#1 China Eyelashes Quality

Quality is the key. To make sure your brand is selling the best eyelashes, we keep acting on the most strict quality control in China.

Beware: It’s Always Easy to Overlook Lash Quality

We know it’s hard to tell you the truth: most factories are producing false eyelashes with cheap materials and in dirty circumstance.

There is nothing necessarily wrong with that: it‘s a system that has worked for decades and if you are okay with it, then fine.

However, it’s not Starseed style. We believe in our quote – quality makes better sales, better life, better you and me. Quality borns in a clean and well-managed process. Eyelashes are in direct contact with the human body. If we compromise to lower cost or more profit, we will make eyelash business no honor.

That’s why our quality department understands, implements and maintains, throughout our facilities, all requirements imposed by ISO and our clients. We are an extension to your eyelash quality department, available at all times throughout the completion of your project.

The Benchmark of China False Eyelashes Quality

Starseed is committed to offering the very best client service, support, and overall value to our client through the control of high-quality lash materials, wearing experience, and packaging control. Our Quality Management System (QMS) consists of procedures and work instructions to ensure product integrity, reliability, and on-time delivery to meet your specifications and requirements.

We are confident that the service and materials we offer will provide the best solution required for your eyelash business.

Soft to the Touch
Extreme Comfort
Elegant Curl
100% Inspection
Excellent Elasticity
Reviewed by Many

The Starseed Quality Control

Our integrated approach to quality focuses on process monitoring and regular management review of results across a range of quality criteria.

Alignment Check of Eyelash Height

Alignment Check of Eyelash Height

Glue Check before Cutting

Glue Check before Cutting

Final Product Check before Packaging

Final Product Check before Packaging

How Clients Say About Our Quality

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