Magnificent Individual Lashes

Being one of the most sought-after eyelash manufacturers around the world, we pride ourselves on always providing quality.
We offer individual lashes wholesale to cater to your specific needs.

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Your Magnificent Individual Lashes Supplier

Individual lashes allow for a more natural and seamless look when attached to natural lashes. These individual lashes are manufactured by laying one lash on top of the other and attaching it to a base. A lot of people go for this option when they are looking to add volume subtly. We feature the best manufacturing systems that allow us to offer these lashes in the best quality. As your trusted individual lash vendors we offer high-quality options for our customers. Additionally, we feature fast delivery services with a 3-day guarantee once all the products are ready for dispatch.

Why Order Magnificent Individual Lashes from Starseed


Our magnificent individual lashes are designed to come in different curl patterns that offer a variety of effects. We feature a curl chart with our best quality lashes to give you a great advantage.


The diameters featured on our lashes range from 0.03mm to 0.30mm giving you a variety of options. The higher the diameter the heavier and more volume our eyelashes have.


When it comes to the length of our lashes, we offer varied options from 15mm to 30mm. The lengths are designed to offer different effects when used and come in handy on varied occasions.


We work with premium materials to give you the best quality individual lashes for you to invest in. These lashes are designed to feature great durability allowing them to last the users longer compared to other options in the market.

We Bring Full Magnificent Individual Lashes
Business Options

Private Label Magnificent Individual Lashes

Our private label magnificent individual lashes are manufactured and packaged for businesses and retailers. This option comes in handy for those looking to brand their lashes and get into the market. We offer top-quality options that will help you position your brand and become the go-to supplier for your target market. Investing in our private label gives you the advantage of free lash samples and convenience when launching your products. If you’re ready to launch your business, take advantage of our private label services and get started.

Custom Magnificent Individual Lashes

We offer custom solutions on our magnificent individual lashes to cater to your specific requirements. This allows us to feature quality options designed to cater to your needs. If you are looking to invest in something unique, from the lashes to packaging, we’ve got you covered. We’ll work to ensure that you get the best products to scale your business significantly. Reach out to us and let us help you realize your ideas.

Order Magnificent Individual Lashes in Bulk

We feature mink individual lashes bulk and other options in our wholesale program designed to cater to large quantity orders. This allows us to offer the best prices with more discounts the more you buy in wholesale. This solution comes in handy to cater to lash wholesalers, suppliers, and salons looking to replenish stock. This allows us to offer products in bulk at friendly prices. If you are looking to invest in bulk orders, reach out to us, and let’s get your order going.