In-Stock Supplies

The quickest way to get your high eyelashes is to private label the instock eyelashes with your brand information.

We Are in the Inventory Business So You Don’t Have to Be.

Inventory can represent 20% to 30% of your company’s total assets. These are dollars not invested in salespeople, product development, employee incentives, strategic acquisitions, or any of the other levers used to grow your eyelashes business.

Starseed understands your requirements by in stocking the most popular eyelashes in our factory. No matter it’s your first time purchasing, or repeat order, we can help shorten your lead time in just several days.

instock false eyelashes Starseed warehouse

Less Inventory = Less Cash Pressure

Inventory occupies a lot of cash and costs a lot to maintain. A more efficient supply chain will minimize your inventory investment. Starseed will partner with you to take inventory off your balance sheet and inventory-related expenses off your income statement. We do it all.

factory warehousing false eyelashes

Factory Warehousing

●  Instant shipping for instock eyelashes
●  Unlimited shipping methods
●  24hours warehousing supervision

Popular Lash Styes wholesale

Updated Lash Styes

●  Most popular eyelashes styles in stock
●  Instant private labeling
●  Pre-designed eyelashes packaging