated dirt blocks this gland leading to an inflammation of the eyelids. This condition causes a lot of damage to your lashes, both the natural and the extensions.

Blepharitis is characterized by redness of the eyes, swelling of eyelids, soreness, and the appearance of flakes that resemble dandruff. All this can be prevented by keeping your eyelash extensions clean.

To Avoid Allergic Reactions.

Since dirt and other substances are trapped by lashes, cleaning them keeps allergies at bay. Substances like pollen are common allergens, and if they remain trapped on your lashes, they cause more irritations and allergies.

To Prevent Mite Infestation

Although mites are naturally present on hair follicles in our bodies, too much of these mites cause infections and discomfort. Mites feed on dead skin; that is why you need to maintain hygiene to prevent their infestation. If your lashes are dirty, mites get more food, hence reproduce at a faster rate. Regular maintenance of eyelash extensions is vital in preventing this from happening.

To Save Money

Since having clean lashes makes them last longer, it saves salon expenses to have new lashes set in. The only time you will visit the salon is during infills, where it is inevitable for a few of the lashes to fall off. Also, medical bills are not a thing to joke about, and when your lashes are up to standard, you prevent many health issues that would have cost you a lot of money. The money can be directed to other essential things in your life.

Steps For Cleaning your
Extensions de cils

Downward Brushing of Lash Extensions

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Our natural eyelashes are meant to trap dust and other contaminants that may injure the eyes, and when extensions are installed, they enhance this function by trapping more debris. For this reason, eyelash extensions need to be clean daily. So, how do you keep eyelash extensions clean? There are several ways of cleaning extensions; they are as follows.

Remove the Makeup

It is not recommended to have too much makeup when you have eyelash extensions; however, if you do have makeup, ensure that you remove it with oil-free removers. Oil damages extensions by weakening the adhesive hence falling out prematurely. Do this in simple steps;

  • Splash some warm water on your eyes
  • Apply an oil-free makeup remover
  • Massage your eyelids gently 
  • Repeat these steps until all makeup is removed

Also, it is best to use a liquid/gel remover that contains soy proteins as they prevent drying of the skin.

Wash the Lash Extensions

Choose the products you will use to clean your lashes and ensure you have a good quality cleanser for the process. 

  1. Use a cleanser: put the cleanser on your palm and lather it with your finger or brush. Then, using a brush, gently apply the foam to your lashes until you feel they are clean. While doing this, brush in a downward movement. The best cleanser is a foaming face cleanser and if you cannot access it, choose a face soap. Some people use baby shampoo though it usually dries the skin, so use it with caution. 
  2. Wash with water: after the cleanser, use warm water to wash away the cleanser thoroughly. Remember to use the correct motion while doing this to avoid damaging the lashes. Then, clean the lash lines to remove any remaining dirt that may have stuck. If you are washing your extensions in the shower, avoid showerheads with high pressure.

Drying Eyelash Extensions

After washing and rising all the products used to clean the lashes, the next step is to dry them. You can dry them using a towel; just pat your eyes gently until all the water has dried up. You can also air dry if you are afraid of damaging the extensions. Additionally, a blow-dry is also an effective way of drying your lashes. Ensure the setting on the blow-dry is the coolest because heat also reduces the bonding strength of the glue.

Dry the lashes for a few seconds on every eye at an arm’s length. Although this method is effective, don’t use it often as it may cause fallouts in the long run. After completely drying the lashes, comb them using a mascara brush. During combing the lashes, you can style them using an eyelash wand in an upward movement.

Maintaining the Eyelash Extensions

Only cleaning lash extensions is not enough for their optimum health; you also need to maintain them. It may sound like a lot to do just for eyelashes, but if you want to enjoy all the glamour that comes with lash extensions, you have to pay the price. Here we have highlighted some tips that will help you keep your eyelashes in good condition.

  • Always sleep on a silk pillow to permit the lashes to glide rather than sticking with the fibers.
  • Do not use cotton pads while cleaning your lashes
  • Preferably, avoid putting on mascara and eyeliner
  • You can use products that coat your lashes for protection against dust and unnecessary moisture
  • You can clean your lashes two to three times a week, but if you use makeup daily, clean your lashes daily.
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes when you have extensions.
  • Before settling on an eyelash, request the company to send you a lash sample to assess its quality.
  • Use eyelash sealant to prolong the life of the adhesive.
  • Wait 48 hours after installation to start cleaning the eyelash extensions to give time for the glue to cure completely.

    Créez votre entreprise de fabrication de cils


    Several companies are entering the entreprise de cils as beauty has become a lucrative industry from beauty magazines, products, etc. Some of these companies may hurry to promote their brands; hence, they use sub-standard products that may affect your eyelash health. To avoid this, order your lashes from a trusted Fournisseur d'extensions de cils who has excellent reviews so that you remain with the job of only cleaning your lashes rather than treating conditions caused by faulty lashes.

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