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Magnetic eyelashes are the perfect solution for people who want to have thicker and fuller lashes in an instant. These lashes are much more convenient than many other styles of fake lashes that you have to carefully stick on using some kind of adhesive.

With these magnetic lashes though, all you have to do is sandwich your real lashes between the two pieces of fake lashes that will instantly attach to each other because of the magnet on their strips.

What Are Magnetic Eyelashes?

Magnetic lashes are probably the most convenient type of false eyelashes invented so far. There is no need for applying adhesive and waiting for it to dry. Magnetic eyelashes come in two parts. You are supposed to put one of them under your real lash and the other over your real lash. There are tiny magnets attached to the strips of the lash, which will make them snap onto each other securely once you are satisfied with the position.

They are very secure and also very easy to put on. You can literally have longer and fluffier lashes in just a couple of seconds. Likewise, you can also take them off in an instant. Magnetic lashes come in all styles, lengths, colors, and materials.

What Are the Materials Used for Magnetic Eyelashes?

What is common among all magnetic eyelashes is that they have built in magnets along the cotton band that attaches to the base of your eyelashes.

The materials for the actual individual lashes can vary greatly. Some are made of natural fur while others are made of synthetic materials like plastic. However, the two most commonly used materials by magnetic eyelashes manufacturers are natural mink and synthetic mink.

Packaging Options for Magnetic Eyelashes

Single Pair Magnetic Eyelashes

Single Pair

This means that there is just a pair of magnetic eyelashes in the box, perfect for single use. This is the most popular packaging type since most people will only use magnetic eyelashes for special occasions.

Magnetic Two Pairs

Two Pairs

There are two pairs of lashes in the box, usually with different lengths or styles for variety. This is great for those who want to try different looks.

Three pairs magnetic eyelashes

Three Pairs

Some of these packages have three pairs of the same or different styles. Three pairs packaging is as commonly seen as two pairs in the market and welcome by MUAs.

Five Pairs

Five pairs packaging is usually seen in the form of a book(lash book). Instead of showing five different pairs of eyelashes, the five pairs box maximizes the power of show casing.

Why Not Work with Starseed to Experience More

As you can imagine, the demand for these popular eyelashes is very high. If you are starting your own brand of cosmetic accessories, these are a definite must-have in your line of products. Of course, you have to be very prudent in picking a magnetic eyelashes manufacturer.

Magnetic eyelashes are a wonderful invention but not all of them are created equally. In order to end up with the right supplier, you have to learn how to identify a good quality magnetic eyelash, and also be well-informed on the process for private label manufacturing in general. Here are the most crucial steps you need to take when sizing up a potential magnetic eyelashes manufacturer.

1. Receive our catalog

All eyelashes manufacturers have a catalog where they list the details of what they can offer. The catalog should contain their available styles, lengths, materials, packaging options, and so on. With all this information, you will be able to see how much customization they can provide.

2. Read reviews

One of the best ways to find out the real score about the quality of a manufacturer’s products and services is to find out what their past and present clients say about them.

3. Watch factory videos

Videos of the production process in action can reveal a lot about the standards that a manufacturer enforces for their products. It will also show you a lot of behind-the-scenes information on how they come up with their products.

Here at Starseed, we can supply you with any kind of magnetic eyelashes that you need. All of our lashes are made to perfection and are of the highest quality. Starseed is the magnetic eyelashes manufacturer of many of the most popular beauty brands today and it would be our pleasure to be your supplier as well.

Your Best-in-Class Magnetic Lashes Vendor

Our classic eyelash extensions are designed to offer a classy minimalistic look to their users. They are designed to be subtle and also ensure that they enhance your look significantly. As your trusted classic eyelash extensions vendors, we ensure that the lashes provided meet your specific needs. Our manufacturing systems and qualified professionals ensure that the classic eyelash extensions we offer feature the best quality. Starseed offers friendly prices on classic eyelash extension orders with a fast turnaround time. This means that your order will be delivered to you in the specified time. Additionally, we also feature custom solutions that come in handy to ensure that you tailor the lashes to your specific needs.

Why Order Reliable Classic Eyelash Extensions from Starseed


Our eyelashes come in different curl patterns to ensure that we feature quality options for our clients. Our curls range from J curl to M curl with different effects provided by each curl. Some are more pronounced and artistic compared to others.


Our classic eyelashes come in different diameters ranging from 0.03mm to 0.30mm. These diameters differ given that they appeal to different groups depending on the look to be achieved.


Classic eyelash extensions come in different lengths ranging from 15mm to 30mm. These differences are designed to offer long and short versions of eyelashes to cater to variety. We offer these lengths to ensure that your customers get the lengths that suit them.


Our classic eyelash extensions are designed to last for long and offer longer wear compared to other options in the market. We feature the use of quality premium materials alongside incredible craftsmanship to ensure that our lashes are durable.

We Bring Full Best-in-Class Magnetic Lashes
Business Options

Private Label Best-in-Class Magnetic Lashes

We feature private label services that allow us to offer quality magnetic lashes to customers looking to invest in their own brand of lashes. Our company stocks already manufactured eyelashes and packages making the branding process easier. We also offer free lash samples to ensure that you get the best from our selections. Investing in this option gives you great flexibility and allows you to focus more on growing your customers. If you are ready to launch your business, reach out and we’ll give you the best options.

Custom Best-in-Class Magnetic Lashes

At Starseed, we offer custom magnetic lashes that are designed to your specifications and designs. We work closely with you to ensure that we offer the best options for your business and customers. Our custom options apply to the eyelashes and packages where you can state what you want and we’ll work to create that. Working with our custom option is a great way to bring your unique ideas to life and gauge their performance in the market. If you are willing to get started, invest in our custom option for quality results.

Order Bulk Best-in-Class Magnetic Lashes

We offer magnetic lashes in bulk to cater to salons, lash wholesalers, and suppliers. We acknowledge that buying eyelashes in bulk brings with it a costly expense. However, with Starseed, we have created a wholesale program where we feature the best prices for your business. With this initiative, we get to offer additional discounts on the products purchased in bulk. If you are ready to replenish your stock, invest and buy in bulk for amazing quality deals.