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Eyelashes Custom Guide 2021: Logo, Brand Name, Packaging!

Starting up your new eyelashes brand? No ideas how to get customized packaging, perfect brand name, and logo design? Here comes the video that really helps! In this video, you will find our professional advice on logo, brand name and customized eyelashes packaging.

Honestly, What’s True VEGAN Eyelashes?

Our 3D Vegan faux mink lashes look and feel the same as mink eyelashes without any of animal products or any cruelty. They are lightweight and reusable up to 25 times as long as they are cared for and stored in a case.

Why Mink? Truth in 3 Tests!!!

Why mink eyelashes are popular among most brands and customers? Why there are few mink eyelashes factories have the ability to offer the best private label mink lashes with your brands? The truth is, not all mink you get are that high-quality!

Mink, Silk, Vegan? What’s the Difference

What’s the difference between mink eyelashes, silk eyelashes and vegan eyelashes? Here’s the truth that no one will tell you! Get it before ordering for your business.

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