Top 5 Eyelash Extension Manufacturers
Private Labels in the USA

Although eyelash extensions have only been on the cosmetics market for a short time, they have swiftly become a prominent feature of any everyday appearance. They have experienced substantial changes since their introduction to the market, allowing them to be sold in a wide range of sizes, volumes, and designs.

Nearly every day, especially in the beauty and cosmetics market, the desire to produce better for your clients arises. Fortunately, several organizations provide these services and are quite good at them.

For the purposes of venturing into the market and collaborating with the right companies, this article will look at the top 6 eyelash extension manufacturers private labels in the USA. Read on!

1. la graine d'étoile

Logo de Starseed
  • Localisation : District de Haizhu, Guangzhou, Chine
  • Type d'entreprise : Fabricant, Marque privée
  • Année de création : 2021
  • Principaux produits : Extension des cils

Their high-quality brands are well-known all throughout the world. They are an eyelash firm that was formed on the concept that eyelash production should always be easy and quick. Our 10-year facility in Guangzhou’s Haizhu District was established in 2021.

They provide an eyelash service that is smart, quick, and easy to order, allowing them to maximize productivity while lowering costs. This is because they are a reputable eyelash manufacturer with significant production capability to assist any organization. They also understand the problem that most eyelash brands face: greater quality, lower MOQ. This establishes their credibility and enables them to sell their products all around the world, especially in the USA.

Many eyelash companies rely on private label services to ensure that their products meet customer expectations. All of the things have been certified, tested, and approved by organizations and influencers. Allow them to assist you at every stage of the process

2.Elour Beauty


Source :https;//

  • Localisation : Qingdao Chine
  • Company Type: Manufacturer,  Private label
  • Année de création : 2000
  • Nombre d'employés : 230
  • Principaux produits : Extension des cils

Since its inception in 2000, Elour Beauty has been based in Qingdao, China. 3D, 5D, and 6D Mink Lashes, 3D-8D Faux Mink Lashes, Magnetic Eyeliner, Pre-made Fans, and Russian Volume Lash Extensions, as well as Customized Eyelashes and Private Label Packages, are among the products offered by this eyelash manufacturer and supplier. It’s completely free to design!

Customized eyelashes and private label bundles are also available. Their competent professionals are an all-around group with design and eyelash production knowledge. The best thing is that they will design your private label packaging for free!

3.Private Label Extensions


Source :

  • Location: Atlanta, USA
  • Company Type: Manufacturer, private label
  • Principaux produits : Extension des cils

They offer hair extensions and associated products are made by this company. Weaves, wigs, and eyelashes are among the items available. They have a variety of private label choices to choose from, which are inclusive of eyelash extensions. They also serve  Salon proprietors, hairstylists, and hair extension companies.

4.Pinnacle Cosmetics


Source :

  • Location: Canada
  • Company Type: Manufacturer,  Private label
  • Principaux produits : Extension des cils

It’s a Canadian private label cosmetics. In addition to their wide inventory of other beauty products, the firm offers a variety of synthetic and natural-hair artificial eyelashes. They are quite experienced in the field and have gained a good market pull in both Canada and the USA

5.Haiteng USA


Source :

  • Location: New York, USA
  • Company Type: Manufacturer,  Private label
  • Principaux produits : Extension des cils

Haiteng USA is a worldwide eyelash goods distributor and training firm based in the United States. It has a long history in the eyelash industry. The ISO9000 quality accreditation was awarded to them. They can give you high-quality eyelashes. They specialize in creating, manufacturing, and selling fake eyelashes to consumers all over the world.

 All of their fake eyelashes are handcrafted to exact specifications and manufactured entirely of sterile materials. Whether the look is natural or dramatic, each pattern and design is properly sculpted and positioned to provide a remarkable effect.

They also offer services for creating personalized artificial eyelashes based on the needs of their customers. They do provide OEM and private-label packing services, allowing customers to order individually packaged eyelashes that are ready for shipment and retail display.

With their experience and knowledge of the artificial eyelash market, they can ensure their consumers that no one can match both their service and product quality. Their knowledge of the sector motivates them to provide a higher level of service, including quick, economical, and dependable delivery.

6.Sunny Fly Beauty

Sunny Fly Beauty Logo

Source :

  • Localisation : Qingdao Chine
  • Company Type: Manufacturer,  Private label
  • Principaux produits : Extension des cils

Sunny Fly Beauty Limited is a professional eyelash production factory that specializes in fashionable eyelash design, manufacture, sales, and service. Sunny Fly Beauty Limited has steadily grown into a top eyelash manufacturer and supplier with over ten years of expertise. 

They offer a wide range of eyelash items, including strip lashes, eyelash extensions, cluster flare lashes, eyebrow extensions, eyelash, and eyebrow accessories, and so on, in addition to their thoughtful and great service.

Sunny Fly Beauty is able to deliver exclusive private labels services for all of its clients’ thanks to its talented design team. Their clientele has always expressed their gratitude for their efforts. 


    Trusting your brand with someone can be quite difficult, especially if its purpose is intended to grow the brand. That is why you need to work with a company like Graine d'étoile. We are dedicated to ensuring that we exceed all your expectations. Contactez nous and be rest assured that your brand will thrive in the market. Best of Luck!

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