Quality False Lashes

We are one of the leading quality false lashes suppliers in China and around the world.
We offer false eyelashes in bulk to cater to the growth of our client’s businesses

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Your Professional Quality False Lashes Manufacturer

Our false lashes are designed to be used by different people to achieve their desired looks. We ensure that they are made to the best quality to allow for a long-wear which positions your brand as the go-to false lash company. At Starseed, we work with qualified professionals to help produce the best custom false lashes to boost your business. We have been in this business for years and gained great experience allowing us to offer the best to our clients. We feature the best prices and quality designed to give you relief and allow you to work on growing your business and reaching more customers.

Why Source Quality False Lashes from Starseed


Our false lashes factory features the use of the best technology that allows us to work on different curls on our false lashes. We offer a range of curl options for you to consider including the J curl, B curl, C curl, and U curl among others. These options come with the advantage of achieving different looks depending on the lash curl used.


The diameters featured on our false lashes are designed to be between 0.03mm to 0.30mm. We offer this range to give users different options depending on the look they want to achieve.


Our qualified designers work to ensure that we offer different lengths on the false lashes that we produce. Our lengths range from 15mm to 30mm giving users different options to work with.


At Starseed, we pride ourselves on working with manufacturing systems that are governed by quality standards. This allows us to offer the best quality of false lashes that are highly durable and last their users for a long time.

We Bring Full Quality False Lashes Business Options

Private Label Quality False Lashes

We feature private label services that allow us to cater to businesses looking to introduce their brand of lashes to the market. We offer already manufactured quality false lashes and packages and print your logo and name on them. Additionally, we also offer free false lash samples. If you’re ready to launch your lash line, take advantage of our private label false lashes option and let’s grow your business.

Custom Quality False Lashes

At Starseed, our professional designers and craftsmen are ready to take your design ideas and produce false lashes and packages that meet your needs. This option works perfectly for businesses looking to bring a different design and look into the market. Take your business a step further by embracing your uniqueness and take advantage of our custom false lashes services.

Order Bulk Quality False Lashes

We feature eyelash extensions wholesale in China that allow salons, lash wholesalers, and suppliers to buy in bulk. Buying in bulk allows you to invest in quality false lashes at a friendlier price with the advantage of additional discounts. If you are looking to scale operations, reach out and get your bulk order of quality false lashes.