Types of Lash Extensions

Do you want to get eyelash extensions? Perhaps you’ve noticed a friend with a great new flutter and are curious about what they are, how they’re applied, and the various styles available. Maybe you’re a strip-lash pro who’s planning that next-level look for a special event or… just every day. 

To answer all of your questions, we are going to give you a rundown of the different types of extensions de cils. Let’s get to it!

What Exactly are Lash Extensions?

Extension des cils

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Unlike other forms of fake eyelashes that you may buy and apply individually at home, lash extensions are installed by a trained lash stylist at a salon with semi-permanent glue to each of your unique native lashes. Generally, lash extensions are only attached to the surface lash line and not the lower lashes. But, like with anything else, there are exceptions to every rule!

Lash extensions can be put singly or in bundles to your lashes. A full set, in which lash extensions are installed to all of your particular lashes, or a fragmentary set, in which extensions are installed to your lashes from the centre to the exterior of your lash line, are available. With current industrial advancements, there is an ever-increasing number of possibilities. It all comes down to personalization.

Selecting a Material for Lash Extensions


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Salons have a variety of extension materials to choose from, depending on your budget and the appearance they want to create. The type of material you choose will be determined by a number of factors, all of which a lash technician will discuss with you before customizing the lash extensions.

Things to Consider When Choosing Lash Extension


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  • The shape of your eyes is almond, upturned, downturned, round, and projecting.
  • The colour of your eyes
  • Your eye size — large, little, or somewhere in between
  • Your personal style tastes: natural vs. flashy or dramatic
  • If you have any reactions or intolerance.
  • Your capacity for maintenance
  • Your eyelids- Monolids and cucullated eyelids require special attention compared to other lid types.
  • The way your eyes are positioned — deep-set, wide-set, or close-set.

What are the Distinct Eyelash Extensions?


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Lashes extensions are made of either man-made substances or animal fur at their most basic level. Real fur alternatives include mink, sable, and fox. Isn’t it like putting on a wonderful fur coat for your eyes? Yes, dear, you are correct.

The following are among the common and usually used eyelash extensions.

Natural-Material Lashes

Natural material lashes are usually more expensive and may be more difficult to source.

1. Mink Lash Extension


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The tail hair of Siberian and Chinese minks is used to make mink lashes. If you’re new to eyelash extensions and prefer a more original look, mink might be the way to go. It closely takes after the look and sheen of your native lashes. Mink is a light and fluffy animal. 

What are the drawbacks? Mink lashes should not be used if you have an intolerance or sensitivities to animal hair. If you have moral considerations about the handling of minks or the usage of their fur, you may opt at the odds of it. Mink is also expensive.

2. Sable Lash Extension


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It’s the finest extension material currently available. It’s just for individuals with the best natural lashes, according to lash specialists. It’s also not as common as mink, so you won’t be finding it in every salon. Mink’s vulnerabilities are similar to those of sable: Resist sable lashes if you are intolerant to animal fur.

3. Fox Lash Extension


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Currently, fox fur lash extensions are popular. Fox fur lashes are a delicate, reddish tone in their pure form. If you’re interested in fox extensions, do some research. They are not available at every salon.

Animal fur lash extensions are flimsy and original-looking, but they need to be permed to curl. This means you’ll have to do some maintenance on them. To keep the curl, you’ll have to perm them yourself. Fur lashes may be right for you if appearing attractive is all you want to do all day. However,  if you despise ironing as much as I do and want to save money, there are various man-made options available.

Artificial Lash Extension


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What is the most major benefit of lash extensions that aren’t natural? Curls! You will not have to restyle them like actual animal fur lashes might need to be. The following are some of them:

1.  Faux-Mink and Faux-Fox Lash Extensions

Absolutely, you can get the appearance of a mink or fox without any of the high cost that usually comes with those from nature. Producers of lash extensions have gotten incredibly inventive, creating some leaf-like, feathery lash extensions that aren’t as expensive as the actual stuff. These increased quality, handmade lashes come in various sizes and thicknesses, are quite wearable, and are never tested on animals.

2. Temporary Fake Mink Eyelash Extension


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It’s artificial, it’s barbarity-free, It’s Vegan.

Presently, if you don’t want or still don’t perceive you are ready to step on lasting eyelashes, you can start low with something like the interim false eyelashes. Indeed, I’m referring to synthetic lashes like the Starseed Makeup faux mink eyelash, which has received rave reviews.

These lashes are Faux Mink lashes that are entirely synthetic and seem quite natural. They’re soft and snug, won’t bother your skin and have a cool 3D tiered ingenious appearance.

These lashes are long-lasting, and if properly cared for, you should be able to wear them at least 20 times. You can use it for extended events like weddings, night out parties, picture shoots, or any other occasion where you want to make a splash.

3. Silk Lash Extension


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Although these lashes are labelled as “silk,” they aren’t composed of actual silk like a tunic or scarf. Silk lashes are mid-weight, which means they’re heavier and less pleasant than faux-mink or faux-fox lashes for the majority of the folks. 

Since their extensions are thicker and have more space amongst lashes, they will give you a dramatic look. If you’re a quiet person who yet wants to make a statement with your eyes, this style of eyelash extension is for you.

Because this type of eyelash is also composed of synthetic material, you won’t have to worry about using an animal lash on your eyes. The material is a polyester-based synthetic fibre that is extremely durable and has a natural appearance.

This material is mild on your eyes and will not aggravate or create inflammation, so you can unwind your time with it.

Folks will spot you are sporting lash extensions if you go aggressive with it, but the end result will still look gorgeous and genuine if that makes perfect sense!

Fun Fact About Silk Lash Extension

  • In many places, they appear to be the most economical type of lash extension.
  • They are more obvious since they are voluminous.

4. Temporary Silk Extension


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Now, if you want to sample a silk eyelash extension at home prior to going to the saloon, you can use the false lashes you can attach at home to see if it looks good on you.

We’re referring to the temporary lashes that you put on for a special occasion and then remove them as soon as you get home.

5. Synthetic Lash Extension


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The densest and least original-looking lashes are synthetic lashes. They have a gleam to them, as opposed to the soft shine of human or animal fur lashes. They can be too weighty for certain people’s eyelids.

6. Volume Lash Extension

Extension de cils Starseed

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Among the most current drifts is cils volumineux. Your lash technician will place 2-6 ultra-lightweight lashes to each single native lash with this type of extension. You have the option of 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, or 6D lashes. 

The majority of volume lashes are comprised of silk or mink. Volume lashes require a distinct application process than standard eyelash extensions, so anticipate them to take more time to install and cost extra.

Selecting an Eyelash Extension Size and Curl Style


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Lash extensions are available in a variety of lengths, with 9 mm to 15 mm being the most common. Your specialists and you will decide on the length based on the density or smoothness of your own lashes. You can use a lengthier extension if your lashes are naturally long and thick. Those with scanty or shorter lashes may prefer extensions that are on the lower end of the scale. Unless you’re all on the drama, most individuals will fall somewhere in the centre.

Which Do You Prefer: “J” Curl or “C” Curl?


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You’ll need to select a curl type after you’ve settled on a length. The most realistic style is the “J” curl. A “C” is for the female who craves as much drama as possible. Of course, you can mix and match your curls to create a more dramatic “C” curl on the outer borders of your eyes.

The curl of lash extensions is where you’ll see a substantial shift in your appearance and thus have some enjoyment. Normally, Asian women often have linear natural lashes.

The Colour


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Not only do you have a variety of lash extension material, thickness, size, and curl options, but you also have a variety of colour options. There’s lovely black, which is always in style. Do you want to try something new? If you want to go all out, get a full pair of coloured lashes. Alternatively, choose a few coloured extensions to mix in with a more original shade. You’ll receive a few splashes of colour here and there, similar to highlights in your hair.

On the top eyelids, many individuals have between 100 and 150 lashes. With so many unique lashes, stylists may create an endless number of looks for you.

Types of Eyelash Extension Installation


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Let’s move on to the next level now that you’ve learned a lot about the different types of eyelash extensions and the different materials available.

Because you’re considering getting eyelash extensions, we think that’s a great thought to go over the different types of eyelash applications.

Let’s look more closely at each of these eyelash extension application varieties.

1. Classic Eyelash Extension Installation


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Extensions de cils classiques are known for being simple, stylish, and incredibly natural-looking eyelashes, as the name implies.

If you want your eyelash extension to go undetected by those around you, request this sort of installation.

They’ll simply notice that something has changed, but I’m guessing they’ll be curious about what you’ve done. If you’re curious how long it takes to install classic eyelash extensions, it usually takes between one and a half and two hours, although it may take longer.

If a professional claims to be able to complete the task in less than one and a half hours, be wary since this is a method that necessitates a high level of focusing and meticulousness.

It could be a better idea to find another specialist to do this since there could be something improper unless you are fully aware of their work and competence.

2. Volume Eyelash Extension Installation


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Since it was pioneered by Russian hairdressers, the volume eyelash extension is also known as Russian volume eyelashes. You should anticipate 3 to 5 distinct lashes can be linked to one native lash, therefore expect fullness and robustness.

These lashes can be 1-2 mm lengthier than your native lashes, and the root is rich and dense, giving the appearance of using eyeliner. If you appreciate the Russian volume extensions but are concerned that they would slow you down, rest assured that they will not.

However, if your lashes are extremely delicate and you have a high level of sensitivity, you should choose a traditional eyelash extension. Nevertheless, since this volume lash is finer than the classic lash, it is still an excellent alternative in most circumstances.

This indicates that, despite having a dramatic full look, the Russian lash is still very lightweight, ensuring optimal convenience for you.

To summarize, the volume lash operates by attaching one lash extension fan to one native lash. There could be 3 to 5 lashes in this fan.

This may also be stated in terms of ‘ratio,’ which means that if we add one fan to one native lash that includes 3 lashes, we get a 1:3 proportion volume lash, or to put it another way, a 3D volume lash installation.

3. Hybrid Eyelash Extension Installation


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Le hybrid lashes come in a variety of materials and can give your eyelashes a wide vocabulary.

Even while we still think the hybrid lash extension is a little excessive, it can be a nice alternative if you want the volume impression but don’t want to go too far. This is the aesthetic that the Kardashians go with, and we can’t dispute that it looks great on them.

Lashes Extensions: Classic vs. Volume vs. Hybrid


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While traditional lashes are put in a 1:1 proportion, the Volume extension comes in a variety of ratios (from 1:2 until 1:10).

Le hybrid eyelash extension is a mix of both classic and volume lashes. It can be made up of 30 percent classic and 70 percent volume lashes.

In terms of prices, if you consider that traditional lashes are done at a 1:1 ratio, they are considerably easier to apply and, as a result, are typically less expensive than other types of eyelash extensions.

Volume lashes are more pricey since they are more difficult to prepare, take longer to apply, and demand more skill from the specialist.

In terms of density, the volume eyelash extension will offer you the most dramatic effect, while the hybrid will fall somewhere in between.

Volume lashes may take more time to apply, and the classic looks a little spydery before those other alternatives.

What is the most suitable option? Lashes Extensions: Classic, Volume, or Hybrid?


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They’re all fantastic, and which one you choose will be determined by your personal preferences and how they blend with your personal style.

Those with thick eyelashes are unlikely to require much more than a traditional eyelash extension.

If your lashes are wafer-thin, the hybrid will create a stunning effect. The 3D eyelash should suffice in my opinion, but if you want a more dramatic effect, go for it!

In any case, speaking with a qualified specialist before making a final selection is always a smart idea. They do it every day and have encountered a wide range of personalities and styles, so they’ll be able to guide you on the best option if you are still undecided.

How to Take Care of Your Lashes

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Now, having eyelash extensions comes with an additional routine of taking care of them. If you are new, we are going to give you pointers on how you can achieve this.

Why Take Care of Lash Extension?


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  • It’s critical to look after your lashes. Your lash health will be threatened if you conduct the activities indicated below on a regular basis, and the growth of new lashes will be hindered. If you don’t wipe your lids on a regular schedule, an accumulation of dead skin might cause irritation.
  • Infill costs and time/financial restrictions You will save money if you take care of your lashes and maintain them in excellent condition. You will not require regular infill sessions if you take care of them and keep them in perfect shape. These refills are priced according to the number of lashes that require to be replenished at any given time.
  • Eyelash extensions with mascara, oily makeup, and strip lashes all don’t look good, so avoid them as much as possible.

Things to Do for Your Lash Care Routine


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  • If you are one with oily skin, manage it as much as possible with blotting papers, lusterless lotions, and a lustrous-control moisturizer.
  • Use oil-free cosmetics wipers and cleansers on your face, particularly for eye makeup. Eyelash extension tools are a good investment.
  • They’re nearly waterproof after 24 hours, yet if you swim or sit in a hot spa every day, they won’t last as long as they would if you didn’t, due to scratching from water in your eyes, so stay aware of them, especially for the first 48 hours.
  • Inform your source ahead of time if you think you’ll need extra time due to your loss of more lashes than expected, or if you want to switch to thicker specified lashes.
  • At minimum weekly, wash your lashes with a foaming lash cleanser. Baby shampoo, a non-moisturizing type, is also OK in little amounts.
  • It’s best not to scratch them too much in the first couple of hours. The more you touch them, the more oils from your hands gather on them, placing greater pressure on the lash stem, and so on.

What Should You Avoid?


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  • Avoid using Wet wipes, cosmetic wipes, or cotton pads to remove makeup, especially around the eyes.
  • You shouldn’t try to take them out yourself since you risk hurting your natural lashes. Specialists can eliminate them for you if you desire.
  • Avoid using cleaning oils, and other similar things on your face if you anticipate your lashes to serve you longer.
  • Stay away from mascara.
  • Picking or playing with your lashes is not a good idea, and wiping your eyes aggressively is not a good idea either. If you choose your lashes, it can be quite harmful to your native lashes.
  • Avoid powerful shower heads as they have a great force that ultimately ruins your lashes, or shortens the duration they will serve you, thus ending up making endless trips to the salon for infills, which may eventually be costly.

Basics that You Need to Understand About Lash Extensions


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Eyelash extensions can be quite confusing if you are getting them for the first time. However, just to be on the safe side, we have compiled basics that are normal and those that are not, so that in case of anything, you know what to do.



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  • It’s normal to lose several lashes on a daily basis. If you notice them now and then, don’t be worried. The extension is attached to the native lash and replaced with a fresh lash when it is ready to grow. You may not lose any on some occasions, but you may drop at least 4 on others. It’s completely normal, and it doesn’t suggest that all of your lashes will fall out!
  • There are certain lash cycles that are faster than others. Every few months, your lashes may shed more regularly than at other periods. It usually means you’ve had a lot of new growth, and when you go to the salon, they’ll discover you’ve had a lot more eyelashes to fill! If they haven’t fallen too much, they may still look great after 3 to 5 weeks.
  • Between the second and third weeks, you should anticipate an infill. On average, most clients return every three weeks. Pairs with more lashes have a longer lifespan than those with less. Shorter lashes are more likely to last longer.
  • Following installations of the lashes, some persons with an intolerance may have minor redness and dry eyes. Some lash artists try to limit this to a bare minimum where possible, so they’ll ask in advance if you’re sensitive. There’s no need to be anxious because this normally goes away after an hour or so.
  • There are no twin lashes. Each person’s eye shape, native lash condition, and tastes are taken into consideration when creating the design, size, densities, and curls. Each style will seem distinctly depending on your eye shape. Please keep in mind that, even if you want the same look as your friends, your lashes will not be identical.



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  • There may be a lot of shedding of the extensions from the native lashes over the first couple of days. This is uncommon, therefore,  if your lashes are dropping out significantly during the first 3 days after implant, kindly let your lash artist know so they can inspect your lashes.
  • After using extensions for a time, your eyes may feel gritty and sandy, indicating that you need to clean your lashes more frequently and appropriately. Your professional can evaluate your lash line and provide you with advice on how to correctly clean it.
  • Restrict use if you experience extreme itching and/or red/swollen eyes within the first several days after installation. It’s possible that you’re having a reaction to something. They are, unfortunately, practically inescapable; nevertheless, they are unusual and manageable.

Eyelash Extension Hygiene


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As mentioned earlier, eyelash extensions require a regular hygiene routine so that you do not end up getting eye infections due to the accumulation of dust and dirt in your lash extensions.  Therefore, we are going to give you a routine that you can follow to clean your lashes.

Lash Cleaning Guidelines: Procedural Guide


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  1. 1.Eliminate any eye makeup with an oil-free, alcohol-free makeup cleaner. When removing eyeliner, dab a cotton tip dipped in remover across or away from your lid. Never use   Cotton balls since you will cause a fuzzy mess because they will catch on the base of the extensions.
  2.  .If you’re wearing a lot of makeup, remove it prior to cleaning your face with your favourite cleanser, avoiding your eyes. Oil is present in several cleansers, particularly cream removers and cleansing oils, which is terrible for your lash extensions.
  3. Deluge your eyes with cool water. On your palm, squirt a small bit of lash shampoo. Apply one at a time to both eyes, covering them completely. Rather than brushing your closed eyelids with it as you’re brushing your hair, gently sprinkle it over them. If your eyes are still unclean, proceed with the process.
  4. 4.Wipe it off and wipe them dry carefully. It doesn’t weigh if they’re a little damp or if they’re tangled together with wetness; when you brush them, they’ll separate.
  5. Whirl them thru with your lash wands and fan them out.
  6. Do this often, for a minimum of twice a week

How Long Do Lash Extensions Last After Application?


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Since extensions are attached to the lash, they last as long as the normal lash development cycle, or about six weeks. To extend the life of your extensions, we recommend using a lash conditioner (yes, there is such a thing!) and gently brushing over them with a dry lash brush. Refills are required every two to three weeks to fill any gaps due to them falling off. when maintained well, however, they can last longer without them becoming a nuisance to your eyes.

Are Lash Extensions a Good Choice?


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If they’re administered and cared for accordingly, there’s no need for them to damage native lashes. We’ve seen lashes damaged by professionals who either use excess adhesive or put so many lashes, particularly with Russian lashes.

Because most professionals work with the lash cycle, baby lashes are not used for extensions. When their customer comes back for infill, the baby lashes that were left to mature are now competent of bearing the load of extensions, and new baby lashes are given a chance to grow for the next infill.

So, to answer your question, it depends on your preference. Consult your artist

    Créez votre entreprise de fabrication de cils


    Lash extensions are supplied in masses in the industry. Among the many manufacturers and suppliers, Starseed Makeup stands out from the competition. They are driven to offer both quality and custom made lashes to suit any kind of consumer. Contactez nous for any inquiries you may have. Best of luck!

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