Eyelash Extension Curl Guide Guide

Learn how different types of lash extensions curl work and allow yourself endless opportunities with your lash creativity!

Know About Lash Curls

There are a wide variety of eyelash curls in the market with different shapes, lengths, and curl thicknesses. By understanding the different curls in the market, you have a good chance of drawing in numerous customers to your business. Below is our essential guide to eyelash extension curl guide and a useful lash curl chart.

Types of Lash Curls to Your Success

I Curl Lashes

I curl lash extensions that have a flat or nearly straight orientation. The shape of these lash extensions is intended to be neutral or has little to no dramatic flair. It is important to note that the “neutral” shape of I curl lashes can create a defining frame onto one’s natural eye shape. 

Male customers are the primary users of I curl lash extensions because of their vanilla shape. For women, these eyelash extensions are also suitable for those with a straightforward fashion sense or require something from the lash curl chart that is down-to-earth. 

J Curl eyelashes extension

J Curl Lashes

J curl lashes have a curvature that is nearly the same as natural eyelashes. These lashes are notable for their small curve with a downward orientation. With the shape of this versatile eyelashes extension, j curl lashes have an enhancive property on one’s natural lashes. Its shape can also lift one’s lashes to open up the eyes. 

People looking to have an elevated natural look can get the most out of j curl lashes. The uplifting nature of these lashes is also suitable for highlighting one’s eyes. According to the lash curl chart, J curls are also suited for males. 

B Curl eyelashes extension

B Curl Lashes

B Curl lashes have a much-pronounced curvature than other straight ones on the lash curl chart. While having the same shape as natural lashes, B curl lashes shape can achieve better retention and lift than other similar lashes. 

For those who want a natural look as well as better inner corners, B curl lashes can give them what they want. The flexible eyelash extension can also open up one’s eyes, providing highlights to their incredible eye shape.

C Curl eyelashes extension

C Curl Lashes

C curl lashes are one of the most common extensions in the market that gives you the best of both worlds. This one has a prominent curvature among the lash curl chart that has a slightly dramatic effect. With its slightly downward angle, it can achieve a good lash lift to expose the wearer’s eyes. If the c curl lashes are oriented to a nearly horizontal angle, this eyelash extension can create a doll eye look. 

People who want a natural look with a small dramatic flair will enjoy the c curl lashes. This dramatic eyelash extension is also suitable for anyone looking to uplift their natural lashes and create a fashionable frame around their eyes.

D Curl eyelashes extension

D Curl Lashes

D curl lashes have a curvier shape than other eyelash extensions but keep a slightly straight end. This is the most dramatic one within the lash curl charts that can magnify one’s eyes. It is important to note that these lashes tend to have a low lifespan than others due to their shape. 

For anyone who wants to get that dramatic look, D curl lashes are the way to go. This lash extension is also suited for those with downturned eyes since the shape of the eyelash extensions can open up their eyes.

U Curl eyelashes extension

U Curl Lashes

U curl lashes or DD curl lashes are known for their 180° curvature where the lash curves directly within the middle to create a U shape. This curvy eyelash extension is one of the prominent shaped ones from the lash curl charts. The wide curls of this lash can impart a dramatic look onto the wearer as well as fully lift their natural lashes. 

The curvature of u curls lashes can create a dynamic and full-volume look. Those with natural lashes that are downward oriented can open up their eyes with u curl lashes. 

It is important to note that the curve can irritate people with hooded eyelids since the tip of the lashes can poke their skin. Fortunately, there are shorter u curl lashes for people with hooded eyelids.

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