Premium Eyelash Materials

Having your eyelashes made with the best raw materials is the key of your lash quality.

Our Lash Materials

We select our materials based on a balance of affordability, durability and their ability to perform gracefully. We are also committed to making them environmentally sustainable – using fabrics made from vegan materials, and sourcing materials with the least environmental impact.

Mink Fur     |     PBT     |     Plant Fiber

Mink Fur Materials

Mink fur lashes are more expensive than human hair lashes. They are handmade and derived from the tail of the Mink. Naturally tapered tip like any animal fur identical to an actual eyelash shape, mink Lashes give you a more feathery, fluttery and natural appearance. They are the most comfortable on the eyes.

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PBT Fiber Materials

Most of the lash extensions are made of a synthetic material called PBT, in our case, of high-quality Korean PBT. Both the soft and hard control, the shaping effect of the eyelashes, and the resilience are better than other synthetic materials.

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New Vegan – Plant Fiber Materials 🌿

Most of the raw materials for vegan lashes on the market today are artificial fibers. Looks stiff, not as smart as mink hair. For this phenomenon, the Starseed research team has been seeking breakthroughs.

We discovered a new material, plant fiber, which is refined from pure plants and is non-toxic and healthy. Deeply transferred the concept of vegan eyelashes to the end!

Starseed, where you will find the best ECO vegan eyelashes!

100% Cruelty-Free
Pure Plant Essentials
First to the Market
Super Soft Wearing
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Make Your False Eyelash Products A Large Difference

Excellence in manufacturing and the related longevity of our eyelashes were our top priority. That is why we decided to design and produce our false eyelashes in the best materials.

In this way, we can guarantee a long and comfortable wearing experience. In addition, we avoid unnecessary waste. Both our materials are carefully selected and thoroughly tested in advance.