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Love-at-first-sight eyelashes, and customized packaging can turn your business into sit-back ease with full OEM, instant quoting, and fast turnarounds. Tiny minimums. no maximums.

Take a shortcut to your eyelashes business and win the eyelash battle without any experience!

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Private Label Eyelashes & Tools

mink eyelashes wholesale
Soft, natural, stable-shaped mink eyelashes with private label packaging. 200+ instock styles.
faux mink eyelashes wholesale
Faux mink eyelashes from 15mm to 30mm. Pick from 3D~6D effect to boost your brands.
magnetic eyelashes wholesale
Faux mink eyelashes from 15mm to 30mm. Pick from 3D~6D effect to boost your brands.
eyelashes extensions wholesale
Classic, hybrid, ellipse, pre-fanned…eyelashes extensions in customized length, thickness and curl.
eyelash tools wholesale
Tweezers, curlers, nippers, glues, combs, scissors, extension kit…tools and accessories for you.
Looking for other eyelashes? Our specialists can help source for you!

Boost Your Brand with Custom Eyelash Boxes

Starseed is the leading eyelash manufacturer offering top-quality eyelashes complete with incredible packaging solutions for your business. Our team of highly qualified designers and eyelash experts work to ensure that your packaging options are in line with your brand. To greatly improve your customer experience, we design a variety of incredible lash box styles including but not limited to flip-top eyelash boxes, windowed eyelash boxes, crystal drawer eyelash boxes, diamond eyelash boxes, magnetic eyelash boxes.

We Embrace All Lash Business Owners with Full Services

Wholesale Program

Our wholesale program is designed to give you the best quality for a fraction of the cost. Buying in wholesale allows you to get eyelashes in bulk at a friendlier price.

This is a perfect option for established businesses from lash wholesalers to salons looking to scale their sales and cater to more customers.

Custom-made Lash Solution

We feature incredible capacity from staff to manufacturing systems that allow us to offer high-quality custom-made lash solutions. Our custom options apply to the production of eyelashes in your specific style, the production of unique packaging options, and printing your name and logo. This option takes away the stress and allows you to focus more on marketing and getting clients for your business.

Why We’re Different from Others

Benefits to Large-Small Brands

Friendly MOQ

Minimum order quantity is essential to some news brands. We set our MOQ from 50 to help you start right!

Quick Labeling
Private labeling service is what we’re known for! Get your colors, logo, and graphics printed beautifully!
99% On-Time Shipping

DHL and FedEx are our long-term shipping partners to deliver your eyelashes quickly and safely.

Eyelashes in Stock
Worrying about lead time? All eyelashes are in stock, ready to get packaged and shipped!

Certified Eyelash Factory

At Starseed, we work with quality craftsmanship that allows us to offer the best quality eyelashes to all our customers. Our eyelash factory features top-quality machines that are designed to ensure that all our eyelashes meet your expectations.

We also feature quality standards that allow us to work with premium materials and reliable production processes. Our quality standards are the best in the market with a certification by SGS and RoHS. Our company offers a one-stop solution for you to manage your eyelash manufacturing and logistics.

Lean Lash Manufacturing for Your Lash Project

Eyelash Materials

Created with Skin-Friendly Materials

Nature and safety is our principle here at Starseed. And this extends to our material choice. Whenever possible we source materials directly from certified origin.

Materials like mink fur, PBT, are imported directly from the best Korean companies. Many of them are collected or produced under cleanroom environment.

Why Starseed Is Your Best Choice on Lash Business

Launch New Lash

Discover your next hot-sell eyelashes to boost your profit! Right start with low MOQ to develop new products easily.

Save All Cost

Our specialists will help you cut down all the costs in every aspect, so you can save more and run your business smoothly.

Focus on Marketing

Leave the production headache to us and focus on your marketing, which shall bring higher ROI.

Stable Your Supply

Worry about your supply chain? Our global warehousing will support you during short supplies.

Keep on Trend

Working with thousands of big brands, we sure know what’s the best styles for you to sell without market testing.

Secure Your Quality

10+ quality inspections are taken to ensure your eyelashes in best shape, curls, lengths and packaging.

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