Eyelash Factory

A quick look at our self-owned eyelash factory from China designed to ensure that we always provide quality lash extensions.

Self-Owned Eyelash Factory from China

Starseed is a well-established eyelash manufacturing company from China with years of experience in the industry. We offer the best quality eyelash extensions to further your business and cater to your customer’s needs. Working with our eyelash factory gives you access to vast and highly regarded manufacturing capacity. We boast different aspects that help our company stand out and cater to your business’s needs.

Eyelash Design Room

Our eyelash design room is meant to help us easily cater to your specific lash designs with great accuracy. This assures you that you’ll be investing in eyelash designs that have been well thought out and fine-tuned by the best in the industry.


Eyelash Materials Workshop

Our eyelash materials workshop is tasked with ensuring that we use materials that are durable, affordable, and also environmentally sustainable. This allows us to work with quality materials that positively impact the performance of the lashes you invest in.

Eyelash Manufacturing Plant

We feature a manufacturing plant where all our eyelashes are produced following industry-set standards. This allows us to offer quality products that meet your customer’s needs and establishes your brand in the market.

eyelash quality control workshop

Lash Quality Control Workshop

Our lash quality control workshop is tasked with ensuring that all the lashes produced are of the best quality. We guarantee our quality according to SGS and RoHS certifications to ensure that we meet your business’s needs.

Eyelash Packaging Plant

Our eyelash packaging plant develops the perfect packaging products for the specific eyelash styles you invest in. We offer eyelash packaging custom options where you can feature different design aspects and graphics to adequately represent your brand.