Ethical Sourcing

We create handmade vegan and cruelty-free false lashes, with the belief that there’s a perfect pair of lashes for everyone without killing.

Vegan and Cruelty-Free

We love animals, which is why all of our false lashes and adhesives are vegan and cruelty-free. We offer ethically sourced fur lashes and vegan materials that give you similar effects, without harming any of our animal friends. So if it’s vegan lashes you’re looking for make Starseed your first choice.

As part of this, we also do our best for the environment. We recycle boxes that come from our production process and eliminate the use of plastic whenever we can – only using it to ensure your orders are safe from the elements, until we find an eco-friendly alternative.

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The First to use Vegan Plant Fiber Materials

Most of the raw materials for vegan lashes on the market today are artificial fibers. Looks stiff, not as smart as mink hair. For this phenomenon, the Starseed research team has been seeking breakthroughs.

Breaking through is also breaking through the market, just to give customers a better experience. We discovered a new material, plant fiber, which is refined from pure plants and is non-toxic and healthy. Deeply transferred the concept of vegan eyelashes to the end.

Starseed, where you will find the best vegan eyelashes! View Our Materials

100% Cruelty-Free
Pure Plant Essentials
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Materials Represent the Reputation of Your Products

Most eyelash factories keep their materials as secrets. We don’t. The quality of your eyelashes depends on how good the materials are, and your sales depend on quality. This loop must earn your attention before looking for your eyelashes manufacturer.

Here at Starseed, materials are honor. Our production team keeps 100% material check on the lash materials sourced. Not to mention our material suppliers are fully sustainable and ethically managed, and audited by our strict supplier system.

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Vegan Is Not a Call, Is Our Action

The plant-based lash materials that Starseed developed, are our main materials to serve most brands that value humanity and nature. Although most eyelash materials in the market are made of mink and human hair because of their softness, we still find another way to achieve the same softness yet crulety-free.

Vegan is not a call, is our action. Now Starseed is putting much effort in proposing our clients to try the new material. Most of them just fall in love with it and discover a new trend of eyelash cosmetics – ECO eyelashes. We think you will love it too.