3 Pairs Magnetic Lashes

Why Starseed Your Excellent Manufacturer

Finding the best magnetic eyelashes manufacturer is not that hard but you have to be very careful and take the task seriously. First of all, you should make sure that you only work with a reputable manufacturer who has proven themselves repeatedly. Such a supplier should have numerous positive reviews from previous clients. They should also have plenty of current clients that are very satisfied with their products.

Second, a very good magnetic eyelashes manufacturer has the capacity to make a wide variety of lashes. No matter what style, color, length or thickness you prefer, it would be a plus if they can do it all for you without wavering on the quality. They should also be able to customize their lashes to fit any special requests you might have.

Third, they should be willing to make deals that do not only benefit them but the client as well. For example, not all clients can afford to order thousands of boxes of eyelashes so they must be able to accept smaller orders as well.

Quality Speaks the Best

Once you have pinned your sights on a magnetic eyelashes manufacturer, the next is to look more closely at the quality of the lashes they make. There are a few factors that you should look at closely in order to determine whether a particular magnetic lash is of good quality or not.

Texture and Weight

Really good lashes are not heavy at all. They should be lightweight so that you can wear them comfortably even for extended periods. However, it is worth noting that lashes made of natural mink fur are usually heavier than those made of a synthetic material made to imitate the look and feel of mink.

Length of Strands

Eyelashes are usually measured in millimeters. The unit may be small but you should make sure that the lashes you get have the exact measurement. You don’t want to sell lashes that are shorter than what it says on the label.

Length of Wear Time

In general, you can wear magnetic eyelashes for up to 10 hours. The exact length of staying on would depend on the strength of the magnetic strip, as well as the way that the wearer has applied the eyelashes. Higher quality magnetic lashes would have more powerful strips and thus can stay securely attached for longer periods.

How to Decide on the Your Packaging

A typical magnetic eyelashes manufacturer usually offers four types of packaging for lashes. A box can contain one pair, two pairs, three pairs or five pairs of lashes. It can be hard to decide which of these packaging options to order the most from a supplier. Market data shows, however, that the option with 3 pairs magnetic eyelashes is a very popular choice of consumers.

Three is a nice number of eyelash sets to own. You will have the assurance of having an extra pair if what you are using gets broken or falls off. But you will also not have too much of an excess. Some magnetic eyelashes manufacturers make packs of 3 pairs of magnetic eyelashes with different styles to give the wearer variety for different occasions.

Here at Starseed, magnetic eyelashes are among our specialties. We create the most luxurious and long-wearing eyelashes for some of the biggest cosmetic brands in the world. We have magnetic eyelashes that are made of real mink fur and faux mink. If you want us to create top quality eyelashes for your brand, just pick out what you like from our catalog and we will be very pleased to send you samples for your inspection.