Incredible Cluster Lashes

Starseed is one of the leading eyelash manufacturers in China and around the world. We pride ourselves on
providing top-quality cluster eyelashes wholesale to help boost your business.

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Your Incredible Cluster Lashes Manufacturer

Cluster lashes are designed to feature characteristics of strip lashes but offer a more natural look when applied. These lashes are attached to a thick base to make them easier to use on your natural lashes. At Starseed, we come in to offer the best quality with incredible cluster lashes designed to cater to your needs. We strive to be one of the best cluster lashes suppliers with budget-friendly prices and a low MOQ. This allows us to cater to your needs whether you are a well-established business or just starting out. You can be sure that our delivery and after-sale services are designed to make the experience easier and pleasing.

Why Order Incredible Cluster Lashes from Starseed


Our incredible cluster lashes come in different curl patterns to give your users a variety to choose from. The curls featured are designed to offer different effects with some being more natural than others. To get a better look at our curl options, consider checking out our curl chart.


The diameters featured on our cluster lashes range from 0.03mm to 0.30mm allowing us to feature a lot of options. The diameters differ given the fact that the higher the diameter the more volume you’ll be working with.


The cluster lashes developed at Starseed feature different lengths ranging from 15mm to 30mm. The lengths are used in different circumstances to facilitate different looks achieved by your customers.


Quality is an important part when manufacturing incredible cluster lashes which call for us to use premium materials. These materials allow for the lashes to last longer and offer great durability when in use.

We Bring Full Incredible Cluster Lashes
Business Options

Private Label Incredible Cluster Lashes

At Starseed, we feature private label incredible cluster lashes designed and developed for your business. We offer already manufactured lashes and packaging options to businesses looking to brand their own lashes. Doing this allows you to focus more on launching your brand of lashes and attracting more customers. To cater to this, we offer free lash samples to better understand what to expect. If you are ready to launch your business, check out our private label services and get in touch with us.

Custom Quality Volume Eyelash Extensions

Our custom options cater to the companies and businesses that have different designs they want to realize. We work closely with you to ensure that we get your designs right and produce quality eyelash options for your business. This allows you to work on your business and its growth without any stress from the manufacturing bit. You can trust that we will offer the best quality custom solutions for you. Take your business to a different level and invest in our custom quality volume eyelash extensions.

Order Incredible Cluster Lashes in Bulk

At Starseed, we work with different companies from lash wholesalers, suppliers, to salons who take their orders in bulk. We offer our wholesale program to cater to these orders and ensure that you get the best products at a quality price. Our wholesale prices are designed to be perfect when you are looking to replenish your stock and boost operations. If you’re looking to scale up, we are here to help you with that. Take advantage of our flare lashes bulk option and build your customer base.