Incredible Pre-fanned
Eyelash Extensions

We are your trusted eyelash extensions manufacturers dedicated to ensuring that you get the best quality for your
customers. We offer top-quality premade lash fans bulk and other lash extensions to cater to your specific needs.

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Your Incredible Pre-fanned Eyelash Extensions Manufacturer

Pre-fanned eyelash extensions are prepared in advance and made ready to be dipped and placed on natural lashes. This option can easily be used alongside other lash options to offer more volume when needed. We feature incredible pre-fanned eyelash extensions designed and developed by the best in the business. We pride ourselves on always providing you with the best value to cater to your needs.  Our prices come in to meet your budget and we also offer low MOQs of up to 50 pcs. Additionally, our delivery services guarantee less than 3 days for you to get your deliveries after production.

Why Order Incredible Pre-fanned Eyelash Extensions from Starseed


We recognize that different curl patterns bring off varied effects to the look achieved. This is why we offer a variety of quality curl patterns ranging from J curl to M curl and more. You can take a look at our curl chart and see what we have to offer.


We feature diameters ranging from 0.03mm to 0.30mm depending on the specific looks you want to achieve. The higher the diameter on eyelash extensions, the thicker and heavier it is when worn. These different options allow the user to have different options for varied events.


Our eyelash extensions come with lengths that range from 15mm to 30mm giving the users a variety to work with. The longer the lashes the fuller and more pronounced they are. We feature quality systems that allow us to offer these lengths with great efficiency.


At Starseed, we believe in working with premium materials to cater to the production of quality eyelashes. This allows our lashes to be more durable and last a while for the users to enjoy the incredible service.

We Bring Full Incredible Pre-fanned Eyelash Extensions
Business Options

Private Label Incredible Pre-fanned Eyelash Extensions

Our private label services are designed to cater to businesses and retailers looking to sell eyelashes under their own brand. We offer the best quality eyelashes and packages that are already in stock for you to choose from. This service gives you a great advantage by giving you the best quality without too much stress on manufacturing. You leave it to the professionals and you’re ready for business. Reach out to us and let’s bring your brand of lashes to the market.

Custom Incredible Pre-fanned Eyelash Extensions

Our custom options are designed for businesses with a unique approach to what is already in the market. If you’d like to bring in something new, we’ve got you covered. We’ll take your designs and work closely with you to ensure that we get your design specifications right. Working with our custom solutions allows you to set yourself apart from the competition and attract customers to your business. If you’re ready to realize your ideas and bring them to the market we are here to help.

Order Incredible Pre-fanned Eyelash Extensions in Bulk

Our incredible pre-fanned eyelash extensions are available in bulk and are designed to give you the advantage of working with friendlier prices. Check out our wholesale program to enjoy varied discounts and incredible eyelashes at your disposal.