Reliable Classic Eyelash

Starseed is one of the best companies when it comes to investing in reliable classic eyelash extensions.
We work to ensure that all our eyelashes are produced with the best quality in mind.

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Your Best-in-Class Classic Eyelash Extensions Supplier

Our classic eyelash extensions are designed to offer a classy minimalistic look to their users. They are designed to be subtle and also ensure that they enhance your look significantly. As your trusted classic eyelash extensions vendors, we ensure that the lashes provided meet your specific needs. Our manufacturing systems and qualified professionals ensure that the classic eyelash extensions we offer feature the best quality. Starseed offers friendly prices on classic eyelash extension orders with a fast turnaround time. This means that your order will be delivered to you in the specified time. Additionally, we also feature custom solutions that come in handy to ensure that you tailor the lashes to your specific needs.

Why Order Reliable Classic Eyelash Extensions from Starseed


Our eyelashes come in different curl patterns to ensure that we feature quality options for our clients. Our curls range from J curl to M curl with different effects provided by each curl. Some are more pronounced and artistic compared to others.


Our classic eyelashes come in different diameters ranging from 0.03mm to 0.30mm. These diameters differ given that they appeal to different groups depending on the look to be achieved.


Classic eyelash extensions come in different lengths ranging from 15mm to 30mm. These differences are designed to offer long and short versions of eyelashes to cater to variety. We offer these lengths to ensure that your customers get the lengths that suit them.


Our classic eyelash extensions are designed to last for long and offer longer wear compared to other options in the market. We feature the use of quality premium materials alongside incredible craftsmanship to ensure that our lashes are durable.

We Bring Full Reliable Classic Eyelash Extensions
Business Options

Private Label Reliable Classic Eyelash Extensions

With our private label services, we cater to businesses getting into the eyelash market and want to invest in already made products. We feature a catalog of different eyelash options and eyelash packages that can be designed to feature your logo and name. This gives you a great advantage by removing the manufacturing stress from the table. It also offers you great quality products branded to feature your company as the suppliers. Reach out and let’s help you invest in your private label classic eyelash extensions.

Custom Reliable Classic Eyelash Extensions

Our custom options are designed to cater to businesses and companies looking to bring a unique design to the market. This option allows you to custom make your eyelashes and packages depending on your specific requirements. All you need to do is share with us your specific designs and we’ll help you realize your dream products. This option gives you the freedom to focus on launching your business successfully knowing your manufacturing is sorted.

Order Wholesale Reliable Classic Eyelash Extensions

Investing in classic eyelash extensions as a lash wholesaler, supplier, or salon, the best choice is to buy them in bulk. With this, you get to enjoy friendlier prices with additional discounts the more you buy in bulk. If you are ready to scale your business operations, buy our classic eyelash extensions in bulk and let’s grow together.