Top 5 des extensions de cils
suppliers In Australia

The beauty industry has dominated today’s world. Everyone wants to look gorgeous and feel good. Using eyelash extensions is one of the ideas that make one look attractive yet natural. Attaching them on the user’s natural lashes requires lash experts and proper tools. Myths are going around that they ruin the user’s natural lashes. If attached carefully by highly skilled professionals, they are very safe and healthy. 

Lash extensions vary in price depending on the type of material used. But one thing is for sure; quality should outweigh the cost. The prices at Starseed are generally affordable and fair. They are easy to maintain, economical, and time-intensive. They must be customized to suit customer’s tastes and preferences.

Eyelashes interact with an essential and sensitive part of our body, the eyes. In most cases, we wear these lashes for hours and even the whole day. Let us have a look at some of the best eyelash extensions suppliers in Australia.

Graine d'étoile

Logo de Starseed
  • Région : District de Haizhu, Guangzhou, Chine
  • Classification de l'entreprise : Fabricant, fournisseur et grossiste
  • Année de création : 2021
  • Principaux produits : Extension des cils

In 2021 Starseed was founded in Haizhu District, Guangzhou, China. It has been operating for over ten years before its establishment. It is well known to be one of the biggest manufacturers of eyelash extensions and supplies wholesalers at a friendly cost. À Starseed, they work with quality craftsmanship. This helps them to provide the best quality eyelashes to their customers.

Quality is vital in any business. Starseed works with the most strict quality assurance and standards company to make sure their brand is supplying the best eyelashes. Most companies manufacture eyelashes using low and cheap materials in a dirty environment, which is not the case in Starseed. They believe quality is established in a well-managed process and clean environment. 

You should not worry about quality. The integrated approach to quality concentrates on process monitoring and regular review of output by management across a range of quality criteria. They provide lashes with good quality and solutions that are profitable to low-high volume wholesale.  They have partnered with DHL and FedEx, which helps in shipping globally for 4 to 7 days. 


Logo Lashious
  • Lieu : Maylands, Australie occidentale
  • Type d'entreprise : Fournisseur et grossiste
  • Principaux produits : Extension des cils

Their quality lashes are made in South Korea by Korean government-approved manufacturing facilities and business registration. South Korea is where eyelash extension was perfected and recommended by many highly skilled lash professionals as producing quality products.

The output is then shipped to Lacious plants in Australia, where they supply wholesale to various clients. They also ship their products globally at an affordable price. 

We Lash

Logo We Lash
  • Région : Terrey Hills, Australie
  • Classification de l'entreprise : Fournisseur et grossiste
  • Principaux produits : Extension des cils

We lash, an Australian company owned and operated wholesaler of eyelash extension products and supplies located in Terrey Hills, Australia. They have experienced professionals who have been involved in the beauty field for many years. They only stock known brands from top-quality manufacturers that guarantee good quality products.

We Lash, don’t repackage or rebrand any of their products. They are aware that by offering exceptional service and the best products from around the globe, they will have a chance of being your partner in the beauty industry. The company takes all reasonable steps to secure any information they hold about you without disclosing it to a third party. Shipping is also done in a very professional manner globally.

Lash By Lash

Cil à cil
  • Region: Cochranes Road, Moorabbin, Australia
  • Classification de l'entreprise : Fournisseur et grossiste
  • Principaux produits : Extension des cils

Lash by Lash founder, Lor Nicol, found it wise to improve the product quality, affordability, and installation services of eyelash extensions supplies in the market. She further analyzed that the greatest need was combining quality with the value of eyelash products. Her great passion is all lash by lash required for its birth.

Apart from supplying the best high-quality lash in Australia, they also offer extensive and comprehensive virtual and face-to-face training. They provide lash technicians with skills and knowledge to enhance them to prosper in their eyelash extension careers. Their products can as well be shipped globally at a reasonable price.

Lash and Brow

Logo pour les cils et les sourcils
  • Région : Hollywood Ave, Bondi Junction, Sydney Australie
  • Classification de l'entreprise : Fournisseur et grossiste
  • Year of establishment: 2013: 
  • Principaux produits : Extension des cils

Lash and Brow are located in Hollywood Ave, Bondi Junction, Sydney, Australia. They are one of the most consistent in terms of quality services and incredible suppliers in Australia. The company was founded in 2013 and had been focusing on customers’ satisfaction without failing. They also offer shipping services at a friendly price all over the world.

They stock over 700 products. This means customers’ demands will always be taken care of. All the products are safe since they sell what they use in their salons daily without receiving complaints. They also sell online, which makes it convenient since you can go through different product categories before placing your order. 

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    It is good to note that many companies supply lash extensions, but others are not located around you. Most of them ship their products worldwide. A perfect example is Starseed company which delivers good quality lashes globally with the help of its partners DHL and FedEx within 4 to 7 days. Just like any other product, eyelash extensions require good maintenance to last longer. They should also be removed by experienced eyelash extension professionals. For the best quality of eyelashes, don’t hesitate to nous joindre.

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