Single Pair Magnetic Lashes

Your Single Pair Magnetic Eyelashes Vendor

If you like using false eyelashes but find the process of putting them on too tedious then you will definitely love magnetic eyelashes. You can wear these amazing eyelashes within a few seconds. What you basically do is to sandwich your real lash between two false eyelashes with magnetic strips and voila! You are ready for a grand night on the town.

Now, if you are looking for a reliable magnetic eyelashes manufacturer, you need look further than Starseed. We are long-time makers of all kinds of eyelashes, including both natural and synthetic varieties. We have been supplying eyelashes to many known cosmetic brands and B2B sellers from all over the world.

What are Magnetic Eyelashes?

These look like your typical false eyelashes, except that there are two pieces per eye and they have tiny magnets attached to the strip. In order to attach them, there is no need for glue or any other kind of adhesive. You simply place the two eyelashes over and under your natural lash and the magnets will snap together, keeping the two pieces in place with your real lash in the middle.

Advantage of Our Magnetic Eyelashes

The greatest advantage of magnetic eyelashes over the regular types is the convenience of putting them on. With regular lashes you need to apply the adhesive first, then attach the eyelash, and finally wait for a few minutes for the adhesive to dry. With magnetic eyelashes, you don’t need to put on adhesive and you don’t need to wait either. Just snap them on and you’re done. If they are not perfectly aligned, simply take them off and adjust.

Premium Materials of Magnetic Eyelashes

Magnetic eyelashes are typically made of real or synthetic mink fur. There are also some that are made of other materials but these are the most popular. Real mink eyelashes are very soft and luxurious as they are made of real fur from mink tail. However, they are quite expensive. Synthetic mink is the more economically viable option. It may just be a tad lower in quality than the genuine variety but the price difference is huge.

Regardless of the material of the actual lashes, though, the distinct component that all magnetic eyelashes have are the tiny magnets that are installed along the cotton band.

Benefits of Choosing Our Single Pair Magnetic Lashes

Magnetic eyelashes are available in different kinds and quantities of packaging. Some boxes contain just a single pair of eyelashes while others have two, three or more pairs. For those with multiple pairs, some of these include different styles for variety while others have just a singular style.

Of all these packaging options, the single pair magnetic eyelashes are the best sellers. Most people don’t really use falsies on a daily basis. These are only reserved for very special occasions so for most people, there is no need to buy more than one pair. Besides, magnetic eyelashes can be used more than once so even if you just have one set, it can last for a few uses.

If you are thinking of selling magnetic eyelashes as part of your brand, which is certainly a great decision, then you should stock up on the single pair boxes.

We’re The Right Magnetic Eyelashes Manufacturer

If you want to attract more customers and generate more sales, you should start by getting the best magnetic eyelashes manufacturer for your business needs. Starseed can give you a very high level of customization for your magnetic eyelashes. The packaging options we offer are diverse, and we can also modify these to meet your specific requirements.

Magnetic eyelash patrons range from theater actresses and movie stars to ordinary people who simply want to look great for a hot date or any special occasion. In order to meet their varying demands, you should have a wide range of eyelash styles to offer, and that is definitely what we can provide for you here at Starseed.