Certified Manufacturing

Eyelashes craftsmanship is not an easy job. We would like to be as transparent as possible for you and are happy to tell you more about our manufacturing.

RoHS, SGS…We Strive to Make the Best False Eyelashes for You

Quality is not a coincidence. Our quality management system includes the certification according to SGS and RoHS. We daily ensure the quality working of our processes, from the delivery of raw material to the packaging of our products. This is in our very own DNA and this is why we work with global brands to make their products qualified.

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Superior Craftsmanship in 17 Steps

Unveil few steps out of our 17 processes. Feel free to get our catalog to discover how Starseed manufactures your eyelashes.

Eyelashes Manufacturing Materials Preparation

Materials Preparation

Quality materials from local sustainable companies. For real mink hair, it will be stored in the refrigerator at about 18 degrees to prevent the hairs from losing its luster.

Eyelashes manufacturing fur alignment

Fur Alignment

Use a special mold to comb the raw materials, to make sure the hairs are accurately aligned with each gap of the mold without hair stuck.

eyelashes manufacturing cluster forming

Cluster Forming

Stick the tape on the jagged gap of the mold and quickly glue the hairs out from the gaps. Double check the shape of the hair after sticking it on paper, and clamp the unwanted hair out with tweezers.

Eyelashes manufacturing corss to make pattern

Cross to Make Styles

Combine the hairs made with different molds together, here we got the initial look of the eyelashes in cross pattern, which determines the overall style of the eyelashes.

eyelashes manufacturing lash cutting

Cutting and Shaping

During cutting, most of the glue will be cut away, so our cotton band is very thin, only 2mm. Then we roll and dry the eyelashes with our dryer machines.

Eyelashes manufacturing drying and forming

Drying and Forming

Wet the eyelashes and roll the eyelashes with the stainless steel pipes which featuring the specific curve. Then use updated drying machines to vaporize unwanted water and form the shape.

Eyelashes manufacturing untie and form the lashes

Untie and Glue Up

Untie the dried eyelashes and check the overall shape before apply non-stick glue to the eyelash band. Here you will see elegant curves without any tangle.

eyelashes manufacturing eyelash packaging


Move the finished eyelashes to the holder. We have developed biodegradable holders to better protect the environment and add value to your brands.

Discover Our Quality Management

Our quality policy is built on the concepts of quality control and quality assurance. We are affiliated with multiple quality management organizations and our operations are ISO certified.