Spectacular Strip Lashes

Starseed is one of the leading eyelash manufacturers in China and around the world offering quality solutions.
We feature different lash extensions and wholesale strip lashes for you to invest in.

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Your Spectacular Strip Lashes Manufacturer

Strip lashes are designed to offer daily convenience and wear but are required to be removed daily. They feature lashes attached to a fabric band and are attached using an adhesive. They are incredible lash options and are used by a lot of people as the go-to everyday lashes. At Starseed, we offer high-quality bulk strip lashes designed to cater to your customers’ needs. We feature quality manufacturing services that allow us to offer the best products to all our clients. Additionally, we feature the best after-sale service to cater to your queries and concerns. If you want to invest in the best quality strip lashes, we are your best strip eyelash manufacturer.

Why Source Spectacular Strip Lashes from Starseed


Our curl patterns are designed to come in different types to give your customers a variety of options. We feature a curl chart with a full description of the curls and how they differ from one length to another.


The diameters featured on our strip lashes are designed to give different effects to the final look. Typically, we feature diameters ranging from 0.03mm to 0.30mm. The lower the diameter the lighter the lashes are.


Our lashes come in lengths ranging from 15mm to 30mm offering different looks to users. The lengths offer more flexibility when looking to work on different looks.


We work with premium materials when manufacturing our eyelashes which allows us to feature great durability. This increases the lifespan of our strip lashes significantly.

We Bring Full Spectacular Strip Lashes
Business Options

Private Label Spectacular Strip Lashes

At Starseed, we offer private label services to retailers and companies looking to enter the lash market. If you want to introduce your branded eyelashes to consumers, we are here to help. We offer already manufactured eyelashes and packages with free sample lashes to get you started. Investing in this option gives you more flexibility to focus more on growing your business. If you are ready to enter the lash market, reach out to us and we’ll offer quality products to position you accurately.

Custom Spectacular Strip Lashes

Our custom spectacular strip lashes cater to businesses that have a unique perspective to bring into the market. We offer custom strip lash packaging and strip lashes designed to specifications. This allows you to realize your designs and gauge how they perform in the market. We are here to walk the journey with you and help you launch quality unique designs. Reach out and let’s get to work.

Order Spectacular Strip Lashes in Bulk

We feature a wholesale program designed to cater to lash wholesalers, suppliers, and businesses looking to scale operations. This program features friendlier prices with additional discounts to help benefit your business. If you are ready to add to your stock and drive sales, reach out to us. We’ll ensure that you get the best products at great prices.